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Liptensity Lip Pencil by MAC

Liptensity Lip Pencil



M·A·C Liptensity Lip Pencil is a vivid lip liner with a slanted, chiseled tip and creamy, high-frequency colour.

Key Benefits:

  • Longlasting

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M·A·C user
January 2, 2014


I am very impressed with these lip pencils. I normally go for retractable ones because they are creamy, easier to apply, etc. Lip pencils usually drag, aren't very pigmented, and don't apply well to hydrated lips. However, these are really pigmented, easy to apply without dragging, actually work well over lip balm, very long lasting, and sharpen to a nice point. I recently got Magenta and LOVED it, so I had to go out and buy another, so I chose Cherry. It looks a lot like Ruby Woo in pencil form, so it works well with blue based reds such as, Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Mac Red, and even Viva Glam 1 to make it brighter. They are totally worth the money you pay, and are the best lip pencils I've ever tried. They can also be used as an all over lipstick, and you can never go wrong with a multi-use product. You MUST try these!! Less

M·A·C user
May 22, 2018


I've been buying the MAC lip pencil in Stripdown for over ten years. It's the only product I use to line and fill in my lips. The color closely matches my natural lip color and every pencil I've purchased through the years has never varied in color or consistency, its always been exactly the same. I just received an order of two Stripdown lip pencils and something has definitely changed. The color is different. It's more of a matte light brown and the consistency is awful. It's soft not firm. It's more like a lipstick consistency. I can't use it to line my lips because it smudges, is messy and the tip breaks off with very minimal pressure. Both lip pencils I received are this same new product.Did I just get a bad batch or has my favorite color lip pencil really changed? I'm so disappointed.Has anyone else experienced this problem? « less user
September 12, 2015

Love it!

Have this in the colour Whirl. It's amazing! Gets a lipstick to stay absolutely perfect for the whole day. I'd reccomend finding one thats a good nude because you can then use it whether you put on nude, red, orange, pink, dark, or ANYTHING on top. That way you don't need to spend on a million lip liners in different colours. It stops lipsticks bleeding or fading sometimes even through food. A nice smooth application, creamy but not slippy, not dry. It's a must have and can also be used without lipstick to add a long wearing bold colour to the lip. :) 

M·A·C user
October 14, 2013

Incredible lip pencil!

this was my first lip pencil from M.A.C, which I got in the colour Nightmoth. Amazing pigment! I love to wear it all over my lips with a lipstick overcoat. Lasted all night! will repurchase for sure, when used up. user
January 1, 2015

Obsessed with Dervish

Apparently the nude lip thing is very in right now, thanks to Kylie Jenner, so many of the standard rosy-nude shades were sold out. I got some help from the sales associate looking for an alternative to Spice, which is too brown for my lips (they're naturally a bit more rosy-colored). She showed me Dervish and it's perfect! Almost exactly matches the color of my lips. I could wear it plain but I needed it to layer under stronger colors to act as a base. I did just that with Ruby Woo lipstick for NYE and it lasted all night! Dervish is not part of my daily makeup rotation. Great consistency and color, easy to apply, love it. 

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