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Wear Your Pride Set by Milk Makeup
Milk Makeup

Wear Your Pride Set


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sephora user
June 14, 2019

Let me start by saying the fact that Milk Makeup and Sephora are donating to the LGBTQ community is FANTASTIC! Though I’m straight, I’m a huge advocate. As far as the set: I’m not a big fan of Kush mascara. It’s ok. Takes a bunch of coats, but tolerable. The holographic stick is adorable (super travel friendly), but I found it a little “much” for me on a day-to-day basis. The glitter stick is full size (I think?), and the glitter is GORGEOUS. Subtle, and yet totally recognizable, all at the same time. I wanted to love it, but the feel and the scent (not “perfume-y”, just sorta waxy) wasn’t for me. The bag was really the hook — love the size (smaller than an out-stretched hand)! It’s a plasticine material, which is great for travel. All in all, I think it’s great in so many ways. I probably won’t use the products often, but the bag was worth the $25. And it’s supporting a wonderful cause, which I’d be happy to donate 25 bucks to anytime (and often do). Love wins, y’all. :)

sephora user
July 16, 2019

like the pink

I love the pink blush highlighter subtle with some purple tones I love this color use for blush or lip color the sparkle is fun too kinda scratchy and the mascara is yucky very thick and unruly

sephora user
June 19, 2019

she sparkles

In love with this little set. So cute and they reformulated the glitter stick. Perfect for Pride.

sephora user
July 25, 2019


I got this set primarily for the mascara mini but am so glad I did. The larger glitter stick is fabulous for festivals and going out without the mess of a loose glitter. The holo stick looks gorg on my blue eyes with no mascara for a low effort but powerful look. The mascara of course is amazing and so so good to my lashes. Overall I’m so happy I didn’t just buy the mini of the mascara!

sephora user
June 21, 2019


the glitter stick is so pretty! lots of product considering I would only use it for special outtings I don't think I'd ever run out. the sparkles are all sorts of colors and apply generously and don't fall off quickly either compared to other body sparkles I've used it lasts much longer. the small bag is super cute. and the highlighter is a bit crazy bright on my light skin but it can blend out pretty thin. can't wait for my citys pride festival this year!