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Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set by MAC

Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set




Key Benefits:

  • Waterproof
  • Longlasting
  • Volumizing

Ratings & Reviews

4.586% of 424reviewers recommend this product

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ulta user
September 01, 2019

Why did MAC change the original formula? Bring back the orig

MAC used to have a product called Brow Set that came in a color called "Show Off" which was a rich dark brown formulation and a nice full brush. I purchased it for years until one day I stopped by my MAC store and they told me it was discontinued and that Brow Set no longer comes in a dark brown shade. In its place is Pro Longwear in Bold Brunette so I purchased it hoping it was as good or better than Show Off. What a joke! Pro Longwear is a tinier, dried product with a shorter, smaller brush that barely gets color out and is no more long-wearing than the original Brow Set. For the life of me, I just don't understand why some cosmetic companies discontinue quality products and replace them with inferior ones. It has soured me on MAC cosmetics.

ulta user
September 01, 2019

Perfect for a natural brow look!

I was looking for a product that would enhance my brows rather than make them look filled-in and drawn on. I had initially tried the True Brunette Gelcreme for awhile per an in-store consult. Sadly, I felt like this color never quite worked naturally with my darker brown hair. In an online consult, Bold Brunette Brow Set and Deep Dark Brunette Waterproof Brow Gelcreme were both recommended to me. Since MAC had an awesome sale going, I decided to try them both. First, I tried the Deep Dark Brunette Gelcreme alone. The color matches so much better for darker brown hair than True Brunette. Still, by itself, the Gelcreme felt too drawn on and harsh for an everyday look. I suppose due to the darker color, it's easy to apply too much. It just doesn't look very natural to me either tends to speckle on the skin with thick enough application. By itself, this product was a no. The Brow Set in Bold Brunette was next. It applies similar to a mascara, darkening each individual strand of hair. I removed some of the excess product at the tip before applying, and it combs through the brows without any clumps at all. It doesn't transfer to the skin with the wand, which is especially nice. Then I used a brow brush to comb through and shape. The finished look with only the Brow Set is very natural; think your own eyebrows darker, fuller, and more defined. Perfect for a low-key, everyday brow. It even lasts overnight and in the shower beautifully if you don't clean it off! I wanted to check the staying power, and it exceeds my expectorations :) I decided to use the Deep Dark Brunette Gelcreme with the Brow Set. Sparingly, just to fill in my brows where they could use a little more definition and color. that does the trick! I look in the mirror up close, and it still looks quite natural, just a little more oomph. Not speckled at all on my fair skin. I love the look so much that I decided to keep both without a second thought. The Brow Set can be an everyday quick-fix, like a quick swipe of mascara to make your eyes pop when you can't do the full routine. The products together, however, are absolutely amazing and worth every cent. I highly recommend them!

Nordstrom user
March 20, 2018

Favorite Brow Product...and I've Tried Many!

I absolutely love this product. I had been using a Benefit Cosmetics brow gel for almost two years until they stopped making it for a number of months here very recently. I was forced to find a new product. Turns out, I will happily buy the MAC brow gel over the other. The price is awesome, you get twice the product and it goes on much easier. Although, I prefer a bolder brow so more product per application is a good thing for me. I like the size of the brush (although it could be just a slightly smaller). I got the "Bold Brunette" shade and it is definitely a dark brown. Goes on ever darker than it looks on the brush. Plus, it's waterproof so it lasts all day. But, unlike many waterproof mascaras, this actually comes off easily with makeup remover. Also a huge plus. I will be buying this product until they quit making it! « less

Nordstrom user
May 27, 2015

My new favorite

I purchased this product after I had used up my Benefit Gimme Brow. I did like the Benefit one but it didn't help to fill in the sparse areas of my brows very well because it was not very pigmented in my opinion. I bought this MAC one in the color Quiet Brunette. I am a natural medium brunette with light brown/blonde highlights and this color was a perfect match. The color would still be perfect if my hair was natural and not highlighted. I usually have a hard time finding a color that is just right and not too dark. I use the Anastasia Brow Wiz first to emphasize the shape and then I set my brows with this MAC Brow Set. It has great color payoff that adheres nicely to my brows and keeps them in place without making them feel wet like some brow sets can do. This product is much more pigmented than others I have used and I was very happy about that. This product also works well alone on days I do not use the brow pencil first. Overall I was very happy I bought this and I will be re-buying again. « less

Macy's user
October 4, 2016

My brows pop naturally with this product!

After years of pencils and shadows, I finally found a product I love to make my near invisible brows come alive. While dying them is an option, sometimes it can be a bit too dark, leaving your brows to enter a room before you do! Not so with this product. I love my MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set. The color is perfect and it lasts all day (and night if you don't remove it)! I love the way to color is applied with a mascara brush like applicator. It's shaped like a cone, so it blends perfectly as you apply. If you over-shoot your application, it's easy to dab off the extra with a tissue or cotton swab. Highly recommend, especially the color I purchased, "Emphatically Blonde", which is perfect for my coloring and strawberry blonde hair. Looks so natural you would never know it's there. I've recommended it to several friends already. And it's very reasonably priced! « less

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