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High Impact Highlighter  by Morphe

High Impact Highlighter

pigmentation: pigmented
Variation: Boom (sparkling mauve bronze) (online only)
Boom (sparkling mauve bronze) (online only)Extra (lustrous peachy gold)Lit (glistening iced gold)Mirage (metallic copper)Spark (glimmering golden pink) (online only)Stardust (iridescent pink)

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blends well

i have a medium skin tone and it blended so well with the rest of my makeup and on its own

- Ulta User

the color is beautiful, blends in with my skin beautifully

- Ulta User



this highlight is so smooth on the skin and is so blinding, amazing packaging and a huge pan

- Ulta User

on the skin, it's smooth and beautiful, if you can wear it lightly for a nice sheen of a glow or really pack it on for that " glow to the gods" type of glow :)

- Ulta User



the pigmentation is unbelievably so good would recommend my highlights is popping and its travel sized so i take it on holiday and i chuck it i my handbag it'seems perfect

- Beautybay User

this highlighter is so pigmented and it really gives off a beautiful glow

- Ulta User
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ulta userSeptember 10, 2019

This highlighter is amazing

This was my first morphe purchase and I'm so happy i got it i went to my ulta and i saw it on the way out and thought it was pretty and didn't think about it again i ended up going back a second time and wanting it but they ran outta stock so i went back a third time (i know i was making a return) and i was lucky enough to get the very last one and when i tell you it's so shimmery but so natural i haven't even tried it wet and I'm looking forward to trying it wet i applied it with my finger first and it was very very subtle i applied the second layer with a small blending brush and omg omg omg it was pure magic i will be buying another

- ulta
ulta userSeptember 11, 2019

Great Highlighter

This highlighter is amazing! The product is creamy and has great pigmentation. I have a medium skin tone and it blended so well with the rest of my makeup and on its own. It gave me a very natural glow with a good pop, so it's not super subtle but also not too much. I would definitely recommend this to others and with such a great price I would at least try it!

- ulta
ulta userOctober 10, 2018

Nope nope nope

I was so excited to see that these came in at ulta so I went to go swatch a few at the store and there was NO pigment! They were so sheer! The formula was thin and chalky! My master chrome and milani highlights are 1/2 the price and 10x better!

- ulta
ulta userSeptember 11, 2019

Amazing highlighter!

I bought this randomly after seeing it near the register and thought I would give it a try. Just like Morphe's eyeshadows, this highlighter is so creamy and pigmented! I use this on my eyelids with my bronzer to create a nice natural and warm summertime look. Definitely recommend getting this to try! I have light to medium skin and it gives me a nice natural highlight.

- ulta
ulta userOctober 10, 2018

A need!!!

I'm a highlighter finnatic, there's no such thing as "too much highlight" to me haha. I use about 4 or 5 different highlighters to get the glowing to the gods look I love haha, but my skin tone is kind of medium and olivey, so I can't use really light or really dark highlighters, too light and it will look like chalk, too dark and it will look like bronzer or something, but I found this one to be perfect for me. The perfect amount of glow/pop I need without using 4 or so different highlighters. I do spray my highlighter brush because I feel it helps it stick better and pop more. Overall it's a beautiful highlighter with great pigment and I can wear it everyday with any makeup look. :)

- ulta


Overall safe Ingredients


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