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BB Cream Golden Glow by marcelle

BB Cream Golden Glow

pore minimizing(52)
coverage: medium coverage

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pore minimizing

pore minimizing

this matched my skin really nicely, and i noticed it minimized the pores on my cheeks, which i am self conscious of when i'm wearing minimal makeup

- Birchbox User

(no clogged pores

- Birchbox User


blends well

this bb cream is more like a face moisturizer and sinks right into the skin, leaving a non-dewy finish that doesn't sit on top of the skin, and offers just enough light coverage

- Birchbox User

second, the coverage is good, yet doesn't look at all makeup-y; the color blends seamlessly with my light-medium complexion and looks natural, even in daylight

- Birchbox User



i love how it illuminates my skin

- Birchbox User

it evens out my skin, makes me look illuminated when i am simply tired

- Birchbox User



this product is very hydrating and has a great coverage

- Birchbox User

when i actually applied it to my skin without moisturizing first and it blended in beautifully, i knew i was in love

- Birchbox User



i love tinted moisturizers so i was super excited to get this in my box, and at first i really loved the texture of the cream and how soft it made me feel

- Birchbox User

easy to use (all you do is put the product directly onto a cleansed face), the bb cream moisturizes, evens skin tone, and provides a beautiful sun kissed dewy glow all day

- Birchbox User



this bb is very light, sheer and doesn't look cakey and yet does a good job of not looking like foundation while covering just enough to refine my face

- Birchbox User

light weight, leaves an even finish

- Birchbox User

staying power


it looked so good and stayed for well over 8 hours with no touch ups

- Birchbox User

it gives me a great glow and lasts all night

- Birchbox User



i'm so glad i tried this, as my skin has a great dewy, not greasy look after using this over my spf and mattifying primer

- Birchbox User

it is easy to apply and blend, and does a good job of evening skintone and mattifying

- Birchbox User

color correction

color correcting

it's really more like a very lightly tinted moisturizer- comfortable on the face, slightly color correcting, adds a nice dewy glow, but its not covering any sort of blemish

- Birchbox User

while it's a bit dark on me, i wear it under benefit's big easy bb-to-powder cream (shade 3 if that's helpful for you) to work and it's absolutely perfect--i get a little glow without having to abuse highlighter and gives great color correcting for my red skin

- Birchbox User

color accuracy


it is definitely "golden" and made me look a sickly yellow

- Birchbox User

i tried diluting it with quite a bit of moisturizer, but the end results were still too dark and made my skin look a weird yellowy orange

- Birchbox User


medium coverage

the coverage is light to medium and it feels like you have nothing on

- Birchbox User

it gives me great light to medium coverage but it's totally build-able if you want a more full coverage

- Birchbox User
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Birchbox userAugust 7, 2014

Works so well I didn't even realize it!

I received this awhile ago in my Birchbox and since NONE of the other BB creams ever work for me, I waited months to even try it.I have light olive skin with yellow undertones, and usually have to custom mix my own foundation - usually everything is too pink for me, even when I do it this way. Also, I have acne scars, rosacea, severe dry and flaky patches, oiliness...just a little of everything!! I would usually NEVER get closeup with my boyfriend without my custom foundation blend, concealer and powder, topped off with highlighter, bronzer and eyeliner......(for my minimalist look).So summer happened and I needed to change up and simplify my routine. I finally tried this and I applied it thickly the same way I would my foundation. Didn't look so good. Later I tried a different approach, pressing small dots of product into damp skin only where I really need it and at first didn't think that it was doing anything, but after a few days I realized that I wasn't "noticing" anything because the product worked so well and subtly that the problem areas had disappeared before my eyes. I was so used to seeing this like pinky beige paint cancelling out my regular face, that when I still saw my freckles and a natural, dewy look at first I thought the product didn't do anything.I love the results so much that I have cut the number of other makeup products I use in half and am ready to chuck the 2 bottles of foundation I had just purchased. « less

- Birchbox
Birchbox userApril 4, 2016

Fantastic for olive skin tones

25 year old ethnically-ambiguous white woman with dry, acne-prone skin and some redness. My skin tone shifts between light-medium and medium. I tan easily and almost never burn.I've been using BB creams for three years now from different brands including Missha, Dr. Jart, and Smashbox. I've also been using tinted moisturizers since high school, most recently Josie Maran. My skin gets tan and then fades throughout the year so I end up having to mix different products to make the right shade or mix BB cream with moisturizer to get lighter coverage. Most recently, I was mixing Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream with Josie Maran Protect + Perfect Argan Daily [Tinted] Moisturizer to get this moisturizing, covering concoction. I also mixed the Smashbox BB cream with moisturizer to keep in my gym bag and that had good coverage, but after trying the Marcelle BB cream I'm ready to dump everything else.This is hands-down the best quality, coverage, blend, and feel of any BB creams I've used. Most non-Korean BB creams are too much like foundation: heavy and thick with a lot of coverage so you have to match it perfectly to your skin tone. The Marcelle BB cream actually lives up to the BB cream name. It blends with my skin so it doesn't look like I'm wearing foundation (I usually just smear it on with clean fingers) and it somehow covers the redness and dark spots from my acne. It moisturizes like the Josie Maran moisturizer but it feels lighter, like how my Missha BB cream used to feel.I'll be switching to the Marcelle exclusively and testing it out on several trips this next month to see how it holds up on a long day of walking. I haven't been paying great attention to how I look at the end of the day but I'll definitely be checking now.It's a bummer that this brand is exclusive to Birchbox but I guess I have to use those points somehow, right? « less

- Birchbox
Birchbox userSeptember 6, 2014

I was expecting more

From all of the reviews, this BB cream seemed really nice. I had high hopes for it. I've never used a BB cream before this one but my understanding was that it is like a tinted moisturizer.When I received my package, I was really excited. I tested it on the back of my hand and it was nice. I could see some glitter flecks on my hand which I was not expecting. I thought it would just leave a nice glow.When I tried it on my face, I really didn't like it. I felt that it looked caked on my face. I even tried rubbing it in more and it did not help. Now, I usually do not wear a lot of makeup so maybe that was my problem. I usually only use the Bare Minerals loose powder foundation with bronzer and mineral veil and it is much lighter and just makes my skin look smoother. I was expecting that this BB cream would make my skin look smoother and healthier and minimize pores but it did not do that. I wanted a more natural look, like people might not be able to tell I was wearing it but instead it was unnatural looking. Plus it was not very moisturizing to my face. It dried my skin out and made me feel more oily. « less

- Birchbox
Birchbox userOctober 8, 2013


I knew nothing of BB creams prior to receiving this in my Birchbox in July. I used it and thought it ok initially. I would use over my moisturizer. Very light coverage and was lighter than my skin tone but blended effortlessly, even with my deeper coloring.I decided to do some BB cream research and decided to try a unnamed Korean BB cream since it reviewed so well. When it arrived it paled in comparison to Marcelle Golden Glow. That is when I realized that it had all the things that i was looking for a BB Cream: corrects problem skin, mine being dry/redness/uneven tone/acne. As well as being a texture that is easily blendable. Most importantly I tested it by using it WITHOUT putting on a layer of moisturizer and my skin felt supple and not tight... It truly has become an all in one step post cleansing in the morning.The Korean brand BB Cream did not eliminate my step for treatment serum or moisturization and I felt was too much coverage; the texture of my skin was left feeling tacky.Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow was what I was looking for the whole time and I didn't even realize it. « less

- Birchbox
Birchbox userSeptember 22, 2017

Amazing BB cream

I generally have a hard time finding BB creams, or foundations of any type, that work with my skin tone/issues. I personally have freckled skin, and I'm in my mid 30s battling some expression lines,large pores, as well as some beginning fine creases. For me, the typical problem is that full coverage things just make my face look dirty, by blending the freckles...but bb's usually don't have enough coverage for my flaws. Anyhow, this BB cream was amazing...the golden hue really worked well for me, and instead of making my face look dirty, it actually defined and enhanced the freckled look. The overall glisten that it gives off, makes the skin look dewy and young. This BB cream did not settle into creases or pores, and it didn't leave a neck line. Seem's to just take your skin, and make it better. So, in conclusion, here are some bullet points that I loved about this BB cream. - Safe on my sensitive skin, absolutely no reaction to this cream. - No harsh scent. - Product felt light on. Would recommend this bb cream, great for summer, super easy application. « less

- Birchbox


Overall safe Ingredients

Sodium Benzoatehazard
Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 dimethiconehazard
Propylene Glycolhazard
Butylene Glycolacne
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamatehazard
Potassium Sorbatehazard

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