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Sensationail Color Gel Polish Blue Yonder by nailene

Sensationail Color Gel Polish Blue Yonder

good quality(8)
Variation: Blue Yonder
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good quality

color aside the quality of the product is nice

- Target User

really easy and effective product, durable and such beautiful colours

- Boots User



there is nothing gentle about this product

- Boots User

i have the residue of the gel colour in spite of 25 minutes of soaking - and my nails feel so dry and rough and they look horrenduos

- Boots User
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ebay.com userJanuary 23, 2016

Must Get!!!!

This is a great value for 10 polishes! I got all the colors I asked for and the price is better then the stores. I recommend this to anyone who gets their starter kit. The quality and product is the same as any other store. Very pleased and will definitely purchase so more in the near future!!

- ebay.com
Target userFebruary 1, 2016

Significantly lighter than in picture.

I was hoping for a pinker and more deep tone but instead it's more similar to clear top coat with shimmer. Color aside the quality of the product is nice.

- Target
drugstore.com userJune 11, 2013

really good gel polish

Gel polish in general is the best thing that ever happened to nail polish. Easy to do yourself with equipment purchased in "starter kit". Stays beautiful and shiny for two weeks with no chips. Sensationail gel polish is top quality.

- drugstore.com
Target userMarch 1, 2018

Thumbs down.

I started off loving this product because it worked. Unfortunately, on my third manicure which I just finished, it started reacting badly to the led lamp and destroyed my entire manicure. I tried it with fewer drops of transformer, then more drops, and still had the same result. It looked normal when painted on, but under the lamp it started to shrink up and looks lumpy and crepe-papery. I was so excited thinking I’d be able to use my regular nail polish again, but this was a waste of money and of several hours, because I have to take it all off again tomorrow. Thumbs down.

- Target
walmart.com userNovember 17, 2012

Love it!

Usually polish chips on me the first full day I'm wearing it. This is my 13th day of wearing Ocean Sparkle, and it just got a chip on the edge of one nail! I am in love. My nails are growing longer since this protects them from peeling.i also have other gel polish, but I like the quality & staying power of Sensationail. Removal is a little time consuming but is so worth it.i just redo my manicure while watching tv on Sunday night. Sooo nice to have perfect colored nails for so long! Sensational!

- walmart.com