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oilyOily Skin

anyone else having problems with the bhcosmetics take me back to brazil palette? is it just me or are they super unpigmented? is there anything i can do to fix it? hope i didn’t waste $20 :( #bhcosmetics #cheap #budget (❤️bonus points if you can help me find a dupe lol❤️)

Take Me Back To Brazil Eyeshadow Palette

BH Cosmetics
Getzy Morales
combinationCombination Skin
The @docolor_official on ig tropical pallet is reallly awsome but it cost 21.99 an also great dupe is the nyx ultimate pallet and that one is around 18 dollars too hope this helped !:)
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Kiera Davis
combinationCombination Skin

Does Maybelline fit me foundation work good and does it clog pores?

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sensitiveSensitive Skin

Any recommendations for a drugstore concealer that plays well with maybelline fit me foundation? Is their concealer from the same line any good or do you prefer something else? Thanks y’all!

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