M Perfect Cover BB Cream RX SPF 42 by Missha

M Perfect Cover BB Cream RX SPF 42

color accuracy(38)
finish: demi-mattecoverage: medium coverage
No. 13 Milky BeigeNo. 21 Light BeigeNo. 23 Natural BeigeNo. 25 Warm BeigeNo. 27 Honey BeigeNo. 29 Caramel BeigeNo. 31 Golden Beige

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Skin Type

i have mature normal/dry skin and it gives me perfect coverage

- Misshaus User

it makes my skin plump, hydrated, and helps with fine wrinkles

- Misshaus User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

i really liked the dewy effect this gives my skin, and it oxidizes really well into my skin

- Ebay User

it gives me a dewy and very healthy look, its exactly my skin tone and doenst seem to oxidize to a darker colour

- Yesstyle User



works best with a damp beauty blender and i recommend exfoliating or really moisturizing your skin the night before - it does cling to some dry patches

- Yesstyle User

it is amazing how well the cream just beautifully blends with my complexion color and the spots, pores and imperfections are diminished without appearing dry, or caking

- Ebay User


blends well

if you apply this bb cream after a moisturized dampish face, it will spread nice & evenly around your whole face & will give your face a nice silky flawless look

- Ebay User

blends like a dream, great coverage - covers all my spots and redness, and i think it has actually helped to clear my acne scars

- Yesstyle User



goes on smooth and melts into skin quickly, matches my skin tone perfectly, and does a great job of covering up my acne/skin picking scars

- Sokoglam User

it gives my face a smooth even look yet feels like i'm not wearing anything

- Ebay User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i love this bb cream because it provides good coverage and helps diminish my pores

- Yesstyle User

i love this bb cream because it's light, balances my skin tone, has good spf coverage and doesn't clog my pores

- Misshaus User



i love how lightweight it is

- Yesstyle User

can recommend for anyone who wants to try a lightweight formula with light to medium coverage

- Yesstyle User

staying power


i received the cream a few days ago and it is amazing,the coverage is perfect,the colour is just right,it stays put all day,what's not to like

- Ebay User

the perfect no makeup makeup :)plus great sun protection, it stays looking fresh all day

- Yesstyle User



i spreads beautifully, sinks in well and looks so natural and radiant as if my skin is naturally that good

- Yesstyle User

turns out i needn't be - i used this all throughout my summer vacation (when i am even more tanned) because the tiniest amount smooths out my skin and it brightens my complexion without lightening it too much, it adapts to my skin tone

- Yesstyle User



just apply some nice mattifying powder onto the face and you´re good to go

- Ebay User

mattifying with light-medium coverage

- Yesstyle User



i've barely used it as a base alone, but when mixed with matte nyx born to glow i really like the finish of it: semi-matte and glowy

- Yesstyle User

i used to love a med-full coverage matte liquid foundation, but now tend to favor bbs, ccs, and cushions that add skincare benefits - i still prefer a semi-matte finish, but the glowiness factor seems to help with dehydration

- Sokoglam User


medium coverage

it doesn't cover obvious acne very much, so you will need concealer if you want a heavier coverage, but this is a medium coverage foundation and works very well

- Ebay User

i really like this product, it gives me medium coverage and helps my acne

- Ebay User
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sokoglam.com userDecember 15, 2016


I have light-medium Asian skin, permanently dehydrated (especially in winter), and fine lines, dullness, and lack of elasticity issues are emerging now that I've hit 40. I follow a 5-10 step Japanese/Korean skincare routine, and have good skin - but the dryness (my cheeks start feeling tight after 2-3 hrs) has really messed with my makeup game. I used to love a med-full coverage matte liquid foundation, but now tend to favor BBs, CCs, and cushions that add skincare benefits - I still prefer a semi-matte finish, but the glowiness factor seems to help with dehydration. I'd tried Korean BBs several years ago - I didn't care for the grey undertone they seemed to have, and was pretty happy with cushions recently. I've become a big fan of Missha's Time Revolution line, and decided to try this BB in 23. First pump onto the back of my hand/application on face, I thought, "Oh here we go, greyish." But a bit later, the grey undertone seemed to lift, and while it's still on the cool side for me, it was close enough to not be a big deal for an everyday BB. Plus, it set quickly to a semi-matte finish, awesome. I set T-zone with a little powder, and went about my day. I had an especially busy day running after my young kids...late afternoon I looked in the mirror and was shocked to see that my skin looked great; ready for a quick tissue blot, but I didn't have to add anything, and concealer/blusher were still in place. What?! I've been using it for about 3 weeks, and it's been great as an everyday light-med coverage product that keeps my dry skin from drying out too much. Missha, another great product, glad I decided to use this cult item. Less

ebay.com userApril 2, 2012

My new favourite thing! Foundation, Primer and Skin care all in one!

I'm a Caucasian girl, very pale, I get freckles and I have yellow undertones to my skin. I became curious about trying BB creams when I found that a lot of people recommended them for light skin tones. I bought the Missha perfect cover in it's lighter shade (i believe it only has 2). The idea of a BB cream is it's supposed to be a 3 in 1 skin product, Foundation, skin care and primer. So for it's primer qualities, this is the best best thing I have ever used, it fills in the fine lines around my eyes and mouth, and my pores so well leaving a very smooth finish and it makes m make up last all day! As a foundation the colour works well for me, some people worry about the grey tint that the product has, and is common in BB Creams, but i find that it does adjust to my skin and i don't end up looking orange after applying it which can happen with me for foundations becuse i'm so pale, and a lot of lighter foundations have pink undertones and don't blend with my skin well. It's medium coverage, doesn't cover my freckles but for everyday use i don't personally want that anyway. The finish is very natural looking and dewy but easy to mattify with a bit of powder when desired. For skin care, it's SPF42 which is really a big factor for me. It is supposed to help heal scars from acne or hyper-pigmentation, I never had any problem with this myself but i do get milia (little white lumps of keratin traped under the skin). Within just a week of using the Missha BB cream i began to notice it making a difference to these. How? i don't know! but it's the only thing I changed in my skin care routine it felt like it dried the skin around them so they came to surface quicker. I'm not sure what was scientificly going on but i'm so in love with this product for that. I would recommend anyone to try this product if you can get it in your shade it's so cheap and it is my favourite make up discovery to date and bet it will be for a long time to come. « less

MIRA BEAUTY userOctober 22, 2019

I’ve been using this bb cream for about a month now and I love it! I’m pretty pale and am using shade #21. It looks a little greenish when I first dot it on, but blends in perfectly to my skin tone. I would say it’s medium coverage, and gives a dewy finish without making my skin look oily. It looks so smooth and natural on too! I also appreciate that it has 42 spf.

ebay.com userOctober 12, 2012

Extraordinary on my mixed skin! No break outs, and it even "heals" my skin.

I can't say enough good things about this BB Cream. For your reference I am 28 years old and have acne prone skin, not too oily but rather mixed, although I should add that whatever skin problems I have may also be related to bad food habits such as not drinking as much water as I should and having a messed-up sleeping pattern. Be that as it may, I tried 3 different brands of BB cream before and they all broke me out more or less, but this Missha M Perfect Cover not only doesn't do that, I find it even dries out any pimples I may have, and that is quite extraordinary for me - I'm very glad I found this and I can't do without it anymore, nor would I ever consider going back to foundation or even my old anti-wrinkle day cream. About the coverage it provides, I would say it is medium to heavy but it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. One thing I like is that it doesn't feel oily, although it doesn't dry my skin either, but the finish is a bit matte and that's great in my case because it means I can skip the powdering sometimes. I use the lightest shade Milky Beige #13 and I have to say that's really -really- ghostly light...! So even if you have fair skin number 13 may just be too light. I also don't feel the color oxidizes too much throughout the day, but I don't know if it will oxidize more in skin oilier than my own. As would be expected you absolutely must wash your face before going to bed in order to remove the product from your face, or it may break out your skin - so remember don't go to sleep with BB cream on, or makeup, or any day-time skin product for that matter, your skin needs to breathe and regenerate itself at night. One thing I do recommend it that you exfoliate your skin once a week at least, because this BB cream is on the thicker side and will not blend as easily on very uneven skin texture. Finally, the only downside I can think of is the packaging; while having a pump may be more hygienic because you don't contaminate the product by dipping your fingers on it, this pump sometimes shoots the cream everywhere, so be careful not to let it land on your clothes. Also, I find there is still a lot of cream left in the tube even if it seems it ran out, so when it is running out I usually cut the tube with a pair of scissors and use a spatula to transfer the remaining cream into a small sterilized jar... so not very practical but it's worth it because this product is very good to me and like I said there is still a lot left in the tube even if it seems it ran out. Please keep in mind that although this product works wonders for me it might not lend the same results on other people - this is merely my experience with it. « less

lookfantastic.com userJune 28, 2020

Very disappointed

This is very disappointing, bought this on the recommendation of Robert Welsh who swears by it, but after the first trial I'm sure I will never use this. First of all, the scent - it smells nice, but this means there are unnecessary perfumes in it. I have some high end foundations without perfume and they're perfectly fine. It's just added nasties your skin could do without. It's also quite strong, I can smell it on myself every time I move my head. Secondly, this has absolutely no coverage. I don't need a lot luckily, but I do have some under eye bags and patchy freckles that need evening out. I used 2 pumps on one side of my face to compare coverage (which is a lot, I tend to use 1 on my whole face from most foundations) and the patch of freckles on my cheek looked exactly like they do without any product. Despite not having any coverage, you can see I'm wearing a relatively thick layer of some kind of foundation, it just sits there. Thirdly, it leaves the skin feeling tacky and shiny like if I had put on thick suncream - it does feel like it too, sits very heavy on the skin. When I say shiny, I mean VERY shiny. I had to use a LOT of setting powder to combat this (I'd say about 3 times as much as normally), but it's not perfect and now it's also cakey. Fourthly, as I'm writing this, on the side of my face where I tested this, I feel a slight tingling - there must be something in it my face is sensitive to, even though I don't really have a sensitive skin normally. Also it has a strange greyish, ashy undertone to it. I'm very pale and has neutral undertone, so I kind of got away with it, but someone with yellow or pink undertone might end up looking a bit ill. (Oh and I have normal skin.) Less


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Benzyl salicylatehazard
PEG-10 Dimethiconehazard
Propylene Glycolhazard
Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oilacneirritant
Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamatehazard

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Profile picture of Evangelia Edwards
Evangelia Edwards
Combination Skin

Simple everyday makeup look! (I really wanted to edit out the pimple on my chin but I didn’t, to show the accurate coverage of the bb cream and concealer.) Sorry the pic is showing up a little fuzzy on here; idk why. Missha bb cream in shade 21 LA Girl pro hd concealer in porcelain Colourpop super shock highlighter in forget me not (not carried anymore 😕 but they have similar ones) #selfie #natural #kbeauty

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Profile picture of Jill Wellmann
Jill Wellmann
Dry Skin

Good recommendations for FOUNDATION, I have dry skin but hate the feeling of thick makeup. Maybe a CC cream? My current foundation made me brake out in patches. 🥴 (Nothing too expensive)

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Profile picture of Xuri Dively
Xuri Dively
Dry Skin

Try korean BB cream! Love this one and you can usually find it for around $13 on amazon!

Profile picture of Lexy Marquez
Lexy Marquez
Combination Skin

Any holy grail foundations? One that looks flawless and super natural. I feel like I tend to look cakey everytime I put foundation on & I blend it out so much and it still looks cakey😞 Maybe my primer isn’t right, my moisturizer to go with it. I don’t know

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Profile picture of Evangelia Edwards
Evangelia Edwards
Combination Skin

This is a bb cream but it has medium coverage and it looks very natural and smooth on! I also like that it doesn’t crease under my eyes either. I have also used It’s Skin babyface bb cream and love it, a little more coverage than this one but it’s dark for me now that it’s winter.