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Nature Glow Artistry Palette - 35O by Morphe

Nature Glow Artistry Palette - 35O

blends well(305)
does not have fallout(57)
pigmentation: pigmented

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blends well

the palette is absoloutly amazing i use it every day the mats are so blendable and pigmented ans the shimmers are so creamy and pigmented over all an amazing palette

- Beautybay User

the 'blend'ability of this product is amazing

- Ulta User

staying power


it goes on good and stays on all day

- Ulta User

the pigment is amazing and it lasts all day along with my urban decay eyeshadow primer

- Ulta User


does not have fallout

it is an amazing product, it is pigmented,blendable, and minimal fall out

- Beautybay User

super pleased with the palette, highly pigmented shimmers with no fall out also very creamy which i wasn't expecting at all, the matte shades are all very pigmented after two swatches but other than that i'm very excited to create amazing looks with this palette

- Beautybay User



super pigmented, creamy texture, variety of colors, and great price

- Ulta User

the colours are so buttery and the texture is amazing

- Beautybay User



with this, the temperatures have been cold with no humidity the last week and it begins creasing and fading within a few hours

- Ulta User

this product seemed really great when swatching, but when it came to applying, i was finding that it was not only not applying evenly and taking me 20 minutes to do a simple eye look, but it was creasing halfway through the day which was only a couple hours

- Ulta User



everything about it is amazing it’s so pigment and a great variety of shades

- Beautybay User

the pigment of this palette is insane

- Beautybay User
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beautybay.com userAugust 22, 2018

Incredible colour pay off

Wow! The colours are stunning. Lovely pan size. Nice amount of matte. Personally would like a few more shimmer / foils. Blends beautifully and so pigmented. lasts all day no creasing 

- beautybay.com
ulta userOctober 10, 2018

Favorite Palette!!!

I used foundation and translucent setting powder as my base. These colors are super pigmented, smooth, and blend easily. I especially love the shimmer colors. I usually dislike them but the ones from this palette are buttery and so beautiful. My eyeshadow didn't crease ALL day and I have oily lids!!

- ulta
ulta.com userNovember 14, 2017

Broken palette but still AMAZING

I dont know whu so many people give the Morphe palette a bad review because of damage that occured during shipping... I have ordered 4 Morphe palettes from Ulta and only one came broken. I emailed their customer service with a picture of the damage and got an almost instant reply and and $15 gift card! I was beyond happy with this since my eyeshadows were still in one piece. Why give a low rating to a product when the problem was the shipping/cust service?Morphe palettes are amazing! I own 5 myself... yes, the palettes a cheap plastic but hey, keeps the price down and its the shadows I want... not pretty packaging. These eyeshadows blend amazingly and you can build the color up as well... the shades are gorgeous and pigmented! I use a lid primer and the eyeshadow stays on all day long! I highly recommend people ignore the low ratings from damage in shipping and get this product! You won't regret it! Less

- ulta.com
ulta.com userOctober 31, 2017


This is my first Morphe palette purchase. After this palette running out everywhere on the planet, I thought this palette was going to be the most awesome best palette this side of the moon, it was not. I was very disappointed when I actually purchased the product and received it. The colors are chalky with a lot of fall-out and they don't blend well at all. The colors look beautiful in the pallet when you open it up but when you begin to apply there is just no pigment there. I used multiple different brushes thinking that maybe the brush was the issue but that was not the case. All of my brushes are very good brushes and I even tried a Morphe brush with it but it made no difference. I have had the notion to maybe try them damp but I figure I will end up with a muddy mess so I've not gotten brave enough to try it yet. For performance, I give one star but the 2nd star is because of the colors, they are just absolutely beautiful, even though I know they don't wear like they look. My advice, save your money and keep looking for a palette with better color payoff. You may have to pay a bit more but in the long run, but it will probably be worth it. I will just keep using the palettes I currently have and continue my search for one with this type of color scheme with better payoff and no chalky fallout. « less

- ulta.com
mira userDecember 24, 2019

This was my first big palette purchase and I LOVE it! Morphe palettes are not only a great price, but amazing quality, which makes this entire bundle and collection a huge deal. This palette really allows your inner artist to be born because you learn which colors to use to blend, how to blend, getting a Smokey-eye look, getting a perfect nude look, etc. I’ve started using other Morphe palettes with some other more complicated colors, but this palette will always be one of my favorites. If you’re looking for a company or a good palette, use Morphe 100%!

- mira


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