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MIRA BEAUTY VOICES: Meet Lauren Napier

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 10, 2020
MIRA BEAUTY VOICES: Meet Lauren Napier

Lauren Napier, founder of Lauren Napier Wipes and bona fide beauty reflects on her career in the beauty industry, her must have products, and why there's beauty in taking it off.

Lauren Napier Beauty
Source: Lauren Napier

MIRA: You’ve mentioned that as a makeup artist, your realized there was a sacred ritual associated with makeup application that didn't exist during the removal process. Can you expand on that?

Lauren: I love this question. I was started my career as a celebrity makeup artist and I often noticed the mood in the makeup room in the morning was slow, once the makeup was on there was an element of excitement but at the end of the day there was a sense of relief - the ability to get back to normal and settle into one’s own skin was the same from the most insecure personality to the most outgoing  actress. I loved to watch that evolution. I trust that people want to feel like their best - especially in their own skin. I encourage people to consciously embrace what is unique about their facial features, bone structure, laugh lines (not wrinkles) - the notion that we all need to have the same sculpted and contoured face is absurd. Enjoy your individuality, embrace your face!

MIRA: As a woman in the beauty industry, can you share what your personal relationship with cosmetics looks like?

Lauren: I am a curious shopper. I peruse the aisles , I smell the fragrances and swatch the colors on my hands. I am an emotional shopper, I shop a brand on quality and by how it makes me feel.

Lauren Napier Beauty Wipes
Source: Lauren Napier

MIRA: What have you learned or have been surprised by while changing someone else's appearance?

Lauren: People take on the makeup. I once created a monster look for my nephew and he behaved like monster all day. When I create a vampy or sultry eye the actress doesn’t just own the look, she fully embodies the vamp.

MIRA: How do you, or how would you advise others to reconcile their love of beauty while still loving their own skin?

Lauren: Let’s be honest, it’s difficult to fully embrace skin that is not the conventional texture or tone. Skin that you don’t see pictured in advertising , art, media and periodicals. I follow Anne Ford @Piggs on Instagram, she is an artist and was unashamed of her skin in it’s natural state. I found her to be authentic, beautiful and completely inspiring. Look how model Winnie Harlow has paved a way for calico complexions, birthmarks and Cindy Crawford made moles sexy and the Lauren Huttons and Slick Woods of the world made gaps chic. I want to acknowledge Lindsey Peoples Wagner and Teen Vogue for featuring real life humans of all skin tones and complexions to stand beautifully and confidently in their skin for the world to see. Wow! It’s time to defy the antiquated beauty standards that are holding us back.  Love the skin you live in.

Lauren Napier Flaunt Wipes
Source: Lauren Napier

MIRA: Explain your beauty routine/ ritual and what that process looks like and means to you.

Lauren: My beauty routine is pretty straight forward. My daily routine is cleanse-nourish-hydrate both morning, night and after my yoga classes. I enjoy Joanna Vargas cleansers, Vinter’s Daughter  Active Botanical Serum and Active Treatment Essence, I include Mario Badescu  Night Cream in my facial skincare routine.  I shave with a Oui shave razor and apply Fur body hair oil. Once every 2 weeks I steam my skin with a meld of herbs and botanicals that brighten my skin.

I realize it sounds like a lot but I am 40! I think it has served me well. I also believe caring for yourself is not selfish but an act of self love plus, I just sleep better and wake up joyous when I’ve had a steamy shower and scrub.

MIRA: How has your beauty routine changed or been helpful in light of current events?

Lauren: I have always been a minimalist. Fast acting and function is my mantra in busy times and in times where things are moving more slowly. Both am and pm I cleanse, nourish with serums and hydrate with moisturizers and masks.

MIRA: What measures have you taken to prioritize self care? What advice would you give?

Lauren: Self care is vital to happiness and overall success. I believe that it is important to eat well, allow yourself to rest and unsubscribe to the endless stream of emails that appear in my inbox early in the morning and late at night.

MIRA: Can you expand on your philosophy of there beauty in taking it off?

Lauren: The beauty industry focuses heavily on our physical appearance and the ceremony that comes along with applying makeup. The Lauren Napier Beauty philosophy is, “there is beauty in taking it off.”  It is important to me that all Lauren Napier Beauty patrons and fans feel comfortable and confident in their skin with and without makeup.