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Eye Shadow by MAC

Eye Shadow

staying power(689)
pigmentation: sheer

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staying power


when applied wet it stays on for about 8 hours

- Nordstrom User

these eyeshadows are amazing, long lasting and great colour pay off

- Debenhams User


not creasing

i use this eyeshadow to create the smoky effect-i love it- my eye make up looks like a professional did it--easy to work with colors-no crease-not oily-color stays in place all day

- Macy's User

this catches the light in the most natural way and lasts all day on me, i tried this on my eyes and found it to crease quite a bit, although i've never used it underneath eyeshadow

- Viewpoints User


blends well

i love mac eye shadow i’ve been using it for years, great shades, easy to blend and stays on all day

- Nordstrom User

blend-able, the best matte eye shadows ever, the best frost eye shadows, the best color range

- M·A·C User


does not have fallout

i was after a copper shade that's not just brown and this fits the bill perfectly, the veluxe pearl texture melts into the skin, no fallout, very pigmented and smooth

- John Lewis User

no fallout which i love

- M·A·C User



it's easy to work with, has a smooth almost creamy texture and is a beautiful shade of brown

- M·A·C User

this is a wonderful highlighter with a nice creamy texture

- Viewpoints User



5 so they are very light and sheer

- Macy's User

liquid eyeliner to create a perfect smokey eye and retro speck can be worn alone as an everyday, sheer, shimmery nude color

- Nordstrom User
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M·A·C userJune 18, 2011

Best Ever

I have Print, Silver Ring, Phloof!, Expensive Pink, Texture and I have Arena on the way. I'm a pale-skinned, golden blonde hair with blue-green eyes who tans easily and has golden undertones/mostly green veins. The only MAC shadow I am not 100% thrilled with is Texture, just can't seem to get into it (probably need a good brown to pair it with, hmmm Arena maybe?). I own the paint pot Bare Study and love it...the eyebrow pencils are GREAT too, I have sparse naturally thin brows. Lingering on its own is a bit too dark but I pair Lingering with Fling and it seems to work. Hope this helps pale blondes like me who are just starting their MAC stash! These are VERY highly pigmented and last all day, I have never had creasing issues with MAC. My only problem is my B & M store seems to carry only the bold colors and shimmery shades that are better for fun days or clubbing, so if I want matte daywear/work-friendly colors I need to have them shipped. I find the blending slightly difficult but that could be my brushes (I use cheapo brushes). <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- M·A·C
maccosmetics.com userMarch 25, 2020

Lasts all day long!

This shadow is highly pigmented and has the perfect amount of glitter. The glitter is very muted, so this is even easy to wear to work depending on how you apply it. Applying it wet makes the glitter more prominent. Coupled with my favorite paint pot, this silky shadow lasts all day- even through my high intensity hikes! There was very little fallout and the shade blended really well. There was no creasing! 

- maccosmetics.com
viewpoints.com userFebruary 23, 2011

MAC Eyeshadow

Env: developmentMAC eyeshadows are so versatile. They come in a million colors and finishes. You really cant go wrong. They are SUPER PIGMENTED and silky. With the proper tools, they blend nicely. I love MAC shadows but my only concern is the high price. These individual shadows are about $14 each, making it really expensive to make your collection. I have lots of eyeshadows of the same quality from other cheaper brands, which makes me never want to buy MAC again. But nonetheless, this is an amazing quality shadow.Unlike most eyeshadows I have purchased in the past, MAC eyeshadow does not come with an applicator. The eyeshadow itself is a circle of highly pigmented, compacted powder.MAC offers quite a range of colors and finishes in their eyeshadows. There area about 160 different shades of this eyeshadow available, in every color you can possibly imagine, including white and black. Along with the matte, other finishes available include satin, veluxe, veluxe pearl, frost, luster, and velvet.Use of MAC eyeshadow is pretty simple, although because it comes without an applicator, it is necessary to either use a finger or an eyeshadow brush. I prefer to use a brush, both because I think it is more sanitary and because it offers greater control. The eyeshadow applies smoothly and leaves a nice swatch of color. The color stays put until I take it off with minimal creasing. If you have oily eyelids, use primer. Removal is simple; this shadow comes off immediately with the use of my eye makeup remover. I'm sure that a cleanser would remove this just as easily.Env: development Less

- viewpoints.com
viewpoints.com userOctober 6, 2010

Amazing color payoff and quality for the price

Env: development**The Product: **MAC makes dozens of eyeshadows and for high end products, they are extremely affordable and great quality. This review is for two of my faves; woodwinked and all that glitters.**Pros**: Both All that Glitters and Woodwinked are part of my holy grail of neutrals. I sue them daily. *All That Glitters* is a soft, shimmery, champagne-y peach colour with no fall-out whatsoever. It really compliments my brown eyes and black hair nicely. (MAC NC43 for reference-golden undertones) It really warms up my face and I can use it as an all over color or darken it a bit at the corners with MAC Mulch eyeshadow, MAC Bronze eye shadow or MAC Sumptous Olive (another holy grail) The pigmentation is amazing and its so soft and blendable. Would definitely repurchase.Woodwinked is one of 5 colors (satin taupe, sable, all that glitters, bronze) that I just love to wear daily, washed all over the lid and worked a little into the crease. It has such great dimension that it looks like I'm wearing two or three colors at once. For reference I'm a MAC NC 43 and the color looks beautiful on me-blends with my golden skintone making me look awake and glowy. It can look a bit orange if you pack it on too much but that works for my coloring. I love to wear this one with NARS Taj Majal blush and bronzer in the summer. I look like a bronzed Amazon goddess...heh.**Cons:** No real cons. Maybe price but I consider it reasonable for the quality of the shadows. Only real 'con' is some of the MAC stores have horrible employees-very snooty.**Overall:** Def repurchaseEnv: development Less

- viewpoints.com
M·A·C userJanuary 21, 2014

I usually love Mac

I own a lot of Mac products, I have a huge collection of makeup and I'd say that 75 percent is Mac... Unfortunately I can not give their eye shadows a high rating. As many others have stated the pigment is just not that great. I have seven Mac eye shadows that I purchased all around the same time. I have Sweet Lust, Nehru, Mystery, Divine Decadence, Lucky Green, Honesty, and Gilty Morsel. I also have an old Sunset B one that's been discontinued. Now here's where I go into a long drawn out description of the pros and cons of each, so scroll on if you don't want that. First is Sweet Lust. I bought this one online and it looked like such a pretty light pink. When it arrived it was a little lighter than expected but that didn't effect my review of it because we all know sometimes things aren't the same on the internet as they are in real life. It is a beautiful color in the pan... Unfortunately that does not transfer to skin. on skin it's almost white. It would work wonderfully as an under brow highlighter but not a pigmented lid shadow. This was very disappointing. BTW I do use primer so that is not the issue. Nehru... This was probably the most disappointing. I bought this one in the store, it looked great in the display case and I even liked it when it was on. I wore it constantly, but here's the part that I want to tell everyone out there buying the stuff online. It's not blue, not even remotely. It is black. I didn't even know it was supposed to be blue until I went online and looked it up. That annoyed me to no end, because they are misrepresenting this product to online shoppers. If you are looking for a nice dark blue look elsewhere. Other than that it is a nice black if you want that and it does blend well and is pigmented nicely. (a side note, this might look blue on a different skin tone I am a NC15) Mystery this appeared Matte on the website but it's not there is a little bit of glitter in it which isn't a huge deal but if you're looking for specifically matte shadows this would bother you. It is pigmented nicely it will take probably 3-4 coats without primer to get the same color as what's in the pan which isn't that great to me. If that doesn't bother you, then go for it! Divine Decadence is a nice silky color. I would actually recommend this color. It was the first color I ever got from Mac. If you like a nice silky bronze-brown color this is for you! Lucky Green. I actually really like this color it is just as it looks on the site, it is not as pigmented as I would like it takes about 3-4 coats without primer, 2-3 with it to get the color in the pan. the finish is nice, overall it's a pretty nice color. Gilty Morsel this color was a huge let down. I bought it online and it looked to be a light green, it's not. It's a goldish color in pan and appears a little shimmery and slightly yellow on skin. It's okay for a highlight and even to blend out Lucky green but it's not a nice all over color. I'm not sure if this color is discontinued or not since I didn't see it above. Honesty. This color is okay. I got it to go with divine decadence and the two look good together. It's not very pigmented at all and it's not very buildable. after a good bit of work with this color it will eventually look like a tan glittery color but it's not what I expect out of a high end, relatively expensive shadow. I won't go into detail on Sunset B since it is discontinued but the pigment is bad and it's not one I hardly ever use. Also something that should be mentioned with all of these shadows is that they disappear quickly. After 3-4 hours you can't see them anymore, not even with primer. the fallout is pretty bad too especially the glittery colors. You wind up looking like you put glitter all over your face, which I don't like. One good thing I have to say about them is they do seem to be crease resistant which is good, but so are a lot of other shadows on the market... I would not recommend these eye shadows which kills me because I love Mac so much and other than this I have nothing but good things to say about them... I... <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- M·A·C


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
CI 19140hazard
Hexylene Glycolacneirritant
Isostearyl Neopentanoateacneirritant
Yellow 5hazard

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