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Kush Lip Balm by Milk Makeup
Milk Makeup

Kush Lip Balm

MILK MAKEUP KUSH Lip Balm Bubble 0.10 oz/ 3 gMILK MAKEUP KUSH Lip Balm Cannatonic 0.10 oz/ 3 gMILK MAKEUP KUSH Lip Balm Green Dragon 0.10 oz/ 3 gMILK MAKEUP KUSH Lip Balm Nug 0.10 oz/ 3 gMILK MAKEUP KUSH Lip Balm Plushberry 0.10 oz/ 3 g


A limited-edition Kush Lip Balm in a sparkly new outfit for Pride.

Key Benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Hydrates Lips

Ratings & Reviews

4.069% of 462reviewers recommend this product

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sephora user
March 23, 2019

Love it!

First off I have to say this is a really nice lip balm! It’s not heavy and doesn’t feel sticky like some do and gives the lips a soft glossy look (I hate high glossy looks, but this one is just fine). The lip balm has a certain minty/cooling sensation right after application that fades away after about 10 minutes I would say, which feels nice. I have pretty dry lips and would say overall it’s pretty hydrating. A big plus for me though is the packaging, on the one hand because of its minimalistic look which I like, on the other hand because of its functionality: the “lid” is magnetized so it doesn’t open up in your bag and it’s metal so it feels really sturdy.

sephora user
March 25, 2019

Absolutely love this balm. Minty fresh, very moisturizing, excellent packaging (THE MAGNETS!!!!) and the slight grittiness helps slough off dead skin but then smooths out if you rub your lips together a little. Only complaint is it’s easy to go through it really fast - it took me precisely 30 days from day of purchase to hit the bottom of the twist-up thingy. I scraped the rest from the tube into an empty Carmex pot and got another couple weeks use from it.

sephora user
February 04, 2019


After reading the review guidelines from Sephora it says I’m not allowed to review the medicinal benefits... even though this balm claims to calm,soothe, and hydrate your lips. Because of that I will only say that cannabis sativa seed oil, or hemp oil, is the lowest grade of cannabis one could go. If it does have moisturizing, or calming, qualities is it minimal. The balm itself does not sink into the lips, rather lays on top. After a few uses the cream consistency began to have a strange ball-like texture mixed with the normal creamy consistency. I would have to pick off the balled up product on my lips after applying. It does not lay well underneath any lip products because it does not sink into the lips. Overall this balm is gimmicky

sephora user
April 02, 2019

Good Daily Lip Balm

This product is really softening to the lips and the "grittiness" dissipates over wear. I would say the greatest thing about how subtle and balm-y this product is, is that a man could probably feel comfortable sharing this product. This is a very sheer, natural looking product with /very/ little pigment. It is not hyper moisturizing like some of their other products but somehow my lips do feel softer so. do with that what you will. I wasn't sure about giving this product five stars because it needs something more, either more pigment, more moisture, an SPF, something. It does its job, but not well enough to distract from the fact that it's just okay. The finish is incredibly natural, not glossy at all just a beautiful lip balm in a fantastic metal container.

sephora user
April 09, 2019


I have been searching my entire life for a lip product that actually hydrates my always dry, flaking lips. I can't live without this lip balm, dare I say that if I could only use one face product for the rest of my life this would be it. I used to wake up with the driest lips, but this is the first balm that will still be creamy in the morning after a good sleep. It doesn't feel greasy or heavy, but it lasts a long time if you don't eat or lick it off. Such an immediate and drastic difference for a cottonmouth. Just now I caved and bought a second one to live in my purse.

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Delainey Fuschetto
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What do people think about this product or one similar to it? #lipbalm #lips #makeup

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Lexy Morales
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I think this one is quite similar to what you’re looking for! Of course only if you’re looking to splurge a little. :)