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Volum' Express The Falsies Washable Mascara by Maybelline

Volum' Express The Falsies Washable Mascara

staying power(191)
look: dramatic
Variation: 283 Navy Glam
283 Navy GlamBlackest BlackBrownish BlackVery Black

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im shocked this mascara is pretty awesome it doesnt say that its waterproof but it was surprisingly long lasting it gave my lashes volume, it lasted all day(i fell asleep wearing it) and wore it throughout the day and it didnt budge until i took it off i highly recommend the only complaint i have is that it took the natural curl out of my lashes but nothing an eyelash curler cant fix loved itmaybelline the falsies lash lift washable mascara eye makeup [this review was collected as part of a promotion

- Walgreens User

this mascara lengthens and curls

- Ulta User

staying power


stayed on

- Walgreens User

it is so easy to put on and lasts all day long through a long day at work to the gym them partying at night

- Viewpoints User



this product is true to the name (falsies); it makes you look like you have natural long eyelashes bordering on false lashes due to the volume and length

- Ulta User

i love this mascara it makes my lashes look fuller and so much more longer

- Walgreens User



lengthens & thickens

- Walgreens User

it really does give my lashes a lot of volume, and the falsies volum' express provides the "false lash glam look", which is something i find awesome

- Walgreens User



it was a very good mascara, i love that it’s waterproof and what it does for my eyelashes, it makes my eyelashes long and stand out and it lasts the whole night which i love

- Walgreens User

my lashes are dead straight, but the falsies (waterproof) mascara keeps my lashes curled, lengthens & gives me volume throughout the entire day

- Ulta User


not smudging

this is by far the best mascara for me , i have used it for years and it does what it says , it makes my lashes look long and fabulous , and the price is cheap for the product you get , i have tried other mascara but to me this is far better , easily removed and goes on without smudges and clumps and cleans off easily , i have made many recommendations for this mascara , and many of my friends have tried it

- Walmart User

this mascara is light weight and my favorite part is it doesn't smear bad or clump my eye lashes

- Walgreens User


not clumping

no clumps

- Walgreens User

no clumps

- Maybelline User



the best for night out, my lashes looks so falsies and i love it, great volume, the best all time drugstore mascara

- Ulta User

i love how dramatic this mascara gives my lashes

- Walgreens User
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drugstore.com userMay 25, 2012

Keep coming back to it...

I bought this on a whim since my eyelashes seemed to be getting flimsy and I wanted to see if a change in product made a difference... And I have to say for the MB Volume Falsies, yes, it DID! Love how this lengthens, defines and curls my lashes perfectly - it really makes my eyes stand out. I can apply sparingly for a more natural look or glop it on for a more dramatic look. Have had NO problems with flaking or clumping (on my 3rd tube, BTW). It never smudges unless I sweat excessively or cry, and it comes off just fine with my homemade eye makeup remover.I've now tried several other brands - the MB Soft n Full (which got many great reviews but is impossible to make dramatic and doesn't come off easily) and Great Lash (clumpy), some Minerals brand (which was just ok), Neutrogena brand (hated it), Almay brand (blah), Chanel (great but expensive), Lancome (liked it but dried out too quickly and also too expensive), and latest Rimmel Flirt (a close 2nd so far...). But any time I stray, I still come back to this and reconfirm it works best for me and LOVE IT!!! « less

- drugstore.com
drugstore.com userDecember 16, 2011

Curves Each Strand and Adds Definition

Mabelline's Volum'Express Mascara (very black) really insinuates my thick, long eyelashes. Ladies and Gents what I recommend before using a volumizing and/or lengthening mascara is to first use a conditioning mascara which is very healthy for your lashes (e.g. Neutrogena's Volumizing Mascara- absolutely amazing, will bring out each eye lash strand. Neutrogena's Nourishing Eyeliner also glides on and gives definition more than any other eyeliner I've tried). I then finish it off with Mabyelline's Volum'Express Mascara- this way you can avoid clumping and you'll have an overall natural look to your lashes. Revlon's Volumizing Mascara is also awesome if you would like to avoid clumping at all, but I love Mabelline's Volum-Express too because it adds curl definition to my lashes and the brush really bends like a spoon as you're applying your mascara. As far as removing my mascara, I use Mary Kay's Oil-free Make Up Remover which is very gentle on the eyes and lashes. I hope this review helps. « less

- drugstore.com
drugstore.com userJuly 3, 2012

GREAT mascara!

I have finally found a mascara to replace my beloved Lash Stylist! It took me a couple of tries to get used to this brush- (apply mascara with the narrow edge of the brush, then pull the wide flat side out along the lashes to the tips) I find this type of brush to be WAY better than those ginormous round brushes (I'm lookin' at you, Cover Girl...), because this allows you to get to the little or bottom lashes without smearing mascara all over your skin in the process. AWESOME!So when you use the brush correctly, this mascara lengthens and adds volume amazingly- so much so that I HAVE to curl my lashes so they don't hit my glasses!Sometimes I have found this formula to be a teeny bit clumpy (not always), but then I run a spoolie brush thru my lashes and it's just fine. It's worth it for the long wear and gorgeous lashes.I have oily skin and eyelids, and have not had a problem with this transferring, flaking or smearing under my eye, and I use this on my bottom lashes EVERY DAY. I also have SUPER SENSITIVE eyes- (I can't even wear contacts or use regular eyedrops because of the chemicals in them) and I've never, EVER had a problem with this mascara.In short, I think it's great, and it's wayyyyy better than Great Lash for me. « less

- drugstore.com
drugstore.com userMarch 25, 2012

Probably the worst mascara ever used.

Truly, I hated this mascara. Most I keep around and dabble with occasionally, but this one will be tossed out. What a pain in the rear to remove! It gave me thick, inflexible and gummyish lashes that looked kinda clumpy even with spare use. I was looking for a waterproof mascara that was cheaper than the Clinique High-definition Curling mascara that I normally use (and like), but with more oomphh. This product did not fit that bill.I tried using my normal facial cleanser to remove it. Smudged, but didn't budge much. Applied Clinique eye makeup remover, followed by a warm, wet bath cloth -- didn't budge much more. Applied Alba's Un-Pretroleum jelly, now frantic to remove this mascara -- couldn't remove it all. This mascara basically has to wear off on its own, I guess, but that's irritating when it smudges beneath my eyes and won't come off without harsh scrubbing. Very irritating.The formula itself seemed to sting my eyes a bit as well. I tried this mascara on 4 occasions over the last week, and I'm done with it. Period. Wish I hadn't bought it. « less

- drugstore.com
viewpoints.com userSeptember 24, 2013

The only mascara I'll ever buy!

From the moment that someone suggested this mascara to me, I haven't gone to a different one since. That was about 4 years ago. For a total of 10 years I'd been looking for the best mascara, one to personally fit my style which would be long, thick, but unclumped lashes that basically look like fake eyelashes and extend your natural lashes as far as they can go.Well this is what you need. I use the waterproof, and I never have a problem with smudges or running, even if I'm sweating or even if I get in a pool with it or something like that (although that's not recommended, obviously...). It lengthens my lashes, it definitely makes them look fake, which I already thought, and then one day my sister asked me, "DO YOU HAVE FAKE EYELASHES ON?" and I said, basically! Haha.I do use two mascaras at one time though, one to lengthen my eyelashes first and then this one to top them off and make them look fabulous. But I've used it on it's own also and I absolutely love it. If you're looking for the fake eyelash look, this is definitely what you need. Less

- viewpoints.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Chromium Oxide Greenshazard
Chromium Hydroxide Greenhazard
Acacia senegal gumhazard
Propylene Glycolhazard
Cetyl Alcoholacneirritant

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