Gemini Eyeshadow Palette by melt

Gemini Eyeshadow Palette

pigmentation: pigmented
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the shadows are dry, apply super patchy, don’t blend at all with one another, fade within minutes of application and then do this weird thing where they almost settle into the pores in your eyes and it just looks awful

- Sephora User

) but the end result always comes out patchy, lackluster, or turns to a muddy patchy mess withing the hour

- Beautybay User



this palette is super pigmented and blends like a dream

- Sephora User

the unique shades and high pigmentation is what makes the difference

- Sephora User
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Sephora userJune 4, 2020

Beautiful colours, I'm in love.

This palette seems to have divided the beauty community. Despite reviews, I purchased this because I was drawn to the beautiful, unique colour-stor. Melt's mattes work really well for me too; I love how saturated and blendable they are. Personally I think the reviews only served to make me even happier with it since it performed as I expected based on my Gemini palette. The looks I can get out of this are beautiful and really stand out over all my other palettes. That being said I always use a really light hand and very rarely have fall-out from any brand, and this one is no exception. 

Sephora userJune 6, 2020


This is my first melt eyeshadow pallet and it didn’t disappoint. The colors are so pigmented and blendable. I will definitely buy from this brand again 

Sephora userMay 17, 2020

I order directly thru melt and I love this. I’m admittedly a huge fan of Melt and like most products they put out. This palette is super pigmented and blends like a dream. So far did 2 amazing, and totally different looks. Obviously the range of colors is pretty specific, so someone may not like this if they’re wanting an everyday palette. 

Sephora userJune 5, 2020

Hot mess

I love the color story and the packaging, but the quality is all over the place. Maybe it's a batch issue. I don't know, but all the shadows are incredibly dusty. Some are pigmented and blend nicely, but many are hard to blend and/or sheer. I've been wearing colorful eyeshadows for decades, including pressed and loose pigments, so I am experienced and know what I'm doing. The shadows can be made to work, but the these are not Melt's best shadows by a long shot. 

Sephora userJuly 6, 2020

420 friendly :)

this was my first melt palette and i am in love with it. the packaging is beautiful, the color story is beautiful and unique. i had no issues with the mattes or shimmers. the mattes are pigmented and blend well. the shimmer is vibrant. i applied it with my finger for the most pigmentation possible. since buying this palette i also picked up gemini and millenial pinx. i enjoy both of those palettes as well. it feels sturdy and of quality. the mirror is nice as well. would recommend to a friend. 

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