Make It Last Setting Spray by Milani

Make It Last Setting Spray


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Good for dry skin

" smells so nice and fresh and even adds light moisture to my dry skin..."

- Ulta User

"...i have dry skin, so this spray made my skin look much healthier..."

- Ulta User
staying powerlonglasting
"i love how my makeup lasts all day without creasing and running"
- Walgreens User
"even at the gym my makeup stays put"
- Ulta User
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"it dries quickly, doesn't have any heavy alcohol smell (it actually smells really nice) and keeps my make up in place through my work shift"
- Target User
"i appreciate the fine mist & how it makes my powder products look like i am not powdered & dried up"
- Walgreens User

Reviews User
Hydrating, matte, good for dry skin
I usually shy away from setting sprays because of my dry skin. But after trying Milani's Make It Dewy formula, I decided to try this one as well. Make It Last does just what it says....makes my makeup last for hours and it also allows me to wear foundations that would otherwise transfer easily. It sets everything without feeling dry or tight and with a finish that looks natural, not matte. The spray has a light fragrance which surprisingly doesn't bother me. It does dissipate after it has dried. I will definitely be using both setting sprays; Make It Last during the summer, and Make It Dewy during the winter. Very happy to have found setting sprays that don't irritate my dry skin or make me look too mattified.
Ulta User
Natural, good for dry skin, hydrating
I have never ever found a setting spray that I thought did anything at all until this one. I applied the spray before I put on my foundation and I couldn't believe how well my foundation went on after using this. It looked so much better, and still looked natural. After applying my foundation, I applied the spray and it made my face look like it was hydrated and glowing. I have dry skin, so this spray made my skin look much healthier.
Peyton Hundley
dryDry Skin
Longlasting, hydrating, good for dry skin
I love this setting spray. I use it to set my foundation and then set my whole face once I finish my makeup. It gives my face that final hydration that my dry skin needs and the makeup stays on and my face is hydrated all day.


Compared to other setting sprays, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
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