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Eye Vinyl by Milk Makeup
Milk Makeup

Eye Vinyl

TunnelProuct Variation Sku sephora-P404808

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Sephora user
August 4, 2017

PERFECT for the dewy eye look!

After seeing the endless dewy Summer trends and tutorials roll out, I was determined to achieve the glossy eyelid look. And while watching girls slather lipgloss over their lids in attempts to achieve that look was entertaining, I was thrilled to find this eye vinyl (I purchased the color Bridge). I've worn it five days in a row now for 13 hour stretches, over eyeshadows and by itself, and it doesn't disappoint. The shine lasts all day and when I've applied it over eyeshadows (including Urban Decay, Tarte, BH Cosmetics, and Colourpop shadows), there's no smudging during application. I've even been able to use liquid liner over the vinyl without issue. Is there going to be some minimal creasing as the day proceeds if you wear it over an eyeshadow, yes, and it is sticky to the touch. However the stickiness is a non-issue once the product is on your eye and hello, you're putting a tacky substance on top of powder, of course it's going to eventually budge slightly. Overall this is an awesome product, my only wish is there was more in the tube! « less

sephora user
February 15, 2018

Just what I asked for

I bought this because I have been into the no-makeup, very minimal look lately (really I am just really lazy at 5:30am). This is a nice product because it's easy to use and easy to carry around. It is about the size of a marker I would say, maybe a little thinner. The applicator is a twist at the bottom, but I find that when you twist sometimes the product gets built up and slooges out. A way I found to avoid getting too much product is twisting once or twice, then tapping the bottom of the pen on a hard surface. It helps the product break through the tip easier (since it is a thicker formula). You can also put it on your hand and apply it that way. It truly is beautiful on the eyes! As for the wear time, it is pretty good. It doesn't have MAGICAL staying power or anything and you will have to reapply after a day at the office, but I found even when it does start to fade it is very easy to just pat the remaining product around your lid and it still looks good. I bought the nude so I don't notice any creasing, and if there is I can't see it because I am so fair. The product DOES fall underneath my eyes throughout the day. You can't see it, but it will feel like my concealer is a little more goopy than normal. It doesn't bug me though, I wouldn't worry about it unless you are buying a darker color. I also have oily eyelids soo... All in all I am happy with my purchase. I don't use it everyday so I can't speak about eye irritation, but I haven't had a problem yet.

sephora user
May 01, 2016

Black eye vinyl

I bought the black color and was excited to try. The applicator is great and easy to use. After first application it looked amazing but before I could even change into my clothes it had a massive crease. After roughly 5 hours of wear it was almost completly melted off except for the giant line in the crease.

Sephora user
June 23, 2017

in love ❤️❤️

So I've seen a few bad reviews here so i thought I'd share my good experience. I'm really a fan of milk's product line and have loved the glossy lid look for a while. When I found this product I was so excited, especially because it's essentially the only product on the market to achieve this look. It definitely lived up to my expectations. It literally doesn't crease, in my experience it's been very long lasting, and it layers great over shadows (I use my finger so I don't ruin the applicator). It can be a little sticky but I feel like it's to be expected! 10/10 would recommend

Sephora user
March 28, 2017

I wear this every single day

I have all four colors and wear them every day. Bridge is my most used color for a simple glossy lid. These look amazing paired with other pigments, they are a SUPERB base for glitter (I partied for 12 hours once and my gold glitter lids didn't budge!), they look amazing layered on or blended out for a faded color especially on the black and purple. 100% my favorite eye product I've ever owned.

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