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Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder by Maybelline

Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder

pore minimizing(205)
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finish: demi-matte coverage: medium coverage best use: blending
Variation: Classic Beige

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this helps even out my skin tone and feels smooth

- Ulta User

it does not cake or melt/slide off my face and gives a smooth finish

- Ulta User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

fit me matte + poreless is by far the best drugstore brand powder foundation i've used, and i highly recommend it

- Ulta User

this powder in particular is so good at blurring and smoothening the appearance of pores and minimal texture on the skin

- Ulta User

under eye

good for under eye

i have been having troubles finding a good foundation that covers my flaws, like under-eye circles, and doesn't make it look like i have a ton of make-up just sitting on my face

- Ulta User

i have tried many loose powders and every one shows texture and feels cakey, this pressed translucent powder sets my under eyes, fills pores, and leaves my skin feeling light and natural

- Ulta User


blends well

quick rundown of my makeup routine;tone/moisturizecover blemishes with concealerdust a light highlighting powder all overapply foundation with a damp spongedot concealer on blemishes again if necessary and blend with spongeset with translucent setting powder, brush off excess powderthe highlighting powder helps keep my face matte, and gives my face a 'glow' that you can still see under the foundation

- Ulta User

i was surprised at how well the formula was blending into my face, and how matte it looked

- Ulta User



it sets makeup without being to heavy/cakey, and lasts all day

- Ulta User

doesn’t look cakey

- Target User

staying power


a really easy to apply blush that stays looking good for a pretty long period

- Ulta User

a really easy to apply blush that stays looking good for a pretty long period

- Ulta User

color correction

color correcting

*apply contour, concealer/color correcter *apply liquid foundation *apply blush *now apply powder in circular motions over skin using a round flat head brush

- Ulta User

my face has quite a lot of red to it, mostly flushing but not rosacea, and this foundation covers it 100%, even without a color corrector underneath it

- Ulta User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

i'm very pale and have pink undertones in my skin due to my acne and redness and i wear shade 112 and it matches my skin perfectly and doesn't oxidize

- Ulta User

this foundation does not oxidize on your skin at all - meaning the color that goes on stays the same and does not darken like almost all other foundations

- Ulta User



the shades were either too dark, too light, too smutty looking, too dull, too red, too pastey, too cakey, or dead-looking

- Walmart User

i attend ucf and am constantly walking across campus in the humid/hot florida weather & this setting powder keeps me matte and looking my best (but not too matte that i look dull either)

- Ulta User



i took my old bottle with me to purchase my old faithful fit me 115, but they've replaced the original w new "dewey and smooth" and it's pale and ashy when side by side with my old bottle

- Ulta User

only real con is that may cause flashback

- Ulta User



it is a full coverage foundation so when i really want to glam it up i know i will have solid coverage that lasts for a very long time without creasing or fading, and it leaves a demi-matte finish

- Ulta User

has a semi-matte/ satin finish, but still retains a natural look

- Maybelline User


medium coverage

if you want a satin powder that looks skin like but also can be built to a medium coverage this is the one for you

- Ulta User

this gives an even medium-full coverage

- Ulta User

best use


blends in with an amazing airbrush finish

- Maybelline User

this does blend in easily, evenly and last all day long, work day 8 plus hours

- Maybelline User
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ulta.com userJanuary 6, 2016

Very Impressed

Wow. I have to say, I'm very impressed with Maybelline and this foundation! I haven't had much luck with Maybelline foundations in the past; mainly due to not being able to find a good match for my skin tone and issues with oxidization and longevity. I'm very fair with neutral undertones and I always found their foundations to be too dark or lean too pink/yellow/orange.So, I was skeptical about how long Matte and Poreless would actually last on my oily/combo skin and whether I would find a shade that "fit me." I read a lot of reviews before purchasing and took a chance on trying the shade 110 Porcelain, even though 110 in the original fit me was way too dark and yellow. To my surprise, the Matte and Poreless shade 110 is very light and neutral (with maybe a slight warm undertone), and it fits me perfectly! I'm thrilled about the shade alone because it's so incredibly hard to find a foundation that matches so well with my pale skin.I used the Real Techniques complexion sponge to apply and it really did blend very smoothly and easily. It didn't take long to mattify, but there was plenty of time to work with it. The finish was just amazing! It's definitely matte, but it looks so natural and healthy. Like my skin but better. It's not full coverage, however, it's definitely a good medium coverage. You can build it up on the areas that you need to. And it's incredibly light on the skin. I can't even feel that there's product on my face when I'm wearing it. I can also say that it actually lives up to the "poreless" claim. I didn't think that it would but it makes my pores look invisible - and that is *without* using a primer.I don't notice any oxidization happening when I wear it and, after around 8 hours it still looks pretty darn good. That said, I do get oil breakthrough after 4 hours on my nose. But I've come to expect this from any foundation, regardless of how long-lasting or mattifying it claims to be. The good news is that this foundation is a trooper and doesn't slide or wipe right off at the first sign of oil. After blotting a couple of times during the day, even without any touch ups, it still manages to stay in place and look flawless. At least, that has been my experience. I'm honestly shocked it's this good but of course very, very pleased. Another plus is that it's inexpensive and doesn't irritate my skin. Thank you, Maybelline! « less

- ulta.com
walmart.com userJanuary 30, 2016


I have really oily skin, and trying to find a foundation that actually compliments it is difficult. My mother recommended this to me. Once I found the right shade (Toffee 330), I couldn't wait to get home to try it. I was was in for a big shocker!!! My large pores were completely covered. My skin tone was evened out. I WAS IMPRESSED!!!!! For a foundation that is priced less than $10, this far from what you would expect!!!! The end result that I received was FLAWLESS!!! I never thought that I could find a make up that was modestly priced, with a high end look!!! I have never found a foundation that gave me a clean, natural look before. Either it is too heavy, too light, or not enough coverage. Not only is this a great product, but you also get the look of wearing a primer. A little dab is all that I needed on my sponge wedge, to cover my face. I am so I love with this foundation!!!! To be honest, not only was it easy to find the right shade, but for specific types of skin truly makes a difference!!! Not all makeup can be used on all types of skin. To be a woman of color, makeup has not been very kind. The shades were either too dark, too light, too smutty looking, too dull, too red, too pastey, too cakey, or dead-looking!!!! This is a step up!!! There is only one thing that I truly hate about this makeup. I have noticed that there is something in the ingredients that is causing me to break out. Little bumps began appear on my face. I do not notice it until I am taking off the make up. I thought maybe it was something I was using to clean my face. Nope, that wasn't it! I tried different cleaners each time, and I end up with the same results. I Regardless, I would recommend this foundation to anyone in a heartbeat!!!!!!!! « less

- walmart.com
ulta.com userFebruary 3, 2020

SUCH a good setting powder!

Before I had purchased this product, I had never really "baked" my face before, mainly because I didn't have a loose setting powder and the process itself looked tricky and intimidating for an amateur like me. I had heard amazing things about this product, and so I decided to face my fears and purchase this product for baking my face for the very first time. I knew what to do and how to bake, so it wasn't difficult at all when figuring out just what exactly to do with the product and how to apply it; I was just personally worried I would still find some way regardless to mess up the process and leave my face looking like a ghost or something of that nature. I bought this product in the lightest shade available (05 Fair), and it pairs perfectly with my Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless and Maybelline SuperStay Full Coverage Foundations (both in the shade 112 Natural Ivory). I was immediately pleasantly surprised when using this product for the first time to bake, mainly because of how much it melted into the skin beautifully and almost instantly. It brightened up my face beautifully, but not too much to the point where I looked like Casper the Friendly Ghost. I still have yet to test whether or not it creates flashback, but so far I've heard from others who have used it that it doesn't. I also bought the Real Techniques Miracle Powder Blending Sponge specifically for this product and for baking, and it was the best decision I ever made. It's as if the two were meant to be together. I always dampen the sponge before going in with the powder and it makes the application, appearance, and finish so easy and beautiful, and flawless. I will note though that it does tend to settle into creases under the eye just a little bit, but it's really not that dramatic or noticeable - which is why I will continue to use this product + still recommend it to a friend, as well as give it a perfect rating. If you're looking for an amazing loose setting powder on a budget, get this now! Less

- ulta.com
walmart.com userDecember 24, 2012

Perfect for fair/med skin natural look

These are amazing for fair to med skin, blending and natural looks. The shades all actually come out pretty light so this would probably be a bad purchase for anyone with a med to dark complexion. I have dark brown hair, the fairest skin with pink undertone and I spray tan to medium golden tan (yellow to neutral undertone). I love these little guys because I change my whole face palette from day to day depending on my current skin color, my outfit... I am a makeup junky and I have a wide variety of eyeshadows and lipsticks, so i can create a multitude of palettes that perfectly compliment the rest of me. That's why I love these guys, they're big enough to be worth it, small enough to fit in my case, cheap enough that I can get all the different shades and they blend magnificently. The little brush that comes with is actually perfect for depth sculpting, I have high cheekbones, scrub that brush in the darker shade and sweep it in under the bone, leaving a hard dark stripe that thins as it gets closer towards the mouth, then take the lighter shade, soft angled blush brush and stack the color in it well, brush it in heavy using circular stokes starting at the apple of the cheek and working your way up the cheekbone to the temple. (I usually apply a highlight first at the highest point of the bone just under the eye and this color blends from it to the dark shade beneath.) Yes you do have to load a lot of product on to your brush but I like that a lot better than something that you only put on a dab and it's too much and then you can't play with it at all, there's no blendability in products like that. With these, you can get plenty of color (unless you're dark skinned because all the shades are on the light end of the spectrum) but you just have to load your brush more, which I'm in the habit of, takes me no time, i love it because the blending is fabulous, the colors are great, I can sculpt an awesome cheekbone and it all looks so natural. And lasts! And even though you have to scrub that brush in to get enough color, I don't seem to be running out of the product any faster. I have been using them for over a year now i believe and they are all still very full. I love them. I hope they don't stop making them. « less

- walmart.com
ulta.com userDecember 27, 2015

Not impressed

I wanted to like this SO MUCH! I saw the good reviews on here saying this was better than high end foundations and I got very excited to pick this up, but when I did, I was very disappointed.It went on okay, didn't blend as well as some other foundations I've used, but felt light on the face. It was a relatively light coverage, so I did need concealer in some areas to cover even mild issues, and that isn't the case for me with foundation normally. It went on relatively smooth, and still a bit dewy despite the claim to be matte, but set up fine and matte with powder, so I was pretty pleased at that point despite the light coverage because my skin is pretty good on its own. I just think it should be matte on its own if it claims to be matte.It looked great at first but literally 2.5 hours after I put it on, I left the house to go to the grocery store and caught my reflection in the mirror and noticed that my nose and the surrounding area looked super blotchy. Upon closer inspection the foundation had sunk into my pores and slid all over the place. It was practically beading up off of my face and would come off on my finger if I barely touched my nose. My skin is not dry, and it's not really oily either unless I'm out sweating and working like crazy or outside in 100 degree heat. In this case I had only been at home in the a/c on the working on the computer. So there was no reason for this to be happening. It was gross. I'd never seen this with any other foundation.Before I gave up on this, I decided to give it another shot because it was so cheap - I tried it with a nice primer. This time I ended up looking streaky unless I blended like crazy and the coverage again was a little less than desired. I do exfoliate and moisturize so I'm not sure why this is happening.TLDR / Over all - I just can't trust a foundation that slides off of my face, needs additional products to be matte as it claims and has such sheer coverage. I went out and bought a pricier foundation from another place and love it, but I'd still love to find a great foundation I can buy at Ulta! « less

- ulta.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Magnesium stearateacne
CI 73360acnehazard
CI 15850acne
CI 42090hazard
Magnesium stearateacne

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