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Dazzleglass by MAC


staying power(71)
chapped lips(34)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: BOYS GO CRAZY

Top Reviews

staying power


stay in place for hours

- Macy's User

i absolutely love how it looks and it stays on for a long time

- M·A·C User

chapped lips

hydrates lips

the most moisturizing and long lasting lip gloss

- Maccosmetics User

this gloss makes your lips look plump and delicious

- M·A·C User



when i first apply it, i'll admit it does feel quite sticky and heavy on my lips, but after letting it sit for around 30 seconds to a minute, it doesn't even feel like there's product on my lips

- M·A·C User

sticky lipgloss doesn't bother me, but if you can't handle a heavy/sticky texture beware

- Nordstrom User


not sticky

this gloss isn't sticky and adds an extra dimension to any lipstick

- Debenhams User

this mac is such a nice red and gives my lips a nice shine, it is also smooth and feels good on my lips

- Maccosmetics User



as far as color, i'm not too fond of many other dazzleglasses, but i know that baby sparks is actually pretty sheer, unlike the description

- M·A·C User

love this lip gloss, it's very moisturizing and i love the sheer color but complete coverage feel of the lip gloss

- Macy's User
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maccosmetics.com userAugust 19, 2010


I tried this in funtabulouse (a violety bright purple with tons of glitter bits) and i am NOT impressed. first of all, its pretty sticky. not the stickest lipgloss but still sticky enough to be very uncomfortable. second the only color is the purple sparkles in the gloss. if there were no sparkles there would be no color. and it transfers alot. when u rub your lips together, the glitter moves and there will most likely be a line of no gloss (glitter) at all on your lips. it looks really wierd trust me. the applicater is also very wierd. its very short. and sometines its flexible for better application and sometimes it becomes stiff and turns into one of those pen like applicators which is very annoying. overall, i would not recommend. listen to me and dont make the same mistake i did. its too overpriced for the amount of product in it. 18.00 for only .06 fl oz?? and dont eat with it on evenifur careful. itll stick alot. more thanusual. ok staying power. but dosent look the same at the end when it starts to come off,( 1-2 hours later) color fades at it forms these little patches of gloss on ur lipdeven ifu do nothing like eat, touch or rub your lips together.quick summery:transfersstickyoverpricedunpredictable applicatorbad color (color is only in all of the glitter)gloss look fades Less

- maccosmetics.com
Nordstrom userDecember 19, 2014

Great lipstick - Viva Glam V

Well it's a MAC lipstick so you know it's good. The formula is smooth and creamy. I haven't worn it enough yet to say how long lasting it is - but since it is a luster lipstick I would expect it to last a couple hours before needing to reapply. As for the color... I got the Viva Glam V. I am very fair with blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles. This is pretty much exactly the same color as my natural lips with a bit of frost. I normally never wear frost lipsticks - I think they look juvenile. But this isn't overbearing... it ends up looking like you have a little bit of gloss on. I'm a little disappointed to have paid $16 for a lipstick that you can barely even tell I'm wearing. But that isn't the fault of MAC. It's hard to buy makeup products online. I was hoping for something a shade or two darker but the lipstick formula is great and the color is pretty. I'll keep it as an every day nude lipstick. « less

- Nordstrom
lookfantastic.com userMay 23, 2018

Best lip glosses for me.

I have bought so many MAC lip glosses over the years, I've lost count. I've just repurchased Baby Sparks, a lovely pale pink with just a hint of violet and a shoosh of glitter. They're lightweight, but stay put really well on me, and are certainly not sticky or gloopy like some I've used. And the choice of colours is amazing. 

- lookfantastic.com
Nordstrom userMarch 21, 2013


I first received this MAC Lipgloss in a kit in which I had purchased more for the eye shadow. The kit also came with a lipstick and this "Dazzleglass" lip gloss. Well, I have now ordered my second one and I LOVE IT!!!!!! This gloss is awesome!! It goes on beautifully and stays on without feeling sticky. It stays on for hours and looks great!! I just ordered the "Sugarrimmed" I can wear it alone (which looks amazing) or over my lipstick (which is wonderful as well). I am a red head and this color goes over my bronze shades and just lifts it and adds a perfect shimmer. Another great product from MAC!! 

- Nordstrom
Macy's userNovember 17, 2017


I love this lipgloss. It’s not drying, it stays on a good while, and it’s not too sticky. Love the colors and sparkles! 

- Macy's


Overall safe Ingredients

CI 17200acne
CI 42090hazard
Ascorbyl Palmitateacne
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
CI 47005hazard
CI 19140hazard
Red 30 lakeacnehazard

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Profile picture of Melissa Vickers
Melissa Vickers
CombinationCombination Skin
Hey ladies hope y’all are having a good day today!!I have a question !what is a good non-smudge proof pretty much stay all day lipstick or liquid lipstick and where should I look I am looking for something for a wedding I am wanting something really shiny I think 🤔 I have tried the Maybelline super stay matte Inc. ones and those are pretty good but I’m looking for something with some really good glitter or shimmer in it but something that will stay all day and not smudge at all kiss proof and all that good stuff LOL like I said it is for a wedding so not sure what I should go with need some advice ladies 🤔🥰🥰☺️☺️ oh and it would be great if the product came with a lip liner that matches as well I know some products come with them and some don’t but I don’t usually use lip liner so I’m pretty new at that and I definitely am more of a pink person when it comes to lip stuff 
Profile picture of Raeghan Kilby
Raeghan Kilby
CombinationCombination Skin
Hi there! I am a bridal, photo shoot, and special event make up artist! A lip gloss I use on my brides that I find work SO WELL would be the Mac dazzleglass!! @Dazzleglass it’s a perfect gloss that lasts all day, non tacky, and has the perfect amount of shimmer/glitter! They have great lip liners as well. I also use the @Soft Matte Lip Cream by NYX and always find a nice NYX gloss to pair with it!! It’s amazing, affordable, and stays ALL DAY and they have great lip liners as well! @Lip Lingerie Gloss @Retractable Lip Liner NYX has a variety of lip choices and I find them all useful and long lasting! NYX is also kept in my freelance make up kit and I just test out what works best for the client and consider what they’re going for! I hope this helps some!