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Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick by Marc Jacobs Beauty
Marc Jacobs Beauty

Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick

Black Cherry BabyCandy BlingMocha Choco-lata!One Mauve TimeP(r)eachSugar SugarSweet EscapeUh-Huh Honey

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Sephora user
July 10, 2018

my pout!

I got this complimentary Marc Jacobs Enamored Lipgloss stick in Candy Bling... super pretty and definitely hydrating. Color is beautiful and highly glossy. Stayed on for at least 3 hours before a touch up was necessary. The packaging is a little bulky and I was expecting a gloss but got a stick. I don't like how it was retract, but the colors are gorgeous! I also got Uh Huh Honey and I wish that one wasnt so sheer. it reminds me of k beauty lip tints. unique formula and I love it!

Sephora user
August 8, 2018

i’m not much of a lipgloss gal, nor am I really into lipstick, but these marc jacob enamored lil gloss is something I can work with! i’m an all around lip balm lover and would pick that over anything but these lip glosses feeel more like a tinted lipbalm to me but just a bit shinier and more shimmer! i absolutely adore the packaging on this too bc it’s a twist tube with a “lip gloss” stick! but the outside packaging did make me believe that it was going to be a doe applicator, which i have nothing against, but i just prefer a balm stick type of product....the lip glosses itself are pretty hydrating, and the colors are not super pigmented but not super sheer either. #562 candy bling is almost like hot pink color (not really my color), but when i applied it, the color doesnt look so bad and not as bright as I thought! it def seems more like a summer color or maybe for a night out? or for when you wanna feel girlie? I also have #558 uh-huh honey which is a more brown nude tone. it’s not very pigmented on the lips, but this color I can see myself wearing more often than the pink. it looks like it be good for the fall, since it’s pretty subtle. I wouldn’t mind diving into the other colors in this collection for something more of my type! i really love that these lip gloss sticks remind me of lipbalms « less

Sephora user
August 1, 2018

Not my fave

THe product in theory is really cool. A stick of lip balm to offer an easier application. However the product itsself feels subpar. The gloss, even with one swipe, is very heavy and goopy. The lipgloss fades easily too and if your lips are chapped it will be highlighted immensely. I also thought the color was a very bad match for my skin. I wish the product could live up to the name.I recieved this item complimentary.

Sephora user
July 8, 2018

Gloss is In!

Marc Jacobs is an icon in the beauty industry, so when thus brand presents glosses, gloss is in and mattes are all forgotten about... at least for the summer that is. These glosses are gorgeous on the lips, comfortable, hydrating and super shiny! The pigment is more sheer as expected in a gloss so you can wear iy layered by itself or you can wear on top of another lip product for a bolder effect. The feel isn't sticky and gross on the lips, it feels comfortable and moisturizing (after all it is hydrating). Your lips do feel moisturized after using the product too. The scent is not overbearing, only a subtle minty scent from the peppermint oil used in its formulation. The gloss is stunning. The shades are stunning.While this product is great, dont go too crazy on it. The package is made to twist up and not down, so if you twist up too much theres no way of making it go back down without ruining your luxury product. Be careful!Altogether, I recommend! « less

Sephora user
July 14, 2018


I'm obsessed with these hydrating lipgloss sticks! I have shades Uh-huh Honey and Candy Bling. For being advertised as a "sheer" lipglosses, these are very pigmented (which I love). I usually carry around a lipstick and a gloss but now I don't have to thanks to MJ for this product! This gloss is very buttery on the lips and lasts on the lips until you eat, but leaves a nice stain on your lips. The packaging is beautiful, however you need to be careful twisting product up because you CANNOT twist it back down! I am pretty impressed so far with the two shades that I received complimentary to review, and I will definitely be purchasing more colors to try in the future!

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