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Matcha Green Tea Mud Mask by miss spa
miss spa

Matcha Green Tea Mud Mask

4.7 (7)$4.99
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good for acne
Hydrate Facial Sheet Mask by miss spa
miss spa

Hydrate Facial Sheet Mask

4.2 (30)$10.00
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Too many options?

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Michael Zarro
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

Anyone ever shop on “Shop Miss A” $1 makeup website? The reviews one the website look good but it still nervous cause the prices are so cheap!

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Profile picture of Korbyn Swafford
Korbyn Swafford
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

I would NEVER recommend buying from brands like ROMWE and Shein bc the clothing is usually horribly sourced, workers are underpaid and it’s just over all not a good idea. Check out Tiffany Ferg’s vid on YouTube for more information

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Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

@Korbyn Swafford for anyone else curious - great watch.

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mia lucero
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

hey everyone <3 i’m in need of some serious help plz. i cant seem to make my makeup last throughout the day, even though i use a primer and a setting spray. i’ve been using the Lumi Magic Primer and the Too Faced Hangover 3-1 Setting Spray. by lunchtime, my makeup starts to look gross and i look super oily. it’s weird because my face almost looks better when i don’t use these products, except the problem i’m faced with then, is that the sun has the tendency of just straight up melting my foundation off, so i want to find a new primer and setting spray that’ll keep my face looking fresh throughout the whole day. any suggestions as to what i could try?? preferably nothing too expensive? :) thank u all for your help! <3 also, as far as my skin type goes, i mentioned earlier that my face gets super oily around lunch time. i went to the spa the other day, and the lady giving me a facial asked what skin type i have. i responded with combination, but she later on said that my skin is more on the dry side, and that all the oil i have is just compensating for how dry it is. i’m not sure if this matters when choosing a product, but just thought i’d mention it. thank you again for all your help!

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Allison Neibauer
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

This is my holy grail primer when I use this it usually helps my makeup last longer

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how do you get rid of this red spotty/porous skin??? everyone says i can’t make it go away :( (u cant super see my pores but they are Large) i have freckles underneath this and i heckin MISS THEM #seekingadvice #skincare

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Danielle Ashpaugh
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

You could try microdermabrasion. If the red spots are like acne scars it’ll help them start to disappear faster and it’ll help your pores to look smaller