Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper by Milani

Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper


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hydrates lips
pigmentation: pigmented
cruelty-free, drugstore
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chapped lipshydrates lips
"i absolutely love this lip plumper"
- Walgreens User
"my experience with this item was great, i love this lip plumper it is so hydrating and nourishing"
- Walgreens User
staying powerlonglasting
"nice color and i was so surprised at how long it stay on"
- Walgreens User
"it also has great staying power"
- Walgreens User
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"very pigmented, lasts and lasts"
- Walgreens User
"i buy both champagne (semi-sheer cream for every day) and nude shimmer (semi opaque shimmer)"
- Ulta User


Walgreens User
Hydrates lips, longlasting
I got the shade Luminoso in a kit and was expecting it to be just "ok" but this gloss turned out to be my favorite part of the kit. (And I loved the other 2 products). This gloss does plump the lips, contrary to what you might read in other reviews. It's not going to be a tingle or a buzz or anything uncomfortable. The cooling feeling you get from the minty vanilla smell actually seems to stimulate blood flow in the lips. I'm 40 years old and my lips are not as smooth as they used to be. After wearing this gloss for a few days (I love the shade) I have noticed my lips are smooth again. The gloss is so moisturizing that I put on a small amount the last 2 nights before bed and when I wake up in the morning my lips look like they did when I was 20 years old. It also has great staying power. As long as you don't mess with your lips too much it will stay put for hours. I don't have many glosses that stick around as long as this. And I have alot of glosses. It's a great one and I'm getting a few more. User
I love the color,s but the quality is not good. I tried two shades, and after 20 minutes, both of them caked up on the inner corner of my lips, producing this white-ish clumps. Looked horrible. Do not buy User
Sheer, hydrates lips
I buy both Champagne (semi-sheer cream for every day) and Nude Shimmer (semi opaque shimmer). I'm 38 and I have always had naturally pale, blah looking lips and fair skin, but I love a natural, plump, high-gloss, youthful lip look. You know what I mean, that fresh, bouncy look that seems like all you did was apply some expensive clear gloss and your lips are just naturally flushed and plump under it. That's a tall order for my lips! The obvious answer would be a neutral sheer tone but that's never been enough for me. Neutral tones were always pretty in the package, but on they looked too brown, too sheer, too opaque, too pale or just too dull. Shimmer is great for a little glam but not everyday because I really like the care-free, only-wearing-clear-gloss, no-shimmer, not-trying-to-impress-anyone look. You know, the no-makeup makeup look. To accomplish this, I had to hunt for the perfect lipgloss. It had to have the perfect balance of opaque and sheer - I needed it to APPEAR sheer but still have a soft, flattering, pure color that doesn't just disappear on my skin and gives my pale, aging lips the right amount of coverage to make them look like they might be naturally flushed and bouncy under clear gloss (even though it's really color). It ALSO has to look expensive on and have a superior texture so I can apply it thick when I want extra oomph, yet never have to deal with it turning sticky or dull or getting gross as it wears off. I got all this with Millani. I now add just a tiny bit of bright coral (wet n wild) to the Champaign color to make it perfect for my skin tone. I found Millani to be less drying and more comfortable to wear than $20 Buxom gloss. The tingle isn't freezing or burning, it's JUST a tingle and while the plumping effect isn't noticeable for me (it never is with any plumping gloss), I like how the texture itself is plump, instantly giving the illusion of fullness and that it contains anti-aging ingredients to keep my lips looking youthful longer. « less

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