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KUSH Clear Brow Gel by Milk Makeup
Milk Makeup

KUSH Clear Brow Gel


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4.375% of 4reviewers recommend this product

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Emma Nirshy profile photo
Emma NirshyMIRA BEAUTY user
August 11, 2019

The mascara makes your eyelashes hugeee, the face and eye mask were very refreshing!!

sephora user
July 20, 2018

Nice and easy to work with.

I like this brow gel a lot. I've not tried the Anastasia one which I know is hugely popular but I've tried a couple from both high end and drugstore lines and I definitely like the difference between cannabis oil and wax bases. The little brush is good and it has a nice, workable/flexible texture. I like/see the difference of cannabis oil as opppsed to wax. Truthfully, I think it feels lighter and also makes my brows look kinda shiny... like conditioned if you know what I mean, which I think is nice. After it sets, you can also brush through the brows with a clean spoolie for a more "feathery" texture if that's your thing. Give it a try.

sephora user
June 28, 2018

Bad smell

This smells terrible, very nauseating. The ones with color are amazing.

sephora user
June 28, 2018


After trying the kush mascara and LOVING it i decided i needed to try this brow gel too

Community Posts

Profile picture of Grace Chen
Grace Chen
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

Recently I’ve been paying more attention to my brows. They aren’t thin so I don’t want to fill them in everyday, but I do want to shape them. Anyone know a cheap clear eyebrow gel? Thank you!

Profile picture of Mallory Schultz
Mallory Schultz
Oily Skin IconOily Skin

KUSH gel is a great higher end brow gel for a long day hold but if you’re looking for cheaper then I recommend Essence Lash/Brow Clear gel. That’s my everyday product and it does a great job.

Profile picture of Angie
Sensitive Skin IconSensitive Skin

Good clear brow gels?? 👀

Profile picture of Mia Gilardi-Dahlqvist
Mia Gilardi-Dahlqvist
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin