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Eyeshadow x 15 - Cool Neutral by MAC

Eyeshadow x 15 - Cool Neutral

staying power(35)
pigmentation: sheer
nordstromBuy ($65)

Top Reviews

staying power


long lasting and a great value

- Macy's User

love everything about this palette, the colors stay all night

- Bloomingdale's User


not creasing

the pigments are rich, and the darker ones give the perfect smokey eye, or subtle definition in the crease i’m looking for during the day

- Nordstrom User

great quality but best with a base as it can crease

- Debenhams User


blends well

my favourite eyeshadow palette, very blendable and an excellent mix of colours

- Brownthomas User

the colors are super pigmented and easy to blend

- Macy's User


does not have fallout

i use an eye primer under the eye shadows and it lasts the whole day without any fall out

- Macy's User

i love that they build up well with minimal fallout

- Macy's User



love the colors, sheerness when applied, colors are flawless

- Macy's User

i love that it has both sheer (shiny) and matte colors

- Macy's User
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ulta.com userOctober 3, 2017

warm palette lovers dream

fantastic palette, very very pigmented and glittery. the gold shade packs a punch and I like how I can layer it on my lid and it gets deeper and deeper in pigment. it's VERY pigmented, like over the top that gold shade and it's very glittery. the dark brown compliments it so well in the crease.I wore these colors for 9 hours one day and had absolutely no fading or creasing what so ever.i use a primer of course but the quality of the shades is fantastic. it's pricy but more than worth it, when using a shade on the lid use a flat shader brush and PACK/TAP the color on to get the most pigment.

- ulta.com
M·A·C userDecember 27, 2015

A Must Have

While the eighty dollar price tag would scare off the best of us, this palette is one of my new must haves. If you are new to MAC or makeup this is a very easy scheme to work with. The colors are very blendable with very little fall out. You are able to create daytime as well as more dramatic smokey eyes as well. The colors blackberry (M) and black tied (V) are my personal favorites. Cozy grey is a great blending transition color but is very light and to me appears more taupe than grey. I own a wide variety of palettes from different companies but since I've picked this up, I have repeatedly reached for it every morning.

- M·A·C
Nordstrom userAugust 3, 2015

Great Value

This is a nice palette. It is a wonderful value, you get all 15 almost full sized pans plus the container and insert for almost half the price it normally costs. The shades are well curated and you get a very nice selection of MAC's warm eye shadow shades. You can create beautiful looks with this palette. If your not familiar with MAC eye shadows they are highly pigmented, long wearing, very blendable and for the most part you can apply them with a wet or dry brush to adjust the color. I use Espresso as an eye liner, I just apply it wet with a MAC angle brush. If your considering purchasing this palette I recommend that you do it, you are getting a great deal and you will find that this palette last a long time and is very versatile. Also, its not huge, its quite a convenient size so nice for traveling. Especially if your going on a longer trip like to Europe or a cruise where you will be wanting both daytime and night time looks, this will work great for that. It isn't bulky or heavy and is slim enough to nicely fit in your travel kit. I'm happy I bought it and I think you will be to! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Nordstrom
Nordstrom userAugust 3, 2015

Cool Tones

This is such a nice palette! This palette is very well curated with some of MAC's best cool toned eye shadows. This is a great value as each pan is nearly full sized and the container/palette and insert are both included. This would be a great gift for a teen who is just starting to wear makeup, you won't need to be buying them more eye shadows for a very long time as this will last. Its also a great size for traveling, the palette is slim and sleek and will fit nicely into a travel kit. You can create both day time and night time looks with this palette as well. I highly recommend this and am happy with my purchase. The eye shadows are long wearing, blendable, highly pigmented, can be applied wet or dry and look fantastic!

- Nordstrom
ulta.com userNovember 30, 2018

I wanted to love this

I really wanted to love this palette! I usually do when it comes to MAC eye shadows. This was just a huge disappointment. Just looking at the palette the colors are beautiful, and most of them even swatched ok. But when I went to use them, the pigment payoff just wasn't there. And to top it off the fallout was terrible. I was getting more shadow on my face than on my eyes. They were as blendable as other MAC shadows. And some the milling was off or something because some of them felt almost gritty on the eye. This was a huge disappointment and I'll will be taking it back.

- ulta.com

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