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Minda T Phan
combinationCombination Skin

hey! i’m a newbie when it comes to makeup. i’ve used foundation but personally i don’t like it. i have too faced born this way. is it possible to just ditch the foundation? if i do, do i ditch concealer as well? i have the new jeffree star concealer and i really like it. or do i just blend the concealer into my skin tone?

Kaylea Elaine
dryDry Skin
My best advice is trying a tinted moisturizer ! and if you don’t like that, then you can totally just wear concealer and blend it in right into your skin.
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Khaypha Kue
combinationCombination Skin

Any good recs for a concealer that won’t dry my under eyes? I use two different eye creams and still, I get creasing even after setting with a powder. I’m currently using Laura Mercier Luminous Candleglow concealer and the Born This Way concealer but everything creases and looks so dry every time.

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My Life As Ro
combinationCombination Skin

is the too faced born this way foundation worth the hype? is the coverage good/ is it the coverage matte or natural? #foundation #bornthisway

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