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Such A Gem Artistry Palette - 39S by Morphe

Such A Gem Artistry Palette - 39S

staying power(4)

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blends well

great blending

- Ulta User

the shimmers are soft and creamy, the mattes are pigmented and blend great

- Mira User

staying power


easy application, blends well, last all day

- Morphebrushes User

pigmented, long wearing, blends like a dream

- Ulta User
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morphebrushes.com userJune 1, 2019


I LOVE this palette. It has been all I have reached for for a week now. I would recommend using an eyeshadow primer or even a concealer before using to help get then to be more vibrant. I love Morphe and have never had an issue. The pigment and blend is great. I really like the pinks and purples in this palette and that the middle row can be used as an eyeshadow topper or a great highlighter. I did have a little fallout and kickback in the pan, but I don't mind any of that, that is all personal preference. This palette is pretty in pictures, but so much more in person.

- morphebrushes.com
ulta userSeptember 01, 2019


At first glance I thought, cute palette but idk if I NEED it considering i have 50+ other ones. However I swatched the row of shades in the center and OMG those shimmers are insanely beautiful. The purchase for me was worth it just for those 7 shades alone. Typical great Morphe quality. Pigmented, Long wearing, blends like a dream. Overall great buy

- ulta
morphebrushes.com userMay 28, 2019

beautiful mattes but sad shimmer

the mattes are amazing, especialy the bright pink on the top row but most of the shimmers either do not show up (no matter the base or trying to build it up) or they look like a different color one on. if you're a huge fan of purples it is a really nice pallete i just wish some shimmers got way more attention.

- morphebrushes.com
morphebrushes.com userMay 18, 2019


Wow is all I can say. The pictures of this palette don’t do it justice. Absolutely stunning!!! So pigmented, colors blend seamlessly, and the shimmer shade formulas (larger shades) are absolutely gorgeous. I am obsessed and can’t wait to play around with it more. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

- morphebrushes.com
mira userApril 15, 2020