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Rae Ann Cantrell McLain
sensitiveSensitive Skin

I need a recommendation on primer. I have large pores around my nose on my cheeks and nothing I have tried works. I have used Elf Blur stick, No More Poreblems (I think that’s what it’s called), Flower Beauty Hydrating Primer among others. I need something to fill in my pores, that’s hydrating and will also make my foundation last all day. I’m going crazy wasting money on primers that don’t work. I appreciate your recommendations in advance.

Jessica Helms
dryDry Skin
If you haven’t tried this yet I highly recommend it. It fills in pores and smooths everything out very nicely, it’s hydrating without being greasy at all, and my makeup lasts for up to 10 hours with it.

Poreless Putty Primer

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Jessica Helms
dryDry Skin

Flower Beauty Has anyone tried Flower Beauty’s Light Illusion foundation, concealer, and/or powders? And if so, would you recommend any of them?

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Angela Trowbridge
combinationCombination Skin

Thoughts on Flower Beauty? I have been interested in trying their products for months and want to know what products are must haves. I’m also curious about the longevity of their light illusion foundation and if it would work on my combo/acne prone skin.

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