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Lip Metal by Milk Makeup
Milk Makeup

Lip Metal

BuffyProuct Variation Sku sephora-P421940

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Sephora user
May 5, 2019

luv the Buffy reference

This is a great metal lip. The formula applies in the dark and light colours without being patchy, and you don’t need that much product for true colour payoff. There isn’t any tackiness, and it didn’t leave my lips feeling dry. All four of the colours are complimentary on my skin tone (and it sounds like that’s the case with other reviewers), so I’m quite impressed. I also like the applicator, and it layers well with balm underneath. However, the compromise for lips that don’t feel dry, is a lack of staying power. If you are looking for this to perform like a true liquid lipstick, this product is not it. I’m wearing Slayer in the photo. 

Sephora user
September 11, 2017

I got this lip product in Buffy. It's a beautiful color. But there's a trick to this product. It stays on long if you allow it to dry after you apply it otherwise if you mess round with it it will become sticky. I almost returned it but I kept testing it in trying it out and eventually I figured out how it works. I recommend this lip product for those who have patience because the pay off is a beautiful long lasting lip color. user
November 27, 2018


I bought Buffy and right away knew I'd have to come back for the rest! Incredible bold metallic pigment. Extremely buildable, non-sticky, long wearing, BEAUTIFUL liquid lip color. Simply the best metallic lipstick I've ever worn.

sephora user
October 26, 2017

Best lipstick I've own. Super flattering. Stays on through my 9 hour shifts at a restaurant, including when I take my dinner break. It does transfer a little, but only when I'm eating oily or greasy food. You do have to let it dry before doing anything (

Sephora user
August 12, 2017

Not a liquid lipstick but not a gloss either

This formula is so strange. It feels fine and looks pretty when you first apply it. 3 hours into my day and drinking coffee, through a straw, it had worn away completely and dried out my lips. This is definitely not transfer proof. So I went to reapply, huge mistake! It became very sticky and chunky. It wore like a gloss but when I reapplied, it acted like a liquid lipstick, a not very good one at that. I think I can make it work as a topper or when I know I won't be eating or drinking. Describing this as a long lasting metallic liquid lipstick is inaccurate. Love the names and colors tho.

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