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MVPs Set by Milk Makeup
Milk Makeup

MVPs Set


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Sephora user
December 7, 2019

I love the kit. They hydrogrip primer is everything I expected it to be. I have not used the mascara. The bronzer is a little too light for my skin too but it blends so easy and the highlighter gives my skin a natural glow. The brightening serum has lessened the redness of my dark spots. I do not know what the cooling stick does. It feels nice but I would not purchase it on its own. The blush is also a little too light for my skin tone, but it leaves a nice hint of pink with some natural looking glow. The blush is limited edition for this package and cute and I could definitely see myself purchasing a blush in a different color. I would recommend to people my skin tone or lighter. 

Sephora user
February 29, 2020

Perfect Intro To Milk Makeup Products

I had been wanting to try Milk Makeup products but was hesitant to pay full price for products I wasn't sure if I would like. This MVPs Set was the perfect way to dip my toes into Milk and try out their products.-Deluxe Kush Mascara in Boom: I LOVE this mascara. I'm so glad I tried it. It makes my lashes longer, more full, but also defined. I didn't experience any clumping BUT I have experienced transfer to my undereye throughout the day, which has been the only negative. Will repurchase.-Mini Hydro Grip Primer: I loved Primers but sometimes think they're gimmicky and don't actually do much. That's not the case with this primer. It provides the perfect tacky base and my base truly grips to it and stays in place all day long. Will repurchase.-Mini Cooling Water: This was nice and felt good on the skin but I don't think it really does much of anything. Won't repurchase.-Mini Watermelon Brightening Serum: Just like the cooling water, it was nice and felt good on the skin but I don't think it really does much of anything. Won't repurchase.-Mini Highlighter in Blitzed: I wanted to like this more but rather than leaving a sheen or glow, there were noticable pieces of glitter on my face after use. Just wasn't for me. Won't repurchase.-Mini Bronzer in Baked: I LOVE this bronzer. It has replaced all my other bronzers and is by far the most gorgeous, natural bronze I've ever tried. It blends beautifully and is easy to apply. I swipe a stippling brush over it and then stipple and blend onto skin. Will repurchase.-Glow Oil Lip Cheek in Glimmer: I liked this product and the color worked well for my skin tone as a blush. It wasn't anything super special and there are cream blushes I own that I prefer, but I'll definitely use it up. It blends well. Probably won't repurchase.Overall, I'm glad I tried this kit because I found several products I really like or love and will definitely repurchase. I think it's a great way to try some Milk staples. Less user
April 6, 2020

Love the MVPs Set!

This is a terrific value! The Watermelon Brightening Serum has a beneficial blend of antioxidants, peptides, and replenishing ingredients that revitalize my skin. As it glides over my face, I feel a refreshing, cooling, water-like sensation on my skin.My skin looks brighter and healthier overall. As I gently massaged the Cooling Water under my eyes,it helps relieve some undereye swelling. It instantly hydrates and is a refreshing pick-me-up. The Glow Oil Lip + Cheek in Glimmer creates an attractive "lit from within" glow on my cheeks. It wears well on the cheeks without fading, but, at least on me, it faded away quickly as a lip tint. The Highlighter in Blitzed, a rose gold, provides me with a moisturizing glow that is very natural looking. The Bronzer in Baked imparts a healthy-looking natural glow to lips and cheeks. It lasted a full day without fading and is easy to apply and blend. The Hydro Grip Primer works well with both my liquid and powder foundations. The Kush Mascara formula and performance are fantastic. Upon application, there is minimal clumping, so you get a defined, feathery lash look in addition to building volume and length. Less

Sephora user
October 13, 2019

Well worth the money

This is set is absolutely amazing, and you can’t beat the price knowing their minis are usually $12-15. The bag that comes with it is a bonus. The cooling stick under the eyes feels amazing, and even better if you keep it in the refrigerator. The Watermelon Serum Stick didn’t really do anything, but it made my skin looks more alive and refreshed, sad knowing the product doesn’t really smell like watermelon. The Hydro-Grip Primer is very hydrating and keeps your makeup on for a really long time, I sometime like leaving it without makeup when I’m on my ‘no-makeup’ days. The glow-oil lip+cheek stick is sheer and can build up, and can make your face look dewy (which i like). The Bronzer and Highlighter are probably the products I like the most, considering they have a ton of product and will last for more than a year (I’ve been using their mini holographic stick and I’ve had it for 15 months now)!!! And Lastly the Kush Mascara worked really well on my lashes, but I’d take a tip on curling them if you want more volume. And the bag that comes with the whole set is really cute + it’s big enough to add more products along with this set. Every year they always make these kinds of set but this one is by far their best they’ve had considering it comes with their bestsellers and you can try them out before planning on buying any full-size products. Less

Sephora user
October 16, 2019

Meh.. but the Mascara is great!

I was super disappointed :(I was really looking forward to this product as a lot of the reviews were raving about them, but honestly, the only thing I actually did enjoy was the Kush Mascara...... thats about it.I felt that Cooling Water, Watermelon Brightening Serum, and the Hydro Grip Primer were pretty gimmicky. Didnt feel any "cooling" effects, even after putting it in the fridge like recommended, the serum really didnt feel like it was doing anything at all to my skin, and that primer is just so sticky... it wouldnt dry down even after a good while then I put my make up on, it just made my skin super oily... also I strongly disliked the highlighter and bronzer sticks, maybe if I got to choose the shade it would have been different, but both, I really didnt enjoy. Same as the lip thing.BUT. the KUSH mascara..... now that is a GREAT product. LOVE how it easily applies AND stays on all day. Ill definitely be ordering just a tube of that for sure.This is all just my opinion and my experience. I hope everyone who does enjoy this cute baggie, loves it and has a better experience than me :) Less