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Best Matte Concealers

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Full Cover Concealer by Make Up For Ever
Make Up For Ever

Full Cover Concealer

4.3 (1061)$34.00
water resistantmattepore minimizingmattifying
Stay Matte Concealer by Rimmel

Stay Matte Concealer

4.2 (521)$5.49
Infallible Full Wear Concealer by L'Oreal

Infallible Full Wear Concealer

4.3 (819)$13.49
water resistantsmoothpore minimizingdoesn't oxidize
16HR Camo Concealer by e.l.f.

16HR Camo Concealer

4.3 (2757)$6.00
buildablesmoothcolor correctingdemi-matte
Superstay Better Skin Concealer + Corrector by Maybelline

Superstay Better Skin Concealer + Corrector

4.1 (885)$5.00
lightweightbuildablepore minimizingdemi-matte
Naked Skin Concealer by Urban Decay
Urban Decay

Naked Skin Concealer

4.2 (4108)$29.00
buildablepore minimizingsmoothcolor correcting
Soft Matte Complete Concealer by NARS

Soft Matte Complete Concealer

4.5 (2034)$30.00
buildablesmoothpore minimizingcolor correcting
Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles by Maybelline

Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles

4.1 (2509)$9.99
buildablesmoothpore minimizingcolor correcting
High Precision Retouch by Giorgio Armani Beauty
Giorgio Armani Beauty

High Precision Retouch

4.4 (404)$40.00
not creasinglightweighthydratingcolor correcting
Boi Ing Hydrating Concealer by Benefit

Boi Ing Hydrating Concealer

4.1 (3590)$22.00
buildablesmoothwater resistantpore minimizing
Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer by stila

Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer

4.0 (1762)$40.00
buildablepore minimizingsmoothmattifying
Fit Me Concealer by Maybelline

Fit Me Concealer

4.1 (2436)$6.49
longlastingbrighteningbuildablepore minimizing
Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer by Sephora Collection
Sephora Collection

Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer

4.0 (2364)$14.00
buildablesmoothpore minimizingcolor correcting
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Community Posts

Profile picture of Tara Mastromihalis
Tara Mastromihalis
OilyOily Skin
Currently searching for products to use on my birthday and I need advice on primers, longwearing foundations, concealers and powders with no flashback. So far I’m interested in trying Charlotte Tilbury’s most recent foundation and the pressed powder. Any luxury recommendations that are worth the splurge and hold up on combo/oily skin? I struggle with a lot of shine mainly between my brows and around my nose :)
Profile picture of Heather Beaird
Heather Beaird
CombinationCombination Skin
I just purchased Charlotte Tilbury the airbrush line! I’m in love! I have the same issues as you with oil etc! You will not be disappointed
Profile picture of Jasmine Valencia
Jasmine Valencia
CombinationCombination Skin
When I set my concealer under my eyes (Elf matte Camo concealer and Airpun loose powder). It makes my concealer look patchy and not cute. Any recommendations??
Profile picture of Julia Serra
Julia Serra
CombinationCombination Skin
try laura mercier i love so so much
Profile picture of Paige Lindsay
Paige Lindsay
DryDry Skin
Anyone know of a concealer that’s not drying but will cover dark circles? Dark circles are in my genes so mine are pretty dark, and I haven’t found one yet that I am completely happy with. Then there’s also the fact that my skin under my eyes is super dry and can get bumps/bubbles when I apply certain concealers. Thanks! #concealer #dryskin #darkcircles
Profile picture of LuLu Jackson
LuLu Jackson
CombinationCombination Skin
I have sensitive combo skin and I love the BareMinerals concealers! They are hydrating and have nice coverage. (Also sorry my picture low key sucks)
Profile picture of Alia Espinoza
Alia Espinoza
CombinationCombination Skin
@LuLu Jackson which one do you prefer?
Profile picture of Jocelyn
CombinationCombination Skin
What are some good foundations, concealers, or skincare products you guys would recommend :)
Profile picture of lexie r
lexie r
CombinationCombination Skin
I have acne and the Milk Blur Liquid Foundation is AMAZING! Good Luck!
Profile picture of ruthie
DryDry Skin
any recommendations for good all over the face concealers?? i use the elf lifting hd one in fair but it’s runs kinda dark so its too dark for me. i use concealer in the place of foundation bc i hate the way foundation looks on me. so any rec? (vegan please!!)
Profile picture of Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee
CombinationCombination Skin
Any concealer with the IT cosmetics 103 concealer brush is a go to for me. The brush is an investment but so so so worth it. Makes any concealer go on flawlessly and gives it fuller coverage
Profile picture of Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams
DryDry Skin
Does anyone have any good recommendations for concealers ?
Profile picture of Amira Stephens
Amira Stephens
OilyOily Skin
This one it lasts forever if you take the sponge off
Profile picture of Amira Stephens
Amira Stephens
OilyOily Skin
@Ashley Williams yw! If you're trying to conceal marks use your foundation shade, if you're trying to brighten use a shade lighter than that!
Profile picture of Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams
DryDry Skin
@Amira Stephens thank you !! How do I know which shade to chose from ?
Profile picture of Video Error
Video Error
CombinationCombination Skin
okay so I need help finding concealer that is lightweight and doesn’t enhance like the skin flakes around my nose. cause like I am fed up with concealers that make the dry spots around my nose look worse
Profile picture of Bootsie Glasser
Bootsie Glasser
OilyOily Skin
I love the maybelline fit me concealer!
Profile picture of Amaya
DryDry Skin
Fav concealers for dry skin?
Profile picture of Olivia Kimberling
Olivia Kimberling
DryDry Skin
ESTÉE LAUDER!!! They have one that’s a hydrating undereye primer on one side and concealer on the other and the primer is fantastic
Profile picture of Jacqueline Valadez
Jacqueline Valadez
OilyOily Skin
Anyone know of a good drug store and high end concealers?
Profile picture of Haley Castro
Haley Castro
DryDry Skin
This is a really good drugstore one and I love the Huda beauty concealer for high end!
Profile picture of Autumn Harris
Autumn Harris
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Need liquid foundation and concealers recommendations for bridal/wedding party makeup. I’ve been recommended so many different things i want to see if I get a consistent answer on here 🤔
Profile picture of Heather Hall
Heather Hall
CombinationCombination Skin
Now here is the IL makiage, it’s literally seamless. I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s magic. It’s smooth, it’s just a beautiful finish. It blends with powders beautifully, not cakey, covers everything beautifully, and you can literally customize the finish you want on the website. You can even try it for 14 days for only 5 dollars and return it if you hate it before you pay full price. It’s it’s own league
Profile picture of Heather Hall
Heather Hall
CombinationCombination Skin
@Autumn Harris Facetape definitely. That’s going to give you the longest coverage with the least amount of creasing - and if I can aaaaslo recommend something I’ve recently discovered that’s a game changer in setting powders (not baking powder) — covergirl’s advanced radiance compact powder. Again, a magic product that will set makeup flawlessly. It’ll lock everything in place, not make anything cake, no flashback in pictures, and help it last. Not to mention it doesn’t oxidize at all with that hideous orange color! Right after you conceal the undereye I also like to take a fluffy brush and like to immediately take that powder under the eye to prevent creasing. Smooth under eyes all day long
Profile picture of Autumn Harris
Autumn Harris
SensitiveSensitive Skin
@Heather Hall thank you, this is extremely helpful! Someone recommended face tape for my clients with weddings, do you know much about that? With all the shades it’s just hard to pick which ones so I’m able to mix and make a tone I’d need
Profile picture of Prinali Patel
Prinali Patel
CombinationCombination Skin
Hello! I have combination to oily skin and currently use the @Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation but my skin got flakier when I started applying my foundation. Could it be because of the foundation or because of my acne medication which includes tretinoin, a retin a, has been drying my skin out a lot? Also, can I please get suggestions on primers, setting sprays, concealers, powders to use after concealer, and foundation? Thank you!
Profile picture of Stephanie Felt
Stephanie Felt
DryDry Skin
Hi! I have dry skin and I tried this foundation (before the hydrating formula came out) and I hated it. Like I don’t think a foundation has ever looked so bad on my skin before LOL. That said, your acne treatments could be making your skin drier and then having a matte finish foundation probably is just exacerbating the condition. Maybe try the hydrating formula of the fenty?? I use a hydrating one from Giorgio Armani and it’s kinda pricey but, buildable and not cakey!
Profile picture of Rachel Dubin
Rachel Dubin
CombinationCombination Skin
Best drugstore long lasting concealers? #concealer #beautytips
Profile picture of shelly c
shelly c
DryDry Skin
Best full coverage long lasting concealer!
Profile picture of Tara Borst
Tara Borst
DryDry Skin
best concealers for acne and redness?? can’t ever seem to find one that has amazing coverage
Profile picture of Olivia Kimberling
Olivia Kimberling
DryDry Skin
It Cosmetics! They make one (the one I linked) that’s specifically for acne so it’s full coverage pigment infused into skincare that helps acne (not acne skincare infused into pigment). Also their regular Bye Bye Undereye concealer is the most full coverage concealer I have ever found and I use it to cover blemishes on soooooo many clients. The only thing about those are that you definitely have to set them with a powder. Another option is to use a concealer on a blemish and then use a full coverage foundation powder (I like the new Urban Decay one) on top... but you have to be careful with this trick because it can end up looking cakey if the 2 products you use don’t layer well with each other or if you layer too much.
Profile picture of melanie
CombinationCombination Skin
i've been trying to lower how much makeup i use so i want to find a concealer that i can just use to hide my dark circles and some redness on my nose so it's more of a natural makeup look. any cheap concealers for combo skin?
Profile picture of nora
CombinationCombination Skin
Good coverage made for dark circles & pretty cheap 😊
Profile picture of Shannon Stark
Shannon Stark
DryDry Skin
@nora this is the best thing ever
Profile picture of Erica Carman
Erica Carman
DryDry Skin
@nora YES!!
Profile picture of Itzel Hernandez
Itzel Hernandez
CombinationCombination Skin
Best drugstore concealers ?
Profile picture of Maria G
Maria G
CombinationCombination Skin
This is great if you want light-med coverage! It does crease some though
Profile picture of Tay
CombinationCombination Skin
Any good drugstore concealers and foundations? On a budget but I don’t want to look busted😂
Profile picture of Angie
SensitiveSensitive Skin
This is the one that I use and I love it!!!
Profile picture of Maddie Paige Smith
Maddie Paige Smith
DryDry Skin
@Angie this will forever be my favorite!
Profile picture of Samantha Brewer
Samantha Brewer
DryDry Skin
Any good concealers? The one I have doesn’t cover my dark circles.
Profile picture of McKenna Marcengill
McKenna Marcengill
DryDry Skin
I use the morphe concealer, it works great!!
Profile picture of Lindsey Saunders
Lindsey Saunders
DryDry Skin
Any good concealers that don’t crease? Preferably drugstore
Profile picture of Johnny Buchanan
Johnny Buchanan
CombinationCombination Skin
I love this. I put it on let it sit for a minute or 2 then blend it out and set it. It covers my bags and makes my under eyes look blurred I used the juvias setting powder or fit me to set it. And dragun beauty blighting powder.
Profile picture of Tay’Ja
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Need help deciding on a new concealer. Which do y’all recommend? Also feel free to recommend some other concealers that are on the drugstore side!
Profile picture of Jacquelyn Omesol
Jacquelyn Omesol
CombinationCombination Skin
IT Cosmetics is an amazing one! This concealer can cover literally anything! It’s on the thicker side if you don’t mind that( A little goes a long way) but it covers so beautifully and it’s waterproof and doesn’t crease! It stays ALL day for me. I once swam with it on for my workout for a few hours and it didn’t budge.
Profile picture of Kaylie Johnson
Kaylie Johnson
CombinationCombination Skin
Hi everyone! I’m looking for recommendations/tips on how to keep your skin matte during the day! I’ve got a pretty oily t-zone and would like to keep it at bay. I’ve been using the Rimmel stay matte powder, but I’ve noticed that my skin starts looking oily halfway through the day while using it. Thank you!! #recommendations #oilyskin #matte
Profile picture of Shayna Friedman
Shayna Friedman
OilyOily Skin
The too faced peach perfect setting powder keeps my oil at bay all day long! And my foundation looks like it did when I first applied it at the end of the day!
Profile picture of Kaylie Johnson
Kaylie Johnson
CombinationCombination Skin
@Shayna Friedman this is amazing, thank you!!!