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Meshia B
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What’s a great concealer to use ? lA Girl Concealer, burns my face and is causing breakouts.. I have really sensitive skin. I want something that will melt into my skin and look flawless ..

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I like the Instant Age Rewind from Maybeline

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Meshia B
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What’s the best foundation to use if i wanted it to melt into my skin and not look like i have foundation on ? I use True Match now, it’s okay.

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Channy Monahan
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I love this foundation

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Jenna Rogow
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I have oily skin and lately after a couple hours, my makeup seems to separate and melt from around my mouth, cheeks, chin and forehead (the most oily places). I have not changed any makeup, I just added the ordinary hyaluronic acid serum, poreflush, and moisturizer to my skincare. Any advice to stop this from happening? It drives me crazy and is not a good look lol 😂

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Kristina Campion
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Because you have oily skin, the hyaluronic acid serum and the moisturizer might be too much moisture for your skin, which can be why your makeup is coming off in your most oily places. I would recommend trying this serum instead! It’s meant to help control oil production as well as help with blemishes and pore size. I’ve found my oily tzone has been significantly less oily since i’ve started using this product. If you still want to use hyaluronic acid, i would recommend getting a moisturizer that contains it so it’s not as high of a concentration like the serum is. Hope this helps! :)