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staying powerlonglasting
"my daughter and i both love it and use it with our eyeshadow and it lasts all day"
- Alconemakeup User
"stays on great and doesn't smear unless you're really trying to get it to smear lol"
- Facepaint User
Good for oily skin

"...if you are an airbrusher like me, you will love this as a skin prep for oily skinned clients..."

- Clown Antics User

"...i have extremely oily skin around my nose, mouth, and forehead and this is the only product that allowed my base makeup to stay put all day long and look like i just applied it..."

- Sleekshop User
"once dry u apply your foundation and it's grabs it allowing u to apply less makeup"
- Camerareadycosmetics User
"apply before primer and let dry well, it makes your skin feel tight but not in a drying way"
- Camerareadycosmetics User

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Space Ace
combinationCombination Skin

I thought I'd share for those of you who need but, the Mehron ProColoRing Tattoo Cover is a life saver for covering, well yes tattoos but, also hickeys or bruises in general. They have the full color wheel on their website as well as individual color pots. I really suggest you give this a try if you need serious coverage. I wouldn't suggest it as a day to day concealer since it's a bit difficult to take off and the texture makes it a little hard to blend but, for covering bruises or tattoos, this has got you covered. I'd add it as a product but, I can't find it on here.

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