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"it dries fast and has an amazing smell"
- Sephora User
"i put this on before bed each night- is a tiny bit sticky but dries and feels fine"
- Sephora User

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Savanna Andrews
combinationCombination Skin

HELP!! i have no clue what nails or makeup look to do with this dress??

En Wang
combinationCombination Skin
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dryDry Skin

Anyone do there own nails at home? I’ve always had my nails done at a salon but I really would like to start doing it myself. Any products or kit recommendations?

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Melissa Vickers
combinationCombination Skin

Hey ladies hope y’all are having a good day today!!I have a question !what is a good non-smudge proof pretty much stay all day lipstick or liquid lipstick and where should I look I am looking for something for a wedding I am wanting something really shiny I think 🤔 I have tried the Maybelline super stay matte Inc. ones and those are pretty good but I’m looking for something with some really good glitter or shimmer in it but something that will stay all day and not smudge at all kiss proof and all that good stuff LOL like I said it is for a wedding so not sure what I should go with need some advice ladies 🤔🥰🥰☺️☺️ oh and it would be great if the product came with a lip liner that matches as well I know some products come with them and some don’t but I don’t usually use lip liner so I’m pretty new at that and I definitely am more of a pink person when it comes to lip stuff 

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