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Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation by MAC

Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

pore minimizing(96)
coverage: medium coverage

Top Reviews



it's convenient compact goes anywhere and when applied to her face, gives her the smoothest, silkiest complexion with little effort, and little product

- Macy's User

i love having something that hides my breakouts and smoothes my skin all in one step

- M·A·C User


not creasing

it goes on smooth and does not make creases lasts throughout the entire day

- Nordstrom User

my makeup looks fresh all day, doesn't settle into my fine lines, and doesn't need touching up throughout the day

- Ulta User


good quality

the quality, coverage, and staying power of this makeup, and the confidence it gives me (i have struggled with acne my entire life and although much improved, i still have at least a few small blemishes on my face at any given time, plus acne scars) makes it worth every penny

- Nordstrom User

i would recommend this to anyone who is willing to pay for quality becuase it really does make a difference to your normal everyday makeup routine

- Viewpoints User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

it didn't clog my pores or look cakey

- Nordstrom User

it didn't clog my pores or look cakey

- Nordstrom User

staying power


stays on and i love it

- Ulta User

i use this powder by itself over my moisturizer and it lasts all day, keeps the oils at bay, and covers my imperfections

- Macy's User



i am very picky with my products, and this is very build-able foundation

- Macy's User

i love this powder by mac because you can apply as much as you need for a light coverage and build up to a full coverage

- Macy's User


blends well

good blend and holds for over 8 hrs

- Bloomingdale's User

i use the mac 182 buffer brush and just apply in circular motions all of my face, pretty carelessly, don't have a thought-out motion, and then i use the mac 217 blending brush (yes, i am aware that it is an eyeshadow brush, but i originally bought it because the rep told me it was a great under-eye concealer brush) and just go over all of my blemishes and imperfections and i take a look at myself under the very-lighted mirror and cannot believe how incredibly invisible my makeup looks and how remarkably flawless my face looks

- Nordstrom User



this powder works for my makeup no matter the state of my skin, i currently have a sunburn/dry skin that liquid foundation will not sit on and bam put my powder on top and its perfect

- Sephora User

this gives excellent coverage without clogging pores or drying out your skin

- Macy's User



i love how lightweight this product is

- Ulta User

i love this , it makes my skin look good and boosts my confidence its powder foundation formula helps absorb any oil, i love this so much , its very light weight and very clean and smooth finishing , you cant tell i have it on

- M·A·C User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

its' buildable coverage reduces the visibility all of my scars and imperfections, doesn't turn orange, doesn't cake, doesn't shift, has a gorgeous matte finish and lasts until i want it removed

- Ebay User

i have tried several different brands of makeup to cover my not so great complexion without turning me orange

- Macy's User



it doesn’t leave me looking dull or powdery and lasts super well on my skin without a primer or setting spray (the sunscreen i assume helps grip)

- Mecca User

i use it with my studio finish concealer in nw45, peach lustre and bright forecast prep & prime highlighter pens for a flawless finish with my 134,138,150 or 187 brush

- M·A·C User


medium coverage

i bought it because of my oily skin and it works perfectly i love that it is multipurpose you can set your foundation with it you can keep it in your purse for touchups and you can use it as your foundation when used as your foundation it gives a medium coverage and looks very natural i wear it in my no makeup makeup days when i want a heavier coverage i use it over a primer or set my foundation with it

- M·A·C User

the coverage is medium to buildable, and it lasts for the majority of the day

- Ulta User
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Macy's userOctober 21, 2009


After purchasing this product I can say that I am a loyal MAC customer here on out. I have always had SUCH a difficult time matching my correct foundation, and the girl at the MAC Counter helped me with ease - I'm an NC 20. I typically need full coverage unless I am having a "good skin" day, and I bought this with the Studio Finish Concealer with SPF 35 so that I would have maximum coverage with a natural, non-cakey finish. After years of wearing liquid foundation, I discovered Mineral Foundation - which is essentially a powder form of foundation. I have very dry skin but I can't stand the hassle that comes along with applying liquids. I was in LOVE with Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation but I have redness on my cheeks that I am very self conscious about - and though it is a good product, I still want more coverage. So this fall I took a chance with MAC. I tried out that Studio Fix Fluid - and I HATED it. Yes, it had AMAZING coverage but it broke me out SO BAD. I literally went from clear skin to 6 huge pimples in 2 days. I was devastated, and returned to mineral make up since it wouldn't clog my pores like the foundation did. Then I heard about the POWDER form of Studio Fix! I did endless research - until I was convinced and heard it let your skin "breathe" while providing maximum coverage - exactly what I'm looking for. Even though this is recommended for oily skin, I have dry skin but am still prone to breakouts. I find if I moisturize my skin is fine with this product and it doesn't look patchy. I cannot say how much I love this stuff. I am very picky with my products, and this is VERY build-able foundation. It's also so quick and easy. No more hassle with blending in liquid foundation or loose mineral foundations! I apply this with a kabuki brush and it looks flawless. I find that it does look a little "powdery" but I use my fix plus and it looks WONDERFUL and instantly takes away the powdery look if I accidentally apply too much. I don't know what else to say...TRY IT! You won't be disappointed. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-7514454166144838250-full" data-show="-7514454166144838250-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- Macy's
M·A·C userMay 10, 2014

My Go-To, On-the-Run Foundation Powder!

I <3 this powder foundation. I have never ever...EVER...tried powder foundations until I came across this wonder. I read so many reviews and thoughts on this beauty product and I'm glad I decided to buy it and test it out. It's been a few years since then and I am still loving it..still reaching for it... for my go-to, on-the-run makeup days where I'm in a hurry and I have errands to do and can't make my face in front of the mirror for an hour and a half. I love this powder foundation. Coverage wise, for me, I would say this would be perfectly medium. Since it is powder form, I would not advise in slathering this on for a FULLER coverage type of look. You're just going to make yourself look too cakey. But if you do go overboard, spray some Fix + and you're good to go. I have very sensitive skin, oily to combination skin in spring/summer and dry to combination skin in winter/fall. This has not broken me out at all. High points are that it lasts all day for me, has medium coverage, is matte and feels light on my face. Low points: It does not have good oil absorbing or good oil controlling properties at all. But then again, I'm on the oilier side. It is NOT full coverage. So for me all in all, this product is a win/win hands down! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="6983968953242918152-full" data-show="6983968953242918152-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- M·A·C
M·A·C userMay 15, 2017

Mom Friendly

I have several friends who use and love mac products. I also watch a lot of beauty reviews. So, for me, it was just finding the right color and type of foundation. I am almost 2 hours away from a MAC so I went online for a Shade Finder. The shade finder was on another site not MAC but I think MAC should offer! The shade that was given to me based on other foundation/shades I used previously was N4 but I decided I would go up one shade up to a N5. I love that there is such a good shade range in this product. It makes it easier to find your shade. The packaging itself I love. I like that the bottom of the compact case where the sponge is stored is breathable. It makes sense that the sponge would need to breathe. The foundation itself was awesome! I literally got compliments the first time I wore it! I would say its Med- Full Coverage, definitely buildable and is not cakey. I don't even feel like I use that much! It does not sit in fine lines and lasts just about all day. I used to have to touch up several times a day. Now, I touch up once and its just on my nose. The product is very silky and natural looking. I definitely recommend this product! Next I will be trying the Liquid and some other products! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-4980669433967486356-full" data-show="-4980669433967486356-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- M·A·C
Macy's userApril 8, 2017


I am African A. My skin is dry and sensitive, with lots of hyperpigmentation.I dislike this product. Trying to find the right shade was a hassle. This powder made my face itch, burn and break out in acne/hives. I would not recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin. I used the shade NW45 and it made me look entirely too orange, and the NC shades looked ashy and gray my skin. Also, I did not get full coverage with this product. I believe this powder should be used on top of foundation. A little goes a long way, don't go over board,this product looks too pigmented, my skin looked patchy. It also transfers terribly on my clothes, pillow, other peoples clothes, and so forth. I was disappointed in this product, I will not purchase it again. 

- Macy's
M·A·C userJuly 24, 2012

Long hours call for long-lasting

I'm a nurse, and work very long hours with no time to use the bathroom, let alone "touch up" my makeup. Since this is a powder plus foundation, all I use underneath it is a light moisturizer and apply this for all day coverage that will last through a 12-14 hour shift no problem. I have been using this product for over 15 years now, and am more in love with it now than ever before. In my teens it gave me a flawless face for an uneven skin tone, in my 20's, it diffused the light to hide imperfections and blemishes. Now in my 30's it soften's those fine lines starting to appear and my large, overworked pores are practically invisible. The sun damage surfacing as well as the occasional blemish are completely gone, leaving a smooth, flawless finish and gorgeously even skintone. My 67 year old mother has also been using this for about 10 years now and she always looks flawless. It always does such a good job on her aging skin and never looks heavy or "made-up".My skin changes with the seasons, and with age. I've gone from oily to dry and back again a hundred times over with problem issues in between, and this stuff always meets and exceeds the challenges I throw at it. It works for summer or winter, in that respect the only thing that changes with the season is my moisturizer. I have tried others like Studio Tech and Mineralize, and always come back to this.One thing that people should know, it's what you put underneath this makeup that can make it or break it. If your skin is dry, you need a heavier moistuizer anyway and should be exfoliating. Do this, and this product will never "flake" on you. If your skin is oily, you need a sheer, oil-controlling moisturizer or prep for your skin.This is the best coverage I have found that looks natural and never cakey. I use the sponge that comes with it for an easy, every day, all-over application. But for more buildable coverage, use a brush, I love the 187 brush for this. For softer more sheer coverage, use the 167 brush. « less

- M·A·C


Overall safe Ingredients

Hexylene Glycolacneirritant
Chromium Oxide Greenshazard

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