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Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm Quenched by Maybelline

Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm Quenched

$3.99 + SHIPPING



Key Benefits:

  • Creamy
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth
  • Longlasting
  • Hydrates Lips

Ratings & Reviews

4.382% of 3353reviewers recommend this product

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walmart user
September 09, 2015

Taste Great and Lips Stay Moisturized

This lip moisturizing gloss taste and smells good and stays on most of the day. I find myself reapplying frequently because I like the smell. It works well for me, and I like the different shades. I get instant moisture upon application. It is my go-to product, can't leave home without it. It goes on light and is not heavy or greasy to me. The colors are mostly sheer so it looks natural. This product is very affordable and became a favorite over the summer. It's a versatile shade and I think I'll be able to wear it in fall as well.

walmart user
September 09, 2012

I really don't like it

I was using regular chap stick before this. I think I liked it better than Baby Lips. I got the clear kind, because I'm not the type of person that likes tinted lips. I just like healthy lips. I got the kind with the sunscreen in it, because at the time, I didn't realize that the 2 different clear ones had different qualities. Maybe it's the type I got, or maybe it's the way my own lips are, but when I put it on, it stays on and it looks good for about 3-4 minutes, but then it dries my lips out and it looks worse than before I put it on. I get really embarrassed when someone tells me my lips are chapped because nobody EVER told me that before I started using this product. As I can see, the majority of people liked this product, but I think I'll switch back to regular chapstick.

ulta user
December 06, 2019

Great quality lip balm for the price

These are great lip balms for the price! I've tried Quenched and Peppermint which are colorless but have a slight citrus and minty taste, respectively. I've also tried the pigmented balms; Pink Punch, Peach Kiss, and Cherry Tart. Pink Punch is the most pigmented of the group, giving a cool light/medium pink on the lips. Peach Kiss is not as pigmented. It's more of a nude than a peach on me. Cherry Tart is more of a medium/dark pink than a cherry. It's also not very pigmented, but noticeable. Color is surprisingly long-lasting on the lips, and being a lip balm it's easy to reapply without a mirror, and wear is even (no ring around the lips). I also like that the balms contain spf 20. My lips feel good with it on, but I'm not too sure about the 8 hr hydration claims. I'm also not a big fan of the 80's packaging, but it makes it easy to find in my purse. Overall, I would definitely recommend these (especially the Pink Punch), particularly for the price and it's easy to find them on sale or coupons. I received samples of these as a Bzz Agent.

ulta user
October 10, 2018

Pink me up baby!

I don't get chapped lips but I do have dry lips. This helps them. I love the smell of menthol and the tingling sensation that comes after you apply them. I wanted to buy Soothing Sorbet but Pink Me up and the clear one was available and I heard the clear one wasn't that great so I got the pink me up. I looked up reviews and people said it was really sheer which made me sad because I looooove pigmented lip balms. The first time i used it, i got no color, but I used it more and more i started getting lots of color. I'm NC30 and I think this shade of pink is so so so so perfect! I reapply every hour but I'm also constantly drinking water or licking my lips. I love reapplying them and I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with the smell and taste. They keep my lips moisturized too. Will definitely repurchase and may try out the soothing sorbet one too! :-) Worth the almost five bucks. user
February 19, 2014

An instant pop of color

I bought this product because I wanted to try a bright pink lip look, so I got this product in "strike a rose". When I bought it, I had no idea how pigmented it was. I would consider this lip balm to be more of a lip stick or a lip stain because it stays on your lips for a very long time, about 1-2 hours with eating and drinking. It really adds a vibrant pop of color to lips. This product does moisturize my lips as well, but I never use it when I have very chapped lips because I feel like it brings up the bumps and flakes, so it would be best to use this lip product after you scrub or exfoliate your lips. It has a sweet, fragrance, much like sweet tarts, and doesn't at all in any way, shape, or form resemble a rose. This wouldn't be a good product if you're going for a natural look, but more of a product if you want to make a statement. It applies on the lips very easily, and I will most likely buy another one because it does exactly what I want it to. « less

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Community Posts

Profile picture of Brooke Buntin
Brooke Buntin
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

Hey gals, I’m Looking for lip products that will hydrate my lips? I’m currently using Blistex lip palm and Aquaphor healing lip balm & yet it seems my lips are still chapped and peeling everyday. It sucks because I like to use liquid lipstick but it looks awful when my lips are like this. Any recommendations?? #SeekingAdvice #Recommendations

Profile picture of Maja Crawford
Maja Crawford
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

this is cheaper than the glossier one and it works well too for me!!

Profile picture of Pia V
Pia V
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

What’s the best lip product (balm, lipstick) that’s natural and hydrating? It doesn’t have to be long lasting, something like a sheer/slight tint to add color to your lips so you don’t look like a ghost! Thank you!

Community Post Like Button7 LikesCommunity Post Helpful Button1 Helpful
Profile picture of Paulina Tirado
Paulina Tirado
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

This is always my go to for when I have dry lips but that’s just what works for me and sometimes my lips are really dry 🙈 they have them in different colors but it’s very sheer and amazing !! You should try it 😍 it’s really cheap and affordable too 👍🏼 I’m not sure what shade I have because I’ve had it for so long but I have the one in a white container and that ones good but depending on what color you like they all work amazing and they do have a slight tint 👍🏼😍