Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles by Maybelline

Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles

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Skin Type

it makes my eyes feel refreshed and has helped with wrinkles

- Ulta User

this is a wonderful product for my mature skin

- Walgreens User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

it doesn't settle into my large pores or fine lines, it gives a beautiful finish, good coverage without being too heavy or mask line - makes my skin look flawless

- Ulta User

i use maybelline's baby skin instant pore eraser and/or garnier fructis' 5 second blur instant smoother; nyx matte setting spray; kat von d shade+light contour palette; nyc loose face powder

- Ulta User

staying power


it doesn't cake up or crumble and it last all day

- Walgreens User

it went on easy, stayed on all day , and it felt like i had no make up on at all

- Ulta User

under eye

good for under eye

it’s best for under eye and hides blemishes

- Walgreens User

this is my favorite concealer currently for the under eyes

- Lookfantastic User



it is the most full coverage, long lasting, buildable concealer that leaves your under eyes so bright and helps conceal dark circles without looking cakey

- Walgreens User

i love how bright and affordable this is,it hides all my imperfections away and helps me forget i have any imperfections at all

- Walgreens User



i really love this product, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and tight, and hides the dark circles under my eyes perfectly, i also use it to hi-lite - love it

- Walgreens User

this concealer has excellent creamy texture and good concealing properties as well

- Maybelline User


blends well

one of the best concealers on the market, it has amazing coverage, & it blends like a dream, it works amazing for all skin types & i highly recommend this concealer

- Walgreens User

as for colors they are pretty natural and easy to blend

- Walgreens User



very full coverage & buildable

- Walgreens User

great buildable coverage

- Walgreens User


not creasing

another great thing i love about this product is it does not crease & create lines on my skin; unlike everything else i've tried, once it's set, also a little goes a long way, & it leaves a dewy finish

- Chemistwarehouse User

i love a natural makeup look and this concealer goes on flawlessly, doesn't crease, and blends beautifully-it never looks like i ma actually trying to conceal anything

- Target User



it blends easily, covers well, doesn't look fake or like heavy "makeup" does

- Walgreens User

best drugstore concealer, awesome coverage without looking cakey

- Walgreens User

color correction

color correcting

color correcting never truly covered them up completely but using an illuminating concealer that could reflect light counteracted the darkness under my eyes

- Ulta User

its amazing for color correction of your dark circles

- Walgreens User



doesn't leave my eyes looking crepey or dry looking

- Walgreens User

hydrating and perfect for my skin tone

- Lookfantastic User

color accuracy


oxidized on my foundation i don't get the big parade this stuff gets

- Ulta User

bought this twice because the color is okay at first, but after about two weeks the color changes on you, and also it stops covering the dark circles

- Maybelline User



it is full coverage and gives me such a nice smooth semi matte finish

- Walgreens User

dries down to a semi-matte finish under the eyes

- Ulta User


medium coverage

the coverage is medium and conceals the pigmentation under the eyes very well and looks very natural, but it is also buildable if you wish to use it on blemishes

- Lookfantastic User

its lightweight yet creamy and medium to full coverage

- Walgreens User
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My favourite concealer AND for light coverage

I used to use the shade Light but swapped recently to the brightener shade. I have very light skin, I can match an nw15 in mac or a 005 beige ivoire in lancome teint idole.ultrawear. Recently I have been focusing on my skin care as my skin is quite dry and textured with signs of aging becoming very apparent especially under eye lines and crows feet, not to mention the 11 frown line between my brows. No. Matter what type of foundation I use lately it sits horribly on my skin. I always buy medium to full coverage due to blotchy under the skin red dots on my cheeks. Other than that area my skin is dry and as I said, aging. I have used all sorts of primers to no avail. I have used high end brands and low end brands and seem to have a never ending shelf of foundations the latest I tried was the catrice "drugstore" HD foundation which was recommended by a few people online. It looked awful on me. I had prepped primed done every possible thing for my skin but once it set it was dry, patchy and just awful looking on me. SO in desperation I TOOK IT ALL OFF with Micellar water, left my eye make up and brows done, and applied a quick layer of moisturiser, and then dotted my Maybelline ERASER EYE under my eyes, along my cheeks where the red patchiness lies, and on the three pimple blemishes on my jawline. Got a damp beauty blender and blended.. It blends SO smoothly and so dreamily, like a veil of magic across the area. It doesn't mask it but it surely gives me my skin as a would BE without those dots and patchy look. I no longer felt like I was wearing a mask of foundation tight and textured. I then applied some cream blush from Make Up Rev and left it at that. Ten hours later, my skin is still perfect. No setting powder, no setting spray, nothing only the maybelline Eraser eye used as a tinted skin correcter I guess? My skin was able to breathe and because the only other thing on the areas that didn't need foundation was the moisturiser, it still feels soft. I won't ever be without this gem. Ever. And I actually love the sponge applicator. (On a side note, when in America in 2013 I bought and tried the foundation version of this and it was horrible. It's literally a bigger size bottle with the same applicator in large size but clearly cannot be the same contents cos it was awful lol.) Less

MIRA BEAUTY userMay 22, 2019

Magical!! ✨ I’m a college student with a sleep disorder so the dark circles under my eyes are pretty dramatic and this easily covers them up and lasts all day without being cakey! I also have really red and sensitive cheeks that foundation and color correction can’t cover up - but this concealer does! It does get slightly cakey on my cheeks and settles into my pores some throughout the day if I apply too much. But considering it isn’t made for that, it still does really well! I’m definitely going to be buying more & checking out similar foundations from this brand too! userMarch 3, 2018

So Glad I Finally Tried It!

I've of course seen this concealer all over the place and have always wanted to try it but I had two tubes of Shape Tape at home and figured I should use those up first. However, Shape Tape doesn't work for me at all. It makes my under eyes look SO DRY and no matter what I use to blend it always looks horrible. The product is good- just not for me. ANYWAY I finally bought the Instant Age Rewind hoping and praying that it would be hydrating enough so my under eyes didn't look like a desert and that it would blend well and look seamless on the skin. I got exactly what I was hoping for! This blends SO EASILY under my eyes but also on my chin, forehead, and nose (which is a huge accomplishment). It NEVER looks crepe-y or dry, even when set with powder. I also have a huge issue with the bottom corners of my eyes breaking up and smudging throughout the day, even with no lower lash mascara on, and between this product and my Fit Me Loose Setting Powder that doesn't happen at all! I'm not sure if on me this concealer is full coverage but I don't use a whole lot and I like a little bit lighter coverage especially for a work day so it works for me!I wish Ulta would start carrying the new shades that Maybelline released because the shade I got is a little tiny bit too dark and doesn't work with all of my foundations. I could have bought it from somewhere else but why would I when I get points?! Ha! I can't wait to try a different shade!Overall I LOVE this concealer and I'm so happy with my purchase. « less userJanuary 26, 2017

Best concealer & at amazing price!

This concealer was purchased by accident when sent bf to pick up my previous fave...which I still love & keep on hand, but this is THE one I now use daily, even on "no makeup" days. It is the best undereye caking, light, moisturizing, and luminous. I keep 2...fair for under eyes and light for face. I haven't tried the actual larger face concealer/makeup, bcause this works perfect for quick touchups wthout makeup and also with my powder foundation. I have tried nearly every concealer...from cover girl, chanel, mac, etc etc...I hv tubes and bottles used a few times, but once I found this, I cont to buy it and never let myself run out. I still use cover girl light wth the stick sponge on occasion on face with full makeup, but never go without this "eye" concealer... daily. I will eventually try the larger makeup/concealer, but so happy with this for now...and hv been since shortly after it came out when my bf "messed up"(at least long I can't remember)...I will try soon, but will keep my fair and light staples. I just hope the large ones are the exact same formula and staying power, color as the eye concealer. I would have 3 must haves then! If u lk a great, lasting, non creasing concealer with on point blendable color that is not waterproof...but it has staying power, maybe one touch up a will undoubtedly have no regrets for trying it. 1/4-1/2 price of even comparable concealers (Chanel, Mac, kat von d, etc) with light feel so no weigh down or creases...def worth a try!! I rarely write rarely, I mean MAYBE one a year at most...a product has to really impress me. And this one absolutely did... plan to have in my routine, and mults for bathroom, purse, locker room, etc for as long as this product is around...hope a LONG TIME. I will review the large version as well when try it bcause Im sure I'm not the only one curious how well this works in comparison. I may buy today jst bcause I really want to try it now and have to run to store... so stay tuned...:) « less userMarch 31, 2019

Not worth the hype

I've always wanted to use this concealer when it first was released due to all of the hype it got with all of the beauty Youtubers years ago however they didn't have have my shade. When they recently expanded their shade range (about time!!), I was so excited to get my hands on this and try it out for myself. The initial application is really amazing and reminded me so much of Nars' Radiant Creamy Concealer with their formula being super creamy and overall making my undereyes look radiant and bright. The shade "Golden" is my perfect concealer shade with it being one shade lighter than my skin tone and not being overly lighter/brighter than the rest of my face. My big issue is when I wore it throughout the day. Even with powdering my undereyes after blending it out, it settled deeply into the lines under my eyes and the concealer oxidized as well to a darker orange color to where it was very apparent of where exactly I applied this concealer. I don't recommend this to anyone! Less


Overall safe Ingredients

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PEG-10 Dimethiconehazard
Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 dimethiconehazard
Butylene Glycolacne
PEG-9 Polydimethylsiloxyethyl Dimethiconehazard

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Profile picture of Merrick Harvey
Merrick Harvey
Combination Skin

Hey all you beautiful people, I need some constructive criticism please! Im trying to improve on my makeup skills and I don’t have anyone to ‘trial and error’ with... You know, that person who can be like “hey, that’s too much blush” or “your eyeshadow and lipstick are competing—one of them needs to be more neutral” that kind of stuff.... -Does the eyeshadow shading look okay? (Not really a good angle so don’t worry about that one lol) -Why does my forehead look so big and blank? —I know my eyebrows are a mess, I keep trying to do something with them but it is SO HARD for me to shape them and I just don’t know what the heck to do with them so I just let them grow ‘au natural’...😭 -Am I putting blush in the right spot for my face shape? On a side note, my foundation won’t stay in place (like in my nose) even after using concealer, setting spray and setting it all with finishing powder. I hope everyone is staying safe out there at the protests 💙BLM!! I love you all long time and look forward to chatting with whomever responds!

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Profile picture of Measured Beauty
Measured Beauty
Mature Skin

From what I can see behind your glasses, your eyebrows are amazing! I wish I had that much hair left, lol. The top part looks like a nice line (which you cannot change, so bonus, there!), so if you feel they’re unruly underneath, a professional shaping can help, and then you just keep it up. I think your blush looks great. The lip I agree just a teensy bit softer, more toward brown than jewel toned (but by no means *brown,* if that makes sense). Re eyeshadow, you’ve lovely real estate between lid and crease—I’d max that asset out with a medium, slightly warm brown shade. Light neural on the brow bone. Experiment with either the same crease color also on your lid, or another in a complimentary tone to the crease shade. I think whatever you have on is reading red, at least in the photo (and glittery?), which is really hard to pull off. Re. oiliness and base, have you tried L’Oreal’s infallible pro longwear matte foundation? It’s my summer savior. That plus Maybelline’s concealer below—it has this crazy property of never budging around the corners of the nose. Limited shades though. :(. I use these two, Urban Decay All Nighter spray, and I touch up when out with Ilia Flow-Thru Radiant Translucent Powder SPF 20 - Moondance.

Profile picture of Madison Snethen
Madison Snethen
Combination Skin

Need concealer recommendations! I’ve been using tinted moisturizers recently so I need a natural looking concealer for dark circles and blemishes. Lightweight, full coverage, and under $25 please!

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Allison Kupp (esthetician)
Dry Skin

Full coverage and lightweight also super cheap!!

Profile picture of Odette
Combination Skin

Ok so I’m a student and I like to wear a minimal amount of makeup (mascara, concealer, highlight, and brows) that isn’t too heavy. I’ve been searching for the right products for a long while now and I can’t seem to find anything. You see, I’m not very talented when it comes to makeup, and I do t exactly know what to do. Like with my brows, how????? I’ve been using gel and I just can’t seem to get it right. My concealer just does not do the job when concealing my under eye bags, but in all fairness they’re very prominent and dark. I should also mention I’m allergic to anything with aloe vera in it. So I’m pretty picky with what I wear out of the house. I’d really appreciate some recommendations or advice! :)

Profile picture of Amira Stephens
Amira Stephens
Oily Skin

This concealer is amazing!