Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist by Missha

Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist

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i don't have tons of wrinkles, but the fine lines under my eyes are lessened as well because the area is hydrated

- Misshaus User

this version is thicker and probably better for my dry/mature skin but i also like the original version as well

- Misshaus User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

i really love this essense it tones and balances my skin

- Misshaus User

i think this product in particular really works - hydrates and evens my skin tone, and preps it for serum and moisturizer

- Sokoglam User



it helps brighten my skin and makes it feel soft and smooth

- Misshaus User

my skin is brighter and smoother after using this for a week, and i feel the difference when i stop using it

- Misshaus User



the essence along with the toner has softened the skin, allowing for the discoloration in my face to gently exfoliate and my skin has never remained so soft

- Misshaus User

i use it morning and night after cleansing my face, and it is really gentle and makes my skin soft and moisturized

- Misshaus User



it is the perfect texture between a water toner and a plumping essence, so it's excellent for layering and has all the active ingredients that you want in your daily go-to essence

- Sokoglam User

i love how it works almost immediately, giving me almost baby smooth, hydrated skin and at the same time it feels like every pore is clean

- Misshaus User



my skin is more moisturized, smoother and looked brighter it makes my skin glowy, helped me replumped fine lines

- Beautyandseoul User

wonderful for aging skin especially

- Yesstyle User


good for acne

i use this after my toner and before my acne treatment and moisturizer; it's a nice to just treat my skin after cleansing, exfoliation, and toner- and i really see results

- Sokoglam User

i haven't had a breakout since using this product, and it made my skin so smooth

- Sokoglam User


redness relief

i have dry/combination skin and this product has partly helped the irritation and redness in my skin

- Sokoglam User

it's soft and not sticky, makes my feel well hydrated and also reduces irritation/redness

- Misshaus User
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misshaus.com userJanuary 24, 2017

holy grail, affordable, effective, hydrating

I've been meaning to try this product for some time now, given its fabulous reviews, a Soko Glam Beauty Award Winner and one of Missha best-seller. I've used SK-II in the past and heard this is a great more affordable alternative. Instead of Pitera, this is a highly concentrated essential essence with 80% fermented yeast (Saccharomyces and Bifida). It's meant to be used first step after cleansing, apply either with hands or cotton pad. It claims to provide 8 benefits of soothing, smoothing, balancing sebum level, moisturizing, improving skin tone, firming, wrinkle repairing and boosting. I like that there are both Korean and English descriptions. It comes in a 130mL bottle (~25USD), with shelve-life ~ 9 months after opening. It's a liquid form, runny and lightweight. It's translucent just like water. It has a faint scent of yeast, similar to SK-II but very mild. I simply love using essences. I have combination skin, with dry patches on certain areas of my cheeks. I always love to have a moist boost product in my skincare routine! This product is very lightweight, absorbs quickly and is non sticky. I didn't notice any major visible changes in my skin within the first 2-3 weeks. The essence didn't irritate me though, that's always a plus! After using this essence for 5 weeks I did notice some improvements. It made my skin feel extra moist, no dry flakes at all, made it soft and reduced my redness a little bit. I will continue to use for a few months, as it's just an extra boost of hydration for my skin. Less

misshaus.com userNovember 14, 2016

Just as good as original formula

I lived in Korea for a time and noticed that the Time Revolution essence and serum was a popular combo so I picked up a set in a holiday sale. My skin was fantastic! Since returning to the States, I have had skin troubles off and on due to the change in climate and diet but managed it with the supply of Korean skincare products that I had brought home with me. Sadly, my Missha products were among the first to be used up.I had been using Etude House's Skin Mal:gem smoother toner and lotion for about a year with various masks and essences samples for different brands, and while my skin was not breaking out into major acne or drying out (I live in a desert climate with extreme weather shifts), it was disappointingly lackluster and I had several blemishes that I had to use stronger formulas of BB cream to cover.You can imagine how ecstatic I was to discover Missha opening a US website and waited eagerly for the First Treatment Essence to go on sale. I also picked up the toner of the same line (review separate) and have been using them mostly together after cleansing. I agree with other reviews that there is a difference in the consistency and/or texture of the liquid: it seems a little thicker, I think. After cleansing and using the Clear Toner, I tip the bottle against my finger tip and apply in quick swipes around my face and upper neck. I find that three or four finger tips worth of liquid is all I need to cover my entire face and part of my neck in a thin layer that takes about 5 minutes to fully absorb. I clean up and do other things while waiting for the essence to absorb before putting on moisturizer or lotion. I use the essence morning and night and/or after showers when my pores are open, before putting on a mask sheet.In the past 3-4 weeks of consistent use with the Clear Toner, I have noticed my blemishes fading significantly. I still have intermittent redness due to rosacea but I feel that is due to body chemistry and environment issues and is not something that can be fixed by this particular product. Overall, I highly recommend this item because of the restorative effects for one's complexion and supple skin texture that results. Less

sokoglam.com userAugust 16, 2014


I was sooo excited to use this product because I heard so many good things about it! It worked fine the first time I used it, but for the next 4 days, my skin started breaking out with little red bumps on my cheeks...and I don't break out on my cheeks! I have combination skin (oily forehead, dry everywhere else) and my skin is on the sensitive side. Maybe I am a rare exception to the product, but it did not work on me unfortunately. Hopefully it will work for others.

misshaus.com userNovember 29, 2017

LOVE - Best essence I have ever used

I have been using it for around a week and I am absolutely IN LOVE with it. Some background: I am 25, and have never had any issues with acne bar the occasional stress breakouts (will return to this point in a bit). I have, however, always struggled with dry skin in the cold winter months, especially around my nose and lips. I recently started a more strict skin care regime, in hopes that (along with long term wrinkle prevention) I would finally be able to treat my poor dehydrated face. I started using toner, essence and eye cream, and sunscreen/bb cream daily, in addition to my normal daily moisturizer. Before Time Revoluation, I had tried THREE different types of essence which, although successfully moisturized my skin, left me breaking out TERRIBLY. I will not name the other said essences (I will say that none of them are Missha, and they were all different brands), because they all did get wonderful praising reviews from other people. I think that my skin simply wasn't compatible with whatever they use.NOW ONTO THIS WONDERFUL SAVIOR OF SKIN. I cannot even begin to describe how much I love this product. Not only is my skin super hydrated, but everything about my skin is better. It glows more, it feels healthier, everything about it I LOVE. I used to have to put moisturizer on my face (or at least the dry spots on my face) MULTIPLE times a day in the winter, and now my skin feels so soft and hydrated ALL DAY LONG.[SIDE NOTE: I would like to add that when I used the other essences, after the breakouts I would stop using them immediately, but I would still have the zits for days. I had waited around 3 days after using the third (and final) failed essence before starting Time Rev, and I still had the zits in full break out mode. I used TR for the first time the night I got it (again, 3 days after previous essence, and still breaking out), and like some kind of heavenly miracle potion, the next morning when I woke up most of the zits where gone. If I said all the zits were gone, I'd be lying, but that's also not even the intent of this stuff (but in case you're wondering, my face was back to being 100% clear of acne within ~2 days).]SUMMARY: BEST ESSENCE. 12/10 STARSEnd of ridiculously long review. Less

misshaus.com userDecember 22, 2017

Love it!

My only complaint, is that it's been one month and I have gone through an entire bottle already. I know I use it more than most people, but living in Colorado the air is dry and with the winter weather I do everything I can to keep my skin moist.I have never tried the first two versions of this formula; however, my skin being extremely sensitive I can say that I don't even want to try the other versions. I use this in the morning and the evening, and first pour the product into my hands and gently spread over my face before patting it in. I do this two to three times, depending on how much sleep I've gotten. Once that settles I take an amber glass bottle that I filled with the FTE and spray about ten to twelve spritzes all over my face and neck area and proceed to either get dressed (am) or brush my teeth (pm) while it slowly starts to absorb before putting on my serums (3-4).I've been into K-Beauty for awhile, and until a month and a half ago thought my skin was as good as it was going to get, I was using products that were more expensive and then tried this. I spend less money now and my skin is approaching 'Honey Skin' status, glowing from the inside and even skin tone as well as a reduction in fine lines. This and the Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream have me so happy and all of my friends asking what I'm doing. This product is worth every penny! « less


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