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Lipfinity Lip Colour by Max Factor
Max Factor

Lipfinity Lip Colour

staying power(142)
chapped lips(37)

Top Reviews

staying power


i love this one color and it stays on

- Drugstore User

it goes on and stays on all day

- Drugstore User

chapped lips

doesn't hydrate lips

they dry out your lips, you have to keep applying the gloss to stop your lips from sticking together, and stop the color from flaking and cracking

- Viewpoints User

unfortunately, the moisturizing coat didn't seem to help at all - it only succeeded in wiping some of the lipstick off so that the coverage was uneven and making the rest of it shinier for a short period of time

- Viewpoints User
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boots.com userMarch 10, 2014

best lip product!

I've been using this product for years - if applied correctly, the colour lasts all day (doesn't come off until I brush my teeth in the evening!), and doesn't transfer onto food or dinnerware. It can be a bit drying - I find the best solution is to wait after the initial application before applying the topcoat, and to top up the moisturising coat once or twice through the day. I usually have 'spare' gloss anyway, and re-applying the gloss takes a second (don't even need a mirror) and renews the shine.It's quite expensive but if you buy it on 3 for 2 it's reasonable.

- boots.com
boots.com userMarch 12, 2011

Great Product

I`ve been using Lipfinity ever since it first came out & never looked at another lip product since.. It always lasts all day. I have seen some unfavourable comments, you need to follow the instructions on use for it to last all day. The miror inconvenience was that when it first came out Max Factor had was taking colours I liked off the market but I found other similar colours..When first applied leave one minute before applying the gloss. During my make up routine after appliying foundation i use water to clean any foundation that is on my lips & pat them dry. I Always make sure my lips clean & dry prior to applying LipFinity. apply the LipFinity then aplly my eye make-up, blusher etc. The last item that I apply is the the Gloss part of it. This leaves plenty of time for the first part of the product to dry. No timing for a minute, just organisation. that`s how it lasts all day. It doesn`t take me long to apply my make up although it does sound like it in this! I don`t buy from boots.com due to the lack of colour choice online. I buy it from my local Boots.for the first time in years I`m going to try a new product - Max Factor LipTint. From the reviews it is possible that it isn`t being applied properly. It`s a lip tint & not a lipstick.. Even if I like LipTint & will carry on with both products on different days.. « less

- boots.com
ebay.com userJune 15, 2013

The best long-last lipstick ever! Put it on and forget about reapplying!

I have tried several "long last" lipsticks in the past, but absolutely nothing compares to Lipfinity. I've been buying Lipfinity for a few years now, and I just hope they keep manufacturing it. Other brands will disappear after a few hours; Lipfinity stays on through meals, teeth brushing, and even overnight. I wake up and the lipstick is still on (granted, it would need touching up, but the fact that it is still there amazes me). I've read reviews about this product where the customers say it dries out their lips. That may be true for them, but it doesn't do that to me, and I don't even usually put on the gloss that comes with it, which I imagine might help for those who do experience dryness. The colors are really pretty; out of the 4 or 5 I've tried, I would say the only one that didn't suit me was a sort of pink shade. Don't remember the name of it, but I gave it to a friend who's into pink shades, and she loved it. There is also something called Lipfinity Liplites; I have never tried that because to me, the name implies that it would not stay on as long as regular Lipfiity, so if you're going to purchase the Liplites, I cannot vouch for that product at all. But the regular Lipfinity, I recommend heartily! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="2842516676812984210-full" data-show="2842516676812984210-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- ebay.com
ebay.com userFebruary 11, 2013

Lipfinity has it all.

I've been using Lipfinity since it first came out on the market. It's been great for me for two reasons: 1. It was advertised as a lipstick that would stay on for hours and that's exactly what it does. When I put it on in the morning it stays on all day. 2. I've tried some of the other lipsticks and lip pens that advertise the same thing and they have all felt very dry. I don't like the feeling of dry lips, so I have stayed with Lipfinity. The colour range is really good too. I'd recommend it to anyone. It's great!

- ebay.com
viewpoints.com userNovember 17, 2007

Not soooo crazy about Lipfinity!

I was so excited when I first found this product on the shelf in one of my favorite retail stores. However, my excitement didn't last long. I read the directions carefully. Tried the color I had selected and after applying it, I was shocked at the difference in the shade of color. It was much lighter than shown on the container. Anyway... I left it on awhile to see how it felt and looked. After just 4 to 5 minutes my lips felt rough and ragged. I went to the mirror and found that my lips were peeling! Skin and all! Maybe it only does this with certain people with certain skin types...I don't know, but I know I would not recommend or buy it ever again! I must add that the color did stay on very slightly even after I peeled away the top layer of my lips...lol!

- viewpoints.com

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