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has fallout

this is the worse i have even seen, the texture is very sandy very powdery and the packaging is beyond hell when ever you open it

- Beautybay User

it falls off every where

- Beautybay User
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beautybay userNovember 22, 2016

This is the worse i have even seen, the texture is very sandy very powdery and the packaging is beyond hell when ever you open it falls off every question is that makeup geek is charging hell lot for this garbage and dont even afford to put a lid to secure the product inside the jar......very disappointing.........

beautybay userMarch 06, 2016

First of all I am thrilled to find a reliable UK stockist of Makeup Geek products. Shipping in 2 days is fantastic and always so well packaged by Beauty Bay!I bought the sparkler in the shade Satellite. The product itself is amazing! The container is not so amazing but oh so worth it. It comes without a sifter and so when you first open the little jat, pigment goes everywhere! I recommend opening it over a folded piece of clean paper to catch the spill so that you can add it back to the jar afterwards! -Thankfully I had already read that this would happen when I was googling swatches and so I did just that. It will then need to forever more be stored in an upright position if you want to avoid the same thing happening again ...this is not one to throw in your makeup bag!On to the product itself;The texture of this is unlike any other pigment I own. It is a combination of both lose pigments and fine glitter and had a texture almost resembling table salt! But don't be put off! It blends beautifully and is utterly unique!The shade is a duochrome effect of purple with copper reflects. You can apply it pressed over different cream eyeshadows to give it hold and each base according to the shadow you use will give it a different enchanting effect! Or you can apply it over a clear base or even better...apply it wet! I was utterly blown away by both the shade and the quality of this product! It is unlike anything else I won and I have several unique shades from indie brands such as femme fatale inglot, notoriously morbid and others amongst my collection!On me it wears about 10 hours on various basis and applied wet. I have normal to dry skin type and I don't notice much fading or creasing or any product falling down onto my cheeks.I put this on in the AM and it is still dazzling away when I come to go to bed. So much so that it is almost a shame to take it off!The Break Down;Pigmentation -10/10Longevity 9/10blendability 9/10amount of product 9/10 (the jar is little but don't be fooled it will take a LONG time to get through this even if you wore it every day!)desirability 10/10 -(so unique!!! and stunning!!!)packaging 6/10 (looks nice but not very practical design)Bottom line;If you're umming and ahhing about this ...don't. Just get it or you'll regret it!

beautybay userNovember 09, 2016

My eyes be poppin' with this product I have asteroid and satellite the glitter stays on all day and is more sparkly than the other glitters I have only downside is the packaging although they have started to supply them with a filter you still lose some when opening the product but when your eyes fleeky packaging ain't really a problem

beautybay userJune 30, 2016

I recently received the shades Milky way and Solar Flare and I love them! I am a big lover of makeup and I had never used glitters on my eyes before so I wasn't sure how this product was going to stick/work out! They are amazing! Milky Way is a gorgeous silver and Solar Flare is a copper orange colour! I find the best way to apply these is to apply a similar colour eyeshadow first just to ensure maximum colour payoff and then using a glitter glue eye primer (I use the too faced one) I take a flat brush and picking up small amounts of the glitter, I pack it onto my eyelid, I find it easier and cleaner if you press the glitter on your lids and don't sweep the brush over your eyes because this can lead to fall out etc! Can't wait to buy more colours!

beautybay userJanuary 01, 2017

These glitters are so eye catching! I ordered Milky Way and am in love with it, they work well for me even without a sticky base! Yes some of the product does come out of the container but it is a loose product, the exact same thing happens with my loose powders and other pigments, it's just the nature of the product and is to be expected!

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