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FaceStudio Lasting Fix Makeup Setting Spray - Matte Finish by Maybelline

FaceStudio Lasting Fix Makeup Setting Spray - Matte Finish

staying power(153)
finish: natural

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staying power


the spray honestly helped my makeup stay on the entire night

- Walgreens User

i absolutely loved this #maybelliene #lastingfix makeup setting spray it really works great make my makeup last all day long and feels so lightweight on your skin

- Walgreens User



if you love shimmer while having a boost of hydration this product is your best friend

- Ulta User

i love how this spray gives my skin and makeup a hydrate look

- Walgreens User



it's very mattifying but i love it

- Ulta User

most setting sprays are mattifying, while this one actually makes your skin look more hydrated & dewy without looking greasy or oily at all

- Walgreens User



i like to spray it on and blend it into my foundation, and it makes my base really smooth and gives me a more natural finish

- Ulta User

im not the biggest believer of setting sprays but this leaves your skin with a natural glow that isnt too dewy and looks very natural

- Walgreens User
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walgreens userJuly 04, 2019

This product wasnt for me because I have dry skin. However it may be for someone else who has oily skin. I like something more dewy so this did not work for me. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

- walgreens
ulta.com userDecember 4, 2019

Beautifully glowy!

I'm a sucker for a good setting spray. I feel that they truly make a difference for my makeup. I received this one complimentary for reviewing purposes. I'm actually really enjoying it!The spray nozzle is really nice. It mists the product very finely and evenly. I don't get droplets or blobs of setting spray on my face.I immediately notice that my makeup is more radiant when I use this. It gives me a beautiful natural glow. It just melts everything together so well. Honestly, I think it's the combo of this plus my other makeup products (this is the only one I used that's new to me) but my husband even noticed a difference- without prompting- and mentioned how good I look. Huge win!What matters to me most though is the staying power. I'm surprised by how well my makeup lasts throughout the day with this. Usually glowy setting sprays have some staying power. This did the trick all day.Now, some things that could be an issue for some people. I personally do not have any problems with these- if you have a sensitivity to alcohol, denatured alcohol is the second ingredient. I don't mind that in a setting spray at least, since it helps the product dry down and last. But if you're looking for alcohol (a drying alcohol) free, this isn't for you.If you have oily skin, I also wouldn't recommend it. It does give a beautiful glow but I can imagine those with oily skin having issues with this. I recommend it more for normal/dry skin, which is what I have.I can also imagine some people not liking the scent. I personally kind of like it, and it does dissipate when it's applied. It smells kind of like the Urban Decay All Nighter spray but a little stronger and... I don't really know how else to describe it other than saying it smells like something I would use in the shower. Also, in a way, I get cactus vibes from the scent. Sorry, I know that probably doesn't help much!Overall, it's a great setting spray. I love that it's an affordable option too. I would definitely recommend this and consider repurchasing! Less

- ulta.com
walgreens userJune 22, 2020

Great Spray

I really really like this spray. It has a great fine mist. I have very dry skin and this left my skin looking dewy and hydrated. I almost left a little bit of a sparkle/ shine. I cant [email protected] on if it made my makeup last longer but it definitely make things looks more natural and less powdery. I think that this is the perfect product for the summer. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

- walgreens
ulta.com userNovember 23, 2019

Great sparkly setting spray

I like this setting spray to prime my dry skin! It has a bit of sheen in it but you can't really tell after you put on your foundation, but it leaves the skin with a dewy glow. Nice to use under a too-matte foundation to add some dew to the skin so it doesn't look cakey. Would buy again! 

- ulta.com
ulta.com userNovember 26, 2019

Pleasantly Surprised!

I was very surprised that this is a drugstore product.I have used quite a few high end "shimmering" setting sprays and they were all either too glittery or had no shimmer at all. This is absolutely beautiful because it has a lot of very fine shimmer, but also a few larger. The combination makes for a stunning glow to the skin. Having dry skin, you know we need a glow year round and this is amazing for that! What makes this so great is that we use setting spray to melt our powder and foundation together and give our skin a natural and healthy glow. But this adds an extra glow while doing it! I really would recommend this product, especially if you have been disappointed with others in the past. Try it out!! 

- ulta.com

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