Red Energy Recovery Serum by Mamonde

Red Energy Recovery Serum

Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum

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the ok: -it didn't cause a negative reaction from my skin

- Ulta User



i've been using it every night and i can tell that my face is much smoother than when i started

- Ulta User

it made my face feel smooth and refreshed

- Ulta User



the serum makes my skin look brighter right after using it and my skin feels super soft and smooth

- Ulta User

this serum claims to brighten, hydrate, smooth skin texture, and strengthen skin barrier

- Ulta User



this is a great product to add into your skincare routine for additional hydration and layering

- Ulta User

my skin feels hydrated, soft and absolutely amazing

- Ulta User


redness relief

this red energy recovery serum is a welcome relief when skin needs it most

- Ulta User

the mamonde red energy serum really means my skin look so amazing

- Ulta User



it's lightweight and absorbs well on the skin

- Ulta User

it has a silky like texture and feels light weight

- Ulta User



my fine lines are actually smoothing out and my face feels amazing

- Ulta User

also helps greatly with fine lines

- Ulta User



it didn't irritate my sensitive skin but due to the alcohol i would recommend to beware

- Ulta User

alcohol in skincare can be drying or irritating, and it's something that generally doesn't work for me, specifically, although others may not have similar problems

- Ulta User
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ulta userMarch 02, 2020

Skin feels radiant

I absolutely loved trying Mamonde Red Energy Serum. It comes in a cute pump bottle. It doesnt take but a few pumps to get enough product to cover my whole face and neck. It has a silky like texture and feels light weight. I also loved how it didnt make my face feel oily. After just 2 days of using product I could already tell a HUGE difference in the way my skin felt and looked. This product is definitely something my face needs especially during the harsh cold winter weather that tends to make my skin so dry and dull looking. I am just in awe of this product and my results. I highly recommend others giving it a try. I recieved this product free in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts. All opinions shared are 100 percent my own and have not been influenced in any way.

ulta userMarch 16, 2020

Winter Blues meet Red Relief

Great serum! Safe for ultra sensitive skin. Apply after washing face and prepping skin with moisturizer. I used just a dab, and it was enough to smooth my face! It is used for anti-aging. After using it for just a month, I noticed a difference in smoothness and radiance. My skin is glowing in a good way! There are so many different products out there, it is hard to know which one will work for you. This Red Energy Recovery Serum is a welcome relief when skin needs it most!

ulta userMarch 02, 2020

Nice serum

This felt very moisturizing and had a nice scent. I've tried some serums that seem to dry very quickly but still leave a tacky or even gritty feeling, but this was very smooth and hydrating. Not sticky or drying. Combined with the rest of my skincare routine I definitely noticed that my skin was better hydrated and also more even toned. I also have fairly sensitive skin and tested this on my hand before applying to my face and even with the fragrance, I did not break out at all. I definitely recommend this serum and think it's a great option to add into your routine.

ulta userMarch 16, 2020

Not my favorite.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine. The Good: -Its packaging is pretty. The OK: -It didn't cause a negative reaction from my skin. The Bad: -It's scented, which although it's not overpowering, I prefer my facial skincare to not contain fragrance. -It contains alcohol. Alcohol in skincare can be drying or irritating, and it's something that generally doesn't work for me, specifically, although others may not have similar problems. It is also the third ingredient on the list, meaning it has a higher concentration in this product. -Dimethicone is the second ingredient, after water, meaning it also has a high concentration. You can feel its presence in the serum almost immediately. I wouldn't recommend using a serum with dimethicone due to its occlusive properties, which basically create a barrier on your skin (normally good) and will make it harder for other products that follow to penetrate. -My skin didn't feel more hydrated or revitalized after use.

ulta userMarch 02, 2020

Nourishes skin

I received this serum for free for testing purpose. I've been using this serum for 15 days, and I already notice my skin firmer and my wrinkles less noticeable. My skin is very dry and this serum keeps it hydrated without the need to add any other hydrating cream. I'm very happy and I recommend it!


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Cetearyl Alcoholacneirritant
Butylene Glycolacne