Drying Lotion by mario badescu
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Drying Lotion

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this product is amazing, usually my spot matures in 7 days, with this lotion, it just matures over one night and no redness

- Beautybay User

my "mature" skin and my daughter's teen skin both love this stuff

- Nordstrom User


redness relief

it’s honestly so good, i’ve been using it for almost 3 years and since my acne reduced amazingly

- Sephora User

if you suffer from acne even as an adult this stuff works over night to reduce inflamed pimples immediately, my skin has gotten so much better ever since i started using this

- Ulta User


good for acne

best acne product ever

- Ulta User

this is the best acne spot treatment ever

- Nordstrom User



i wash my face with my tea-tree face wash from oriflame and after air-drying it, i mist this spray on all over my face and neck and massage it in gently until it is absorbed

- Ulta User

i have combination/oily and acne prone skin and this spray has not irritated any of my acne but has rather improved it i think

- Ulta User
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ulta.com user
July 28, 2017

Horrific Results

My profile:- Oily Combination skin- Hormonal acne- Milia- Not sensitiveRoutine:- D Program Shiseido Cleanser- Shiseido Acne Lotion Toner- First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream- Shiseido Benefiance Ultra Concentrate Serum- D Program Shiseido AC ResetReview:My skin was breaking out from hormones for weeks, and turned into whiteheads or skin bumps near whitehead degree when I started using it. I followed all directions, and used it every night. Aside: the sediment sits pink and is not supposed to be disturbed or layered under makeup. The formula does burn, but it's bearable. Burning should stop within 30 seconds. The formula smells like rubbing alcohol, but we're not here to smell good anyway, so I didn't care. At first, the Drying Lotion seemed to work, and after a few days my acne did indeed go down a little; not all the way, but very noticably smaller. My skin was drying out a little, but my moisturizer balanced it out, and I didn't have many issues the first week of use. But by the second week, everything went downhill. My acne flared up twice as bad, was red from irritation, and started peeling like mad. The formula didn't do much to take down the flared whiteheads, and only dried them out even more, to the point of literal bleeding and scabbing over (I took a picture, but it was a little too gruesome. Let's just say it was BAD). I went in two weeks from a mildly annoying breakout to full out scabface. I stopped using the formula, let the scabs heal, and my skin has calmed down without the Drying Lotion after a couple days of healing. I used it again in hopes that it was just a coincidence that my Drying Lotion use was correlated with a flare up, but the formula seems to have stopped working on my skin now, and is only drying my skin more. Does not work for whiteheads, almost-whiteheads, the white spots under your lower lip on the chin, or on milia. If you still want to try a drying lotion, there are much cheaper options out there to experiment with. « less

March 13, 2020

this is a really great product. if you have any big acne spots, put this on at night and it will be almost gone in the morning. there are other versions of this, but this one is great!

April 13, 2020

this is a great spot treatment for sensitive skin! it effectively shrinks blemishes without causing too much irritation. i use this product on a regular basis and definitely recommend for those who have sensitive, acne-prone skin that are sick of getting chemical burns from harsher spot treatments like benzoyl peroxide.

beautybay user
July 03, 2019

Best product ever for acne

I started using this product about a year ago when someone talked about it on youtube. I have struggled with light acne over the past few years and it got much better when i went on birthcontrol but it was never gone completely until i started using this. I have tried soo many different acne products mostly from the drugstore. this is a little more expensive but totally worth it. It lasts me about half a year. I put it on at night and it stings really bad for a second but when it dries you don’t feel it anymore. in the morning my spots are much smaller and less irritated and red. it does dry out the skin so if you have dry skin like me moisturising is key. but i‘d rather use more moisturiser than have acne. i also prefer the plastic bottle because i once dropped the glas one and the lid broke so that the product dried out very quickly. very happy overall

March 16, 2020

Incredibly helpful for acne to reduce redness and inflammation! Highly recommend.

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Profile picture of Katie Houle
Katie Houle
Combination Skin

Acne solutions needed First of all, excuse the look on my face lol. I have oily/combination skin, with the oil mainly in my t-zone. The pores on my nose, especially in the crevices on the sides of my nostrils, get congested with blackheads. Most of my acne is on my chin and around my mouth, and some in the eyebrow area. I’ve been struggling with it for years! Any suggestions welcome. Skincare routine: Cetaphil daily facial cleanser for normal to oily skin Thayers toner Belief aquabomb moisturizer

Profile picture of Hotgastea
Combination Skin

I usually break out in the same areas you do, and for the little small bumps this helps a lot. When I’m breaking out near my mouth it’s usually because I eat oily/greasy food, so be sure to wipe off any oil or food u get around u mouth.

Profile picture of Sophie Calandra
Sophie Calandra
Combination Skin

what product should i add to my skin care routine to help with acne? or maybe recommendations for overnight spot treatments? i currently wash w a sensitive skin cleanser then apply toner and moisturizer. my skin is smooth and healthy with this current routine, but breakouts still occur in oilier areas like on my forehead (under my bangs) and around my nose (where my glasses sit).

Profile picture of Meredith
Dry Skin

This is a great overnight spot treatment!!

Profile picture of Mauri Fernandes
Mauri Fernandes
Oily Skin

Hi. Does anyone know of a good acne face wash? And/or acne spot treatment? I have oily skin and acne. Not terribly bad, but want to be able to keep it at bay with a good face wash etc. Thanks.

Profile picture of Amira Stephens
Amira Stephens
Oily Skin

NxN has a great line for acne + oily skin! And a good spot treatment is to DIY this w witch hazel + calamine lotion