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Powder Blush by NARS

Powder Blush



A limited-edition, oversized Orgasm Blush to flatter any skin tone.

Key Benefits:

  • Does Not Have Fallout
  • Smooth
  • Lightweight
  • Creamy
  • Blends Well
  • Longlasting


Phenoxyethanol, CI 42090, CI 12085, CI 75470, CI 45410, Octyldodecyl stearoyl stearate, CI 19140, CI 17200, CI 77288, Iron Oxides, CI 45380, CI 77163, CI 77289, CI 77742, CI 77007, Silica, Talc, CI 77000, CI 73360, Zinc Stearate, CI 15850, CI 15985, CI 77891, CI 77510, CI 15880, CI 19140, CI 77492, Cetyl Acetate, CI 77491, CI 77891, Talc, Isopropyl lanolate, CI 77163, CI 15880, Methylparaben, CI 77742, CI 73360, Cetearyl isononanoate, CI 45410, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol, Propylparaben, Stearoxy dimethicone, Triclosan, CI 77499, Octyldodecyl stearate, Red 30 lake, CI 19140, Octyldodecyl stearoyl stearate, Zinc Stearate, Phenoxyethanol, Iron Oxides, CI 15880, Titanium Dioxide, Red 7 Lake, Red 28 Lake, CI 77491, Tin oxide, CI 17200, Talc, Mica, Caprylyl Glycol, Manganese Violet, Cetearyl isononanoate, CI 77499, Silica, Red 30 lake, CI 19140, CI 12085, Bismuth Oxychloride, CI 77492, Zinc Stearate, Triclosan, BHA, Iron Oxides, Cetyl Acetate, Isopropyl lanolate, CI 15880, Methylparaben, Titanium Dioxide, Red 28 Lake, CI 17200, Talc, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol, Mica, Stearoxy dimethicone, Propylparaben, Carmine, CI 77742, Octyldodecyl stearate, Red 30 lake, CI 19140, Octyldodecyl stearoyl stearate, Zinc Stearate, Phenoxyethanol, Iron Oxides, CI 15880, Titanium Dioxide, Red 7 Lake, Red 28 Lake, CI 77491, Tin oxide, CI 17200, Talc, Mica, Caprylyl Glycol, Manganese Violet

Ratings & Reviews

4.689% of 3824reviewers recommend this product

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Sephora user
September 2, 2010

NARS powder blush

I love this blush; I have Orgasm (in a palette), Amour, and Nico, but I have tried several other shades (my sister owns a ton). All the shades I have tried blend really well and most are buildable. However, not all shades are sheer- some of the more pigmented colours require a light hand to apply, otherwise they might make you look clown-ish. In general, this blush lasts all day, i.e., it doesn't gradually fade away. FYI: I'm light-to-medium olive/tan with yellow undertones. ALBATROSS: Sheer white with golden sheen. I'd describe this as *almost* the powder equivalent of Benefit Moon Beam, and applied to the tops of cheeks, forehead, etc, works great as a highlighter. The only thing is you can definitely apply too much if you aren't careful. NICO: Also more of a highlighter than a blush. Looks off-white in the pan, but is a whole lot more sheer than Albatross; it's almost unnoticeable when swatched on the hand. While Albatross is sheer, it's tad too white for my liking. I bought Nico as it looks more natural on my skin even with it's slight shimmer. Compared to Albatross, it's harder to over-apply this colour. I think both Albatross and Nico would work well with all skin tones - it depends on personal preference. AMOUR: Matte slightly warm peachy-pink. I love Amour because it's matte! I don't like too much shimmer on my cheeks. It looks natural and not as if it's just sitting on my skin. DESIRE: Matte bright cool pink (slight blue undertones). This is one of those pigmented shades that requires a light hand. Applied correctly, Desire can give you a sheer, beautiful pink (straight, unadulterated pink) flush. ORGASM: Peachy-pink with golden shimmer. I don't use this shade too much (or at all really) because I don't think it does too much for me. It doesn't look bad, but I think it would look better on skin tones that are lighter than mine. SUPER ORGASM: Peachy-pink with golden shimmer and gold glitter. A LOT of fall-out with this one. I tend to stay away from glittery NARS products, and this blush is no exception. This is a shade my sister owns, so I've tried it several times with the same result: glitter on my décolletage. Personally, I don't want glitter on my cheeks, but for those who do, good luck trying to get the glitter in this blush to stay on your face. « less

Sephora user
April 4, 2010


Until I discovered NARS' blushes, I was more fond of pink based blush because I have very pale skin. Then, a Sephora consultant introduced me to Orgasm and eventually Super Orgasm which are the best blushes probably every made. They're ideal for everyone. No other company makes a peach based blush as well as NARS. Eventually, I discovered how well NARS makes pink based blushes, too. There really isn't anything like them. Nothing else I've ever tried compares.The NARS blushes are really special. The colors are vibrant with no fade-out, and the blush is so finely milled to feel like silky velvet. These blushes apply easily and look natural. You can use fingers, brushes, puffs, and sponges. No matter what method of application, the application is always beautiful. (I like to experiment). I've been extremely impressed with every product I've used from NARS. So far, I've been using a handful of NARS blushes. While I do own other pink and peach blushes, there's something about how well the NARS blushes look and apply - they feel rich to the touch and they're well pigmented. Nothing beats Orgasm, but sometimes I want another color.Orgasm is definitely my all time favorite blush. It coordinates well with everything. Sometimes it looks more peachy and sometimes the pink tones are picked up. There's nothing like it. I know some other companies have tried to replicate it, but they don't come close. Super Orgasm is for special occasions, generally at night. We're on vacation at a beach resort, and I've worn a lot of NARS blushes - Orgasm and Deep Throat during the day (separately), and Super Orgasm at night. I've also used Angelika here at the beach, and I have Mata Hari at home, both of which are pink based blushes. Both of those blushes are awesome, but still, Orgasm is perfect for all occasions, events, and well, it seems to be perfect all the time. My newest blush, Deep Throat, was suggested by the consultant because I have very very pale skin which I knew would be somewhat out of place with all the bronzed people at this beach resort. Since I immediately burn, I have to be very careful about protecting my skin from tanning (using a lot of sun screen protects). Still, it's nice not to be the only person walking around sheet white, when everyone else has some version of color. While I use the other NARS blushes I have specifically as blushes, the consultant suggested I used this Deep Throat more indiscriminately, applying it lightly all over my face and down onto my neck. I've then come back and layered a little more over my cheeks. This would be way too heavy for me at home, or in daylight, but at night, dancing on the terrace under tiki torches - well, it's been perfect. (I also went the other route for effect the other night, playing up my pale skin with a pearly white primer, and then just a tiny bit of Super Orgasm on my cheeks. That look, though, is more appropriate when we get home, and probably better with Orgasm as compared to Super Orgasm). There are so many possibilities with NARS blushes and there's so long lasting, both on my face, and in longevity in the compact.All these NARS blushes are wonderful. There's so many shades to pick from, the blushes last for a long time, and they look so good. They can be layered for more color or more depth, although, with my pale skin, one swipe of the brush is enough for me. Once again I love another NARS blush. Deep Throat is just as rich and beautiful as my others. I highly recommend all these blushes. They're perfect.(Because of the excellent quality, I can use shades I normally couldn't - these blend in so well and look so natural...). « less

Sephora user
May 18, 2011

Easy Glamour

I really enjoy this product. I have it in Orgasm and Portifino. The Orgasm color is definitely less pigmented then its blush counterpart, but that is perfect for me as I am extremely fair. I use it when I want a hint of natural looking color on my cheeks. Portifino is a color that I just recently purchased, after much debating, and I'm so glad I did. I'm a huge fan of corals, as the look fantastic on paler skin tones.The product is a bit pricey, but I think that it is worth it. I've had orgasm for about 9 months now and it is nowhere near to being used up. The product lasts a very long time and does not dry up. The texture is still very creamy.I find that the product stays on quite well all day, but usually isn't a problem for me. I also wear it on the eyes sometimes, and as long as I use a primer it doesn't crease or fade. I've tried it on the lips but it is a tad dry and just generally not comfortable, but again I don't mind because I purchased it to use it on my cheeks. On the cheeks it glides on effortlessly and blends smoothly. It does not irritate my sensitive skin or cause breakouts. Totally worth the price. « less

Sephora user
September 21, 2013

SIN! (multiple color review)

Sin is the best everyday/anytime blush I've ever used which is a heavy statement considering that I am a makeup junkie. It's very difficult (for me & makeup artist) to choose colors that will compliment my unique features and this blush does the trick! I have dark hair, dark eyes (& eyebrows), pigmented lips, warm undertones, light-med to light skin tone, a slight olive complexion, & plenty of blemishes including reddish dark circles. Listed below are the blushes I own by Nars & my experiences with them: *Sin: A berry tone that looks amazing on my skin; year round. This is my favorite Nars blush... enough said :) *Orgasm: A cult classic peachy-pink with shimmer that looks decent on me but not as good as Super Orgasm. I know they're basically the same but not on my skin against my features. I'd invest in super orgasm instead. *Super Orgasm: A peachy-pink that shockingly looks good on me despite the fact it has glitter specks. This compliments me however, I feel odd wearing it to work as a 26 y/o. It looks like I'm there to party or something… *Seduction: This deep sangria color only compliments me when I'm tanned although it is considered a universally flattering blush. When I'm not tanned, it clashes terribly with my blemishes. *Douceur: A soft pink-brown that is not flattering on me as a blush. Occasionally, I’d use this as a bronzer but not as a focal color on my face. It looks good on light & fair complexions. *Mati Hari: Matte pink. I have no other way of describing this other than some days it looks wonderful on my skin & other days it doesn't... sorry I can't be more specific. Also, I have to apply this with a light hand & blend well or else, it’ll look like a 7y/o did my makeup. *Foreplay Palette: I highly dislike every color in this palette except for orgasm. Save the $ & purchase orgasm alone. *New Order (highlighting blush): As a Sheer, shimmer, & lavender-esque, it looks quite nice on my complexion when sporting a natural look however, the shimmer can be a bit much for work. Perfect for night & weeknds tho. Can be doubled as a nice sheer eyeshadow! *Laguna: A popular bronzer containing a subtle golden shimmer. I like it but it's not perfect on me. I've yet to discover the perfect bronzer however; this is the best I've found thus far. *Albatross (highlighting blush): As a pigmentless glow, this works as a highlighter for me however, I seriously don’t understand all the hype behind it. It’s ok on my skin but nothing amazing. I only use it because I paid good $ for it... lol. I won't repurchase though. Once again, these statements are based on my personal experience with said products as they pertain to my own features. Not everyone will have the same opinion. Blushes not pictured: Foreplay Palette & Douceur Pic Disclaimer: Seduction isn't depicted accurately. It is much deeper & more beautiful than the dried up red swatch on my hand. « less

Sephora user
April 7, 2014

Nice Idea With Poor Execution

Overall, the concept of having an all-in-one make up item seemed fabulous. The possibility of eliminating certain products or steps from one's routine sounded great. After trying this product using various application techniques and colors, for over a year, I have given up. For reference, I am African-American with a shade complexion that resembles Michelle Obama. I have tried NARS The Multiple in the following colors: Puerto Vallarta, Lamu, South Beach and Portofino. Despite the products creamy texture, I found the products difficult to apply. I have tried using both my fingers and a brush for product applications and it did not work. When I use my fingers to lightly apply the product to my face (as seen in the video), I end up rubbing off some of my foundation; the brush application gave the product a caked on, chalky and ashy appearance on the face. In terms of the colors, Puerto Vallarta was a beautiful orange-coral color in the tube but appeared ashy on my face. Lamu provided a nice bronze sheen but contained too many large pieces of glitter for my face. South Beach provided and nice golden bronze sun-kissed look to my face. While Portofino provided a nice coral color to my face. Despite liking the color payoffs for the South Beach & Portofino Multiples, I will not purchase them again due to the application process being challenging and not worth the investment. « less

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Profile picture of Ava King
Ava King
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

any good blush recommendations? i usually use a pink-coralish color and i need one with some pigment. ty!! #blush

Profile picture of Dane Carlo
Dane Carlo
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

I recommend NARS Powder Blush in Orgasm it’s their best blush and the pigment is there

Profile picture of hannah coleman
hannah coleman
Sensitive Skin IconSensitive Skin

anyone have any really good light pink blushes?

Profile picture of sadya sayeed
sadya sayeed
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

Try nars orgasm

Profile picture of Isabel Zazo
Isabel Zazo
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

Any subtle blush that you'd recommend? One that looks really natural as if you were kinda blushing😌

Community Post Like Button2 Likes
Profile picture of Jennifer
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

The color Seduction is my HG! It looks very intense in the pan, but goes on as the perfect flush for me. It’s a pink color with just enough red in it. Like with most Nars products, a little goes a long way.