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Audacious Lipstick by NARS

Audacious Lipstick

hydrates lips(1055)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: Afghan Red

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though thick the texture is pretty smooth, but what i really like is how rich the pigmentation is

- Sephora User

i got their audacious lipstick and it is such a super saturated gorgeous color and the texture is so creamy and luxurious feeling

- Nordstrom User



i really enjoy the silky texture of this satin lipstick

- Sephora User

i have about 15 of them and their texture is so smooth, colors are beautiful, and i love them

- Sephora User

staying power


super pigmentation, long lasting wear (i get 8+ hours, even if i've eaten) and creamy, opaque coverage

- Sephora User

i have anna and i love how it stays on during the day

- Sephora User

chapped lips

hydrates lips

it's super creamy, doesn't bleed, my lips feel hydrated when i'm wearing it, and while its staying power is about average on me, it wears off evenly, which is nice

- Sephora User

i love how moisturizing this lipstick is and the packaging is very sleek

- Sephora User



so glad i didn't missout on this fantastic lipstick, smooth n easy gliding so creamy rich color without being thick or heavy unlike any other lipsticks out there and the colors are so beautiful and consistent, my favorites that i can never be without are very pretty natural rosey and neutral plum colors that are not too light or not too dark but just right color tanganyka, shrinagar, fast ride & dolcevita look fabulous, no lipstick look but naturally gorgeous mlbb, goes with everything, with or witout lip liner as they are sheer yet great color play off so a layer or two is all i need for my medium pigmented lips / neutral pulling warm tan skintone

- Sephora User

when i go heavy on my eye makeup, this is a good shade to go with it

- Sephora User



this lipstick comes in sheer, satin and matte formulations, so check the nars website to make sure that you're getting the finish you want

- Sephora User

who might like it: if you're looking for a sheer, my-lips-but-better lipstick with a hydrating formula and no glitter, this might be the lipstick for you

- Sephora User
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Sephora userJuly 16, 2015

My absolute favorite lipstick

This is an incredible lipstick on every level. I have light-medium complection with dark hair and the "Anita" and "Grace" colors suit me perfectly. The texture is creamy and never drying. The color pigmentation is as good as it gets. And the best thing is the staying power. I apply this getting ready in the morning and do a touch up as I leave work. This is the best lipstick on the market at the moment and that's coming from someone with a (ridiculously) massive lipstick collection from brands ranging from Tom Ford to Estée Lauder to Loreal. Will definitely be buying more.

- Sephora
Sephora userMarch 27, 2014

smooth, creamy, soft in texture and lasts quite a long time. I have both Dolce Vita and Tolede, which I have found are essentially the same color (a light, dusty pink), only they are have different levels of pigment. I avoided the NARS velvet matte lip pencil in Dolce Vita because I wanted something slightly less strongly pigmented (plus I found it a little bit drying). The lipstick is exactly that - it leaves lips smooth and it looks amazing, no matter what. Tolede is a slightly stronger, more matte finish, while Dolce Vita (the lipstick) is a bit more sheer and satiny. Both are lovely, moisturizing, and they last through one cup of coffee and a danish, which is all I could ask from a lipstick on a rainy Tuesday morning.

- Sephora
Sephora userOctober 5, 2011

Manhunt and Honolulu Honey

Great lipstick. Smooth creamy texture, no funky smell. I don't find it to be particularly long lasting: I wore Manhunt to a company dinner last night and it didn't last through drinks... I put on Honolulu Honey this morning - three hours later there's nary a trace. I don't mind reapplying though - I have yet to find a long-wearing lipstick that doesn't dry out and look gross anyway. ManHunt is a gorgeous bright red - slightly sheer, very bold yet classy. Honolulu Honey is a tad more orange than I had wanted (I bought it online) and I probably wouldn't purchase again, because at least on me it's not the true nude I had been hoping for. Still, I'll definitely purchase NARS lipsticks again.

- Sephora
Sephora userJune 23, 2015

the only lipstick(s) i wear ever

so first i have to confess that i rarely wear lipstick. i barely even wear lipgloss- i usually go for one of the benefit lip tints patted onto my lips with some kind of balm (eos, chapstick, whatever i pull out of my makeup bag first) on top.this being said, a full-on dramatic makeup look doesn't really come together without something with a little more "oomph" than lip tint and chapstick. and that's where the Nars lipstick comes in.i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these lipsticks. i have two- cruising, which is this cool, light pink shade and dolce vita which is this awesome "my lips but better shade" that compliments my olive skin tone perfectly. (cruising might actually be a little too cool for me but i'll get my paws on some lipliner and try to fiddle with that so it works.) they are both sheer, they are not matte but not sticky-shiny like lipgloss and are really easy to apply. you can build up the pigment with a few swipes, so don't be afraid if the sheer thing puts you off. i love these so much that i've actually taken to occasionally wearing them in place of my lip tint and chapstick routine. they feel amazing on my lips, they are not drying, and they don't stain lips. staying power is not a priority when it comes to my lip products because reapplying them is half the fun, but these are pretty long-wearing. i would say if you want more staying power invest in a lip primer (i know urban decay has that ozone stick, two faced has one, there are a few- idk if nars has one, i'll look around) and use lipliner. if you go for a primer or liner i'd bet this would stay put all day. they don't feather out, and if you kiss your boyfriend, he doesn't come away looking like he made out with red marker.i always really look forward to using these lipsticks and i can't wait to expand on my collection. i will be repurchasing these and have reccomeded them to lots of my friends. « less

- Sephora
Sephora userJanuary 16, 2015

Worst lipstick I have ever used

After reading all the wonderful reviews here and watching such positive videos on Youtube, I thought this would be a Holy Grail product. As a huge fan of Nars original lipsticks my expectations were sky high for this new formula. I have never been so disappointed in a lipstick in all my life. The packaging is very nice but that's where it ends. The formula is horrible, it applies very lightweight on the lips but has the look of a very heavy cakey lipstick. It clings to every dry patch and it is the most pigmented lipstick I've ever used. Usually a pigmented lipstick is a good thing but not when the colours are this saturated and the formula so unforgiving on the lips. I could only stand it on my lips for about fifteen minutes, then it had to come off, my lips felt dry and I was actually self conscious about how it actually feathered outside my lip line, even using a lip liner. I'll break down the four colours I purchased and how they looked on my complexion, nothing like the swatches and descriptions. I'm a medium warm brown brunette with light blue eyes and extremely pale skin. All the colours I chose should have flattered my complexion but didn't. 1. Catherine. In the tube it's a beautiful creamsicle deep peach cream. On my lips, it's a 60's bright medium peach that is way too saturated for such a colour, very ageing in my opinion. 2. Natalie. In the tube it's a lovely mid tone warm vibrant pink. On my lips, it turns into a uber neon super bright warm pink, it looks hideous. You can see my lips from space. 3. Juliette. This is the biggest disappointment for me. I was hoping it would be a similar colour to "Niagara" in the regular Nars lipstick line. In the tube it's such a pretty mid tone coral pink, when in fact, on me it's the most neon bright pink coral lipstick I have ever had the displeasure of wearing. My lips entered the room twelve hours before I did, it's that bright. 4. Jane. This is the most passable colour I bought, in the tube it's a muddy mid tone peachy brown. It looks like it could pass as a neutral with a little kick of orange. On my lips it wasn't terrible, a deep peachy brown nude but still looked off. It still looked like it was from the sixties with its nauseating creamsicle peach look. So, all four colours went back to Sephora today and I was so glad to be rid of them. I just hope Mr.Nars doesn't discontinue his regular line of lipsticks with these because that would be a terrible loss as a lover of his regular lipstick line. I am glad however that these lipsticks have worked out so well for what seems like to be the majority of people ! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Hexylene Glycolacneirritant
Ascorbyl Palmitateacne
Red 7 Lakeacne
CI 19140hazard
CI 17200acne
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard

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