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Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm by MAC

Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm

staying power(80)
finish: natural coverage: medium coverage
Variation: DARK
nordstromBuy ($31)

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this really moisturizes and smooths out my lipstick

- Birchbox User

i have very dry skin, and this product is great

- M·A·C User

staying power


this prep & prime helps my lipstick stay perfect and looking beautiful for hours

- M·A·C User

this primer helps my foundation last all day

- Macy's User



lightweight, goes on easy, feels like you're wearing nothing

- Nordstrom User

my face looks flawless and this compact is light on my skin

- Macy's User



very handy and it could fit anywhere,but for the makeup itself it is amazing,it brightened my skin instantly,just a thin film makes my skin look so natural and radiant

- M·A·C User

this tinted cream is the first ever to not leave my skin looking ashy

- Macy's User



creates an even smooth application to the face

- M·A·C User

i'm very dry and this bb cream hydrates my skin while making me look glowy

- Maccosmetics User



it comes out seemingly smooth, but don't be fooled, it goes on extremely chunky and begins flaking if you even attempt to blend it

- Maccosmetics User

because of this, the application tends to be streaky and if you try to continue rubbing after it has dried out a bit, you will end up with little particles that look like dry skin

- M·A·C User

pore minimizing

not pore minimizing

unfortunately, within minutes of going on, the bb cream settles into my pores

- Maccosmetics User

plus, there is too much yellow in this, i had used this product to replace a previous mac product: "mac prep + prime cc colour correcting spf 30" which is much better, as it is less opaque, the hue was more suitable, and it does not clog my pores

- M·A·C User

color accuracy


half a year later, the product has already oxidized, it clings to dry skin, and i can't seem to blend it in with a flat foundation brush, beauty blender, or stippling brush

- M·A·C User

due to it containing spf it made me look grey so it wasn't a good fit for my complexion

- Debenhams User



it doesn't looks like you are wearing makeup, just wash your face and use it without using it anything stays for 4-6 hours looks so natural no makeup looks

- Maccosmetics User

when you apply it, the product is so smooth, and it seems to actually "fuse" with your skin resulting in a truly natural finish

- Maccosmetics User


medium coverage

it gives a very nice even light to medium coverage

- Macy's User

it is the perfect go-to formula if you want medium coverage with a very lightweight product

- M·A·C User
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maccosmetics.com userSeptember 30, 2015

My favorite MAC product..!

I use this literally every day (medium plus). I'm 20, so I definitely have a little acne from time to time but I've never been one to "cover it up" with tons of cakey makeup, so I use this and it looks wonderful! It makes skin look super beautiful if you like a more dewey/natural look, but it isn't "glossy" or "oily." I have pretty oily skin and this makes me look fresh and healthy and just beautiful. I love to use the strobe cream and apply this product on top. So pretty! I also gave my old tube of the Light shade to a friend of mine and now she loves it, too! :) 

- maccosmetics.com
maccosmetics.com userOctober 4, 2013

The only good thing is it has SPF

I bought this in extra light hoping for a barely there, non-greasy tinted moisturiser with SPF but the latter is the only strong point for me. My skin is combination, flaky and greasy, and I have a pale complexion. I was hoping for some cover for hyperpigmentation from the sun and just to even out the tone.Unfortunately, within minutes of going on, the BB cream settles into my pores! To look natural, I have to wipe most of it off. Dry areas around my mouth and nose look white and patchy. I've tried gamely to use this with different moisturisers under it (as the packaging recommends) and with some moisturiser it fails to "stick" and instead forms little balls and rubs right off. Also my skin becomes greasy throughout the day and this cream makes that even worse.For those over the age of 21 and with dry/flaky or combination skin, look elsewhere. Perhaps this should be labelled as a product for those with dry but not flaky skin?Someone should invent a tinted moisturiser for people with greasy/combination skin that is mattifying and goes on natural... Less

- maccosmetics.com
maccosmetics.com userJuly 23, 2019

Perfect for everyday

I have extremely oily skin. While I prefer a lighter coverage, I have struggled to find anything less than full coverage that would actually last all day on my skin without turning into a greasy mess. This BB cream is the first lighter coverage product that I've tried that provides enough coverage to make me confident, can be applied with minimal effort using my fingers and looks amazing, is mattifying, and actually stays matte to satin in finish ALL DAY. I feel like my skin looks so natural with this product and I love the fact that I don't have to worry about blotting or touching up like I typically do with other products. Love it so much I bought it in 2 shades to allow me to adjust for coming seasons. I think this may be my holy grail bb/foundation product for daily wear. Please never discontinue this!!! Less

- maccosmetics.com
M·A·C userAugust 12, 2014

BEST primer... AND replaces foundation!

I'm in my mid-40's and was looking for something to cover the mild rosacea on my forehead and nose, without looking cakey and/or making under-eye wrinkles look more pronounced. This product delivers! I normally use Mineralize Foundation (in NC30) and purchased this in Medium, based on a Makeup Artist's recommendation at Mac Store. I still use both items interchangeably based on my mood and what I'll be doing. However, I've noticed that the Beauty Balm stays on LONGER (fresher) than my Mineralize Foundation, and the color matches a tad bit better as well, PLUS it has higher SPF (30 v. 15). It makes my face look a bit more matte than the Mineralize Foundation, which would normally be a deterrent for me (I have dry areas on my face), except that it doesn't look cakey or fill-in my lines unattractively. I still love my Mineralize Foundation (it gives me a more dewy finish with great coverage), but genuinely love both products! I normally use this with my Mineralize concealer, and Prep+Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact Powder (in Yellow), and powder blush-- and my skin looks FLAWLESS. I highly recommend it! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- M·A·C
M·A·C userAugust 10, 2013

Pleasantly surprised

On my usual quest for a foundation that will match my fair skintone and be moisturizing and not exagerate fine lines or pores, I got a sample of this product when the new Mineralize foundation proved not to have a shade for me. I got the sample in the extra light. I must say, it functioned like a moisturizing foundatin with light to medium coverage, a nice glow, and no exagerration of unwanted skin characteriistics! The shade was a drop too light for the upcoming summer season, I will try to get a sample of the light when I am next at a counter. But other than a sunscreen odor that did dissipate, it was a very exeptional product. I was surprised that all the attention was being given to the new foundation, when this product was just as good, maybe better, especially for those of us with very light skintones. The Mineralize foundation for dry skin has limited shades in the very light skintones, but this product was made for them! May be a great alternative to foundation for those who find a great color match, as has excellent sun protection for those who need it the most!! I will definitely follow up on finding a shade that is right for me, even if it means blending two together during season changes. Application is quick with my fingers, some concealer, blush and out the door! I haven't tried it with full evening eye makeup and all, but I can't see why it wouldn't work as well. Don't need all the sunscreen at night, but if it doesn't irritate your skin, and you take it off before bed (I''m guilty of sleeping in make up too ofter), I can't see that it would be a problem. Will follow up this review when I know more, but give it a try, it should be getting a lot more attention!! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- M·A·C


Overall safe Ingredients

Oxybenzone 2.50%hazard
Butylene Glycolacne
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Stearic Acidacne
Zinc Oxide 3.50%acne
PEG-40 Stearatehazard

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