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Miracle Contouring Palette by Max Factor
Max Factor

Miracle Contouring Palette


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the palette itself contains various different shades to suit all skins tones and is of a creamy texture

- Maxfactor User

the palette has a decent range of colours, the texture of the product is creamy and it feels pleasant and weightless to use on the skin

- Maxfactor User



max factor miracle contouring palette ;8 shade palettedesigned to suit virtually every skin tonecreamy soft texture allows for quick and easy contouringformula is easily blendable and buildablecontour shades mimics shadow on the facehighlight shade adds more light and is used to emphasise the angular areas on your face that naturally catch light

- Maxfactor User

she is a make up snob with every product possible and she too found the creamy texture easily blendable, buildable which shows that this 8 shade palette really does suit every skin tone

- Maxfactor User


blends well

never used a contour product before, so excited to try this, it was blendable, good choice of tones, clear instructions, good diagrams, easy to use on the go, nice packaging, nice texture

- Maxfactor User

love this product, fantastic colour and easy to blend

- Maxfactor User



it went on well and didn’t feel heavy

- Maxfactor User

this is very easy to use nice and light on your skin

- Maxfactor User

staying power


has different shades , easy to apply and lasts all day

- Maxfactor User

i loved the result and i’m happy to say it stayed on all evening

- Maxfactor User
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maxfactor.com userJune 5, 2018

Miracle Contour Palette Is Magic

This is the first time I’ve ever used a contouring kit so I was a complete novice. The thing I liked about the Max Factor Miracle Contour Palette is that on the back of the palette there is a diagram showing you which shades are for which area and divides them into three sections on your face using a simple 1,2,3 illustration.I was a bit hesitant at first and so I used a very small amount and going for a lighter shades but as I got more accomplished, I gained confidence and now use the darker shades underneath my cheekbones and lighter on top and blend them together.The palette has a creamy texture so I found it easier to use my fingers to put it on and then I use a brush to blend them in.I am really pleased with the effect of using Max Factor Miracle Contour Palette, it highlights my cheekbones so much more than just using a blusher. I’m a convert!! « less

- maxfactor.com
maxfactor.com userJune 5, 2018

No for me!

I will start with the positives: The Max Factor Miracle Contour Palette arrived and is packaged very attractively. There are instructions on the box showing you how to use it to create different effects. There are a wide variety of colours within the palette to suit the majority of people. The negatives: there are no instructions or leaflet with the actual palette, so if you discard the outer box then you have nothing to refer too. I also was disappointed that there was no applicator with the palette. On using the actual cream I was not impressed with how it felt on my skin. I found it quite greasy and not easy to work with or indeed blend. It also took a few tries to try and find the correct colours to use for my skin tone, and even following the instructions I found it extremely difficult to create the effect I had hoped to achieve with this palette. Its not something I would buy or recommend and overall I was disappointed. « less

- maxfactor.com
maxfactor.com userJune 5, 2018

It’s a Miracle

I love just love Max Factor Miracle Contour Palette and so do my 3 teenage daughters. I’m no expert with contouring in fact this is only the third time I’ve used it. This product has a lovely creamy texture and is very easy to apply, I used my figures to initially apply it using both the instructions on the box and some help from my daughters, then blended using a brush. I loved the result and I’m happy to say it stayed on all evening. I will definitely continue to use this contour palette and have already recommended it to a number of friends. My daughters have all tried it out as well and they love it too, they are much more experienced at using contour than I am having used a number of brands they rate this one highly, which means I need to hide mine!!!

- maxfactor.com
maxfactor.com userJune 5, 2018

Max Factor Miracle Contouring

If like me you're a bit of a novice when it comes to contouring, or indeed you're quite experienced, I recommend you try this product. Size wise the kit is the perfect size to pop in your bag although it'll also look swish on your dressing table. With easy 3,2,1 instructions on the box, you can't go wrong (my advice is to keep the box until you become familiar using it as the instructions are not written on the palette itself) I was looking for a natural contoured look with a bit of a glow to hide my tired eyes and I certainly achieved this easily as the soft creamy texture was much easier to blend than I thought possible. I love that the contour, lift and highlight is all in one place rather than rooting around my make up bag for several different products. I would maybe have liked a mirror in the inside lid but that's just personal preference. Price wise I feel that this is very competitive, sure there are cheaper and more expensive products on the market however this product is refillable which is great value for money. No need to buy the whole kit again and again if you don't want to. I asked my teenage daughter to have a try. She is a make up snob with every product possible and she too found the creamy texture easily blendable, buildable which shows that this 8 shade palette really does suit every skin tone. A really good , easy to use product - Well Done Max Factor. « less

- maxfactor.com
maxfactor.com userJune 5, 2018

Easy to use pallet for first timers!

Love the colours and the shades especially for the contour. I have fair/pale skin and most of the contour colours are usable. I would say the colour choices given would suit most skin tones. This was a beautiful colour on my skin and I used the light/medium contour. Also the texture is lovely and creamy but easy to blend and build up gradually.I usually have dry/sensitive skin but it reacted fine to this product, as well as the consistency being blendable and lasting so the creamy texture of this was a dream to work with and didn't give a 'cakey' look to my make up. I don't like a heavy contour and this set gives a natural effect. I'm new to contouring and as a 45 year old it was easy to use and I would highly recommend this pallet for all newcomers to the contouring world. Do not be afraid of the contour, this pallet will make you a 'Queen' of the contour look. « less

- maxfactor.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Candelilla Waxacneirritant
Ascorbyl Palmitateacne