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Vitamin C Serum by mario badescu
mario badescu

Vitamin C Serum

good for acne(227)

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this product is amazing, i've been suffering with my dull-dry skin all my life, i tried different moisturizers and serums to deal with the dullness and acne scars, i've been using this serum for almost a month and the difference is huge

- Ulta User

my complexion is so smooth and radiant, this is definitely a new favorite of mine

- Mariobadescu User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

nothing has ever helped even out my skin tone and reduce my redness until i added this into my skin care routine

- Ulta User

this serum has been such a life saver for me, it restored my skin literally within the night i notice my dark spots lightened significantly

- Ulta User


good for acne

for someone who has experienced acne and scarring like i have, this is a game changer

- Mecca User

the serum rejuvenates skin and heels acne, the cleansing lotion tones and removes dead skin beautifully, the buttermilk moisturizer softens and soothes skin, and the night cream leaves your skin soft and clear in the morning

- Ulta User



wake up with smooth, hydrated skin

- Ulta User

i used it every day and night and realized that this is the secret product that keeps my skin looking youthful, bright and smooth

- Mariobadescu User



but hands down, a great product that didn't irritate my skin (and i have very sensitive skin with history of acne in my teens, and adulthood as i've just gotten my hormonal acne under control)

- Ulta User

but hands down, a great product that didn't irritate my skin (and i have very sensitive skin with history of acne in my teens, and adulthood as i've just gotten my hormonal acne under control)

- Ulta User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

this serum has helped minimize the appearance of my pores, smoothed out the texture leaving behind a baby soft feel and has lightened up dark spots due to hyperpigmentation

- Mariobadescu User

i can't stop looking at my face b/c it's so smooth, even, blurred pores, smooth skin, i can't say enough about this and honestly i very much dislike mb products, i've tried several and not one did anything

- Ulta User


redness relief

this serum is great for brightening tired looking skin and reduced redness

- Nordstrom User

but somehow, my skin's radiance is slowly being restored, my recent acne scarring is reduced, and i look more toned in general

- Mecca User



this product helped all the little textured bumps i had on my forehead and cheeks, most of my acne scars are going away and my skin feels really soft and plump as well as my pigmentation has severely improved

- Mecca User

i can feel this serum works, in the morning my skin looks hydrated and feels soft

- Mecca User



definitely highly recommend this for acne pigmentations and anti-aging purposes

- Macy's User

diminished fine lines, smoother feel, and shrunken pores

- Ulta User


reduces puffiness

i haven't been using it long enough to see a dramatic difference in my skin but the dark circles under my eyes has definitely improved since using this product

- Ulta User

i use this after i do my makeup as a setting spray along with my urban decay all nighter spray and my skin always looks so amazing, it makes my makeup last and i rarely crease under my eyes

- Mariobadescu User



it absorbs quickly and feels light weight

- Ulta User

the consistency is nice and lightweight

- Mariobadescu User
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ulta userOctober 10, 2018

Result in one night...

About me; 45, fair, dry skin, flaky but turns oily throughout the day, large pore, fine lines, forehead wrinkles, forehead 11's (foundation never stayed put). I've been looking for a cost effective alternative to Perricone's Vitamin C serum, I didn't think anything could compare. I'm have NEVER had a product work in one night; this gave me visible results in one application. I noticed when I applied my foundation, my pores were minimized, my fine lines and forehead wrinkles were diminished and blurred, my foundation stayed put and didn't "piece off" as I blotted throughout the day (which I barely did compared to before). The Product: Yes, it's oily. Yes, it's a bit sticky; I did notice when I applied my serum, then this and waited about 15 minutes and then applied my lotion (I only use this at night), it wasn't near as sticky. And I don't care if it was. It's at night, who cares if my face is sticky (which again, it wasn't that bad if I let it set); the payoff is insane. I can't stop looking at my face b/c it's so smooth, even, blurred pores, smooth skin, I can't say enough about this and honestly I very much dislike MB products, I've tried several and not one did anything. If you're in your 20's you probably won't find the benefit in this as someone with more mature and drier skin (although if I had oily skin, I'd still use this, vitamin c is imperative for healthy skin and am sure I would be having the same results). But for those of you reading reviews, see what the primary concerns are and if they match yours before you decide this isn't for you b/c it's "sticky and oily". And with Ulta's return policy, you can see if this works for you, if not, take it back but if you are looking for smoother, refined skin, this is worth trying, it actually surpasses my coveted Perricone product, I'm still floored.

- ulta
mecca.com.au userJuly 23, 2018

Pure magic, glowing skin, in a bottle!

I have suffered from acne in the past and have had a lot of redness and scarring as a result of that, so I am cautious about oils on my skin and was afraid this might make me break out.I use this product every other night, switching between this and a hyaluronic acid serum, before my moisturiser. When I feel like I might break out (that special time of the month) I do tend towards my HA serum a little more, as I find HA helps with skin texture, but in the year I have used this, it has never contributed towards a breakout, nor have I ever had one, so I feel this is pretty safe if you are acne prone and/or, suffer from dry skin. I generally have combination skin, I find some days I’m oily and on others, the weather is so harsh on my face, I am flaky, tight and dry after cleansing at the end of the day. This serum gives me the instant boost of moisture that my skin so desperately needs. At first, it feels like it sits on the skin, but when it warms up, your skin absorbs almost all of it and within 2 minutes, it is properly absorbed with a very slight oily residue which will be gone overnight (bonus overnight hydration!). I have only ever needed 2 drops to completely cover my face (cost effective!), it is rich and hydrating, a little goes a long way. My complexion is noticeably more vibrant and glowing the next day. I recommend this as a night serum, as I find it has only been fully absorbed while sleeping (I sleep on my back so there is nowhere for this to be wiped off) and I think using this before makeup would be too heavy and cause makeup to slide around. I feel like this product is an overnight treatment to equalise and rejuvenate the skin. It needs the time to be properly absorbed, but the results are amazing. Don’t be deterred by the price, it is well worth the money, the bottle has lasted me a long time (more than 10 months) and I think you will be pleased with your results! « less

- mecca.com.au
ulta.com userMay 22, 2015

In love with this product so far!

I hardly write product reviews, but since I am liking this product so much, I am writing one! I was browsing Ulta for a high quality concealer and foundation, and I spontaneously asked a store associate for any recommendations of products that would help even out skin tone. I have occasional blemishes and somewhat oily skin, and I typically experience some pigmentation issues after breakouts such as spot discoloration that lasts for several days. She recommended this product and gave me some simple instructions for application. I hesitated a bit because it costs more than I typically spend on face products, but the store associate assured me that it is an amazing product and that you only need to use a little at a time so it would last a long time.I followed instructions, applying about four drops over a clean face after showering in the evening and applying toner, alternating every other day for the first few days. Now I apply the serum every evening. I've been using the serum for a few weeks now. My skin looks amazing when I wake up, my face feels less oily and more soft throughout the day, and I think the serum has definitely helped even out skin tone. The overall skin tone of my face looks great and has a healthy (not greasy) glow, albeit my skin is not perfect since I have some acne scarring, but the serum has definitely made a noticeable improvement :) I feel like now all the other face products I have been using (toner and face wash) work better now in combination with this serum. Also, better skin provides a better canvas for makeup, so my face looks even better when I do choose to wear makeup out of the house.I really hope the positive effects continue and don't diminish over time! Give this product a try if you are curious. It's supposed to block free radicals, is gentle on my skin, and seems to not have a too many chemicals in it, so the list of pros goes on. « less

- ulta.com
ulta.com userSeptember 14, 2017

I already love this product!

My skin changes with the seasons. Sometimes I'm really oily and sometimes I'm very dry. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and my skin is so dehydrated. I've been eye-ing this product for a while and finally caved and purchased it.My makeup was sitting on top of my skin and grabbing all my dry patches. It never looked "flawless" and sometimes would just slide off my dry skin. I have to be honest and say that I did just purchase this yesterday morning, but I used it yesterday morning, last night and this morning and there has already been a huge improvement. My pores look smaller, my skin more hydrated, and my makeup more flawless. My skin is very sensitive, and while I don't know any long term affects of this product yet, I didn't have any immediate reaction during the first few uses (which has happened with other products in the past).The serum feels a little thick when you put it on, and almost tacky until it dries down. I wouldn't say it takes long to absorb in your skin though. Once absorbed my skin felt incredibly soft. I had no issue using it in the morning and doing my makeup shortly after.If I remember, I will report back on my opinions of long term use and if I notice any difference in my uneven skin tone. I have some acne scaring I'd love to see fade and some fine lines as well.So far, I really enjoy this product and cant wait to see how it works long term!*side note, I got a free bag with some other MB products and I'm enjoying those so far as well. Its my first time purchasing anything from this brand. « less

- ulta.com
ulta.com userApril 1, 2019


I thought I liked this at 1st but I'm over Mario badescu products . I tolerated the brand for so long because a couple of the moisturizers were the only ones that were hydrating enough for my very dry skin.but then they reformulated the creams.which I hated.I got one moisturizers that wasn't hydrating enough from the brand and it actually caused wrinkles that same day ! I was none too pleased! This serum does cause acne Everytime I use it! And I hate how it changes as u wear it .I believe because it's oil based.And I wish he didn't put lavender oil in it .high amounts of it can cause cell death. I'm sick of oils! I just grew to hate this serum. I can exfoliate my skin and put this serum on and my skin feels icky! At one point I just stop using it.what a waste of money! I got it during one of the 21 days of beauty sales probably 50 per.off. Less

- ulta.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Propylene Glycolhazard
Hexylene Glycolacne
Propylene Glycolhazard

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