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MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 10, 2020

Dani Gauld shares her outlook on self care, career journey in NYC, and what beauty means to her as a transgender woman.

Source: Dani Gauld

MIRA: Tell us about yourself (how you approach beauty, what your role in the community is, etc).

Dani: I am a 21-year-old college student with experience working in marketing in the beauty industry (NARS Cosmetics, Weleda). Outside of working, I am a beauty enthusiast and my interest in beauty is rooted in how it can unleash the confidence, power, and happiness of people. This takes form in helping family and friends create a beauty and skincare regimen, finding specific products to fit their needs, doing people’s makeup, and sharing tips, tricks, and techniques. As a transgender woman, I have approached beauty as a way to show the world how I feel and who I really am on the inside and I believe that there is so much value in that.

MIRA: What has your beauty education and journey looked like over the past 5-10 years?

Dani: My beauty education and journey started when I was male, as a way for me to cope with various insecurities I had. I would lock myself in the bathroom before school and use my mom’s makeup every day, mostly just using tinted moisturizer to even out my skin tone. I was not very open about my use of makeup and felt that I would be judged by people if I pursued an interest in it, so I turned to YouTube as a way to learn more. Everything I know about beauty came from watching videos and practicing on myself. As my interest in beauty grew, I cared less and less what others thought and started to turn it into an outlet for my creativity and femininity. When I got to college I started working with more and more products and would do my makeup and even friends’ makeup on the weekends. It became a passion of mine and ultimately led me to work in the beauty industry.

MIRA: What are your top 5 must-have beauty and/or skincare products?

Dani: My top 5 beauty products are:

Source: Dani Gauld

MIRA: What does self-care mean to you?

Dani: Self-care means taking time out of your day to prioritize yourself and what you need. It is all about rejuvenation, so that you can continue on as the best version of yourself.

MIRA: If there’s one thing you wish you wish you could tell your younger self about beauty that you’ve learned in your line of work, what would it be?

Dani: Working in beauty has definitely taught me how important it is to wear SPF every day. I would tell my younger self to wear sunscreen more often than I did.

MIRA:What's one beauty trend you wish would come back? What's one you never want to see resurface?

Dani: As someone who overlines their lips, I wish that the 90s darker liner and lighter lipstick or gloss nude look would come back. A trend that I do not wish to see again is spider lashes. Just no!