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Studio Finish Concealer by MAC

Studio Finish Concealer

under eye(219)
water resistance(9)
coverage: medium coverage
Variation: NC10

Top Reviews


blends well

its extremely easy to use, applies great with fingers and if you're lucky enough to find a shade that matches you perfectly, you hardly need to blend it in, its that good

- M·A·C User

perfect concealer for red spots or red patches

- Debenhams User

under eye

good for under eye

this concealer is great i have massive bags under my eyes and i use this and it doesnt fully cover them but its the best concealer out of all the ones ive tried and i have tried almost every concealer out there and this is the winner

- M·A·C User

the coverage is perfect for under eye dark circles

- Maccosmetics User



its light weight, blends really well with my makeup, and i use a lot less makeup

- Nordstrom User

it's blendable enough to cover large and small areas by finger or brush, while still retaining coverage that's heavy enough (imperfections disappear under my fingertip

- M·A·C User

water resistance

water resistant

its water-resistant formula helps it stay in place even through rain, sweat and tears, giving merit to its studio name

- Editorial Review User

its waterproof and stays put all day

- Maccosmetics User



it covers up acne scars and dark circles really well, and it you can build the coverage u want

- M·A·C User

great, buildable coverage

- M·A·C User


not creasing

i like to apply this concealer with my fingers and blend with a 217 or real techniques deluxe crease brush it's sooooo creamy and just softens onto your fingers

- Debenhams User

it is thick and creamy, doesn't settle into fine lines and last for a long time (about 8 hrs)

- M·A·C User

staying power


the colour is perfect and it stays on all day with full coverage

- Debenhams User

it stays on perfectly for the entire day and looks amazing

- Macy's User



creamy texture easy to apply and long lasting full coverage natural finish fit all skin types this to been one of the best mac products launched certainly helps you to correct the imperfections hide stains and dark circles that appear under eyes or on our face of not sleeping or problems with this acne for several months to been my best friend and i will not change it for anything i recommend it to 100% if you get to taste so amazing product i assure you never let you down and more if you're one of those who want to look natural perfect face and radiant

- Macy's User

this concealer works as if it were magic my face looks perfect and i have no pimples or dried skin it made my face smooth and i just look glamorous

- Macy's User

color correction

color correcting

this color correcting shade is a must have when doing a full face

- M·A·C User

i do not need to use a color corrector when i apply the 24-hour concealer with a small concealer brush

- Maccosmetics User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

this really is amazing, i breakout a lot so i need something which really gives good coverage without clogging my pores

- Debenhams User

this mac studio concealer not only gives me the flawless look i needed ( it covers pores, freckles, etc) but it is not heavy and brushes on and blends beautifully

- Nordstrom User



covers any blemish and creates a bright revitalising look when applied under my eyes

- John Lewis User

i love this concealer, i use it mostly under my eyes to cover up a bit of the dark circles, but it also brightens up my eyes as well, smooth texture

- Nordstrom User



this is an emolient rich concealer, great for under the eye, it keeps the area hydrated and fresh looking

- Macy's User

use your finger to warm up the product in the pot, and apply with your finger under the eyes, then set using a loose translucent powder that is finely milled using a dry beauty blender, it will set like a dream

- M·A·C User


medium coverage

works very well with medium coverage that does not fall into creases

- M·A·C User

i found this to be one of the best concealers to cover up acne scars as it really is medium to full coverage depending on your style of application

- Nordstrom User
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Sephora userNovember 14, 2018

Best full coverage concealer for discoloration

I have had serious issues with my skin when I was younger, and was introduced to MAC at age 15. Back then, it was expensive but so reasonable with today's pricing. A MAC lipstick cost $10. Now, $23.I have been using solely this concealer (NW25) for 24 years. I tried a few others along the way, but nothing ever worked this well. This concealer feels like the Cover FX cream foundation compact. You need to warm it up to apply it. It dries to a matt finish and with a correct skin match, you can hide any discoloration, acne scarring. If pitted, it will not magically fill in scar tissues, but making everything even, created a great canvas to further camouflage these areas. It never caused me any breakouts, irritation, pore clogging, or further skin issues. It has as well as the Studio Fix Foundation given me my life back in my youth and now. If it were not for these great products that kept my skin clear, I would not have had the confidence to be as social, and be able to be active in situations requiring speeches and presentations.At 42, I am trying to find a creamier version of this and have yet to try their liquid concealer. Although I try to put it mostly in the corners of the eyes where purples happen, I try not to put it directly underneath my water line. You have to warm it up with your fingers before application, and this works well. Nothing else works as well as finger application. I tried brushes, sponges and the Beauty Blender, and only fingers worked well for me. Once you apply, I realized long ago that adding powder overtop always makes it crease. I also tried baking it and it creases. It does not work with ELF primer at all. Elf must be silicone based and the MAC concealer is oil based. I normally let it sit on my face a few hours and later on will blot or add Studio Fix powder foundation in C3 overtop and this step prevents creasing. If anyone has found a combination of primer and powder that works well with this concealer, please let me know. Less

- Sephora
maccosmetics.com userSeptember 6, 2018

Greatest Concealer I've EVER Used

This concealer is AMAZING. I don't usually write product reviews but I HAD to write this. I have normal to dry skin. I usually use Pro Longwear Concealer as my everyday face hero. The only problems I have with Pro Longwear concealer is that it feels super heavy on the face and (even though I'm dry) I get shiny throughout the day. It can also separate by the end of the day and crease. I've used many other brands concealers too, finding them to be too heavy, sit in lines, cling to dry spots, etc. NOW, 24hr Studio FIX is a GAME CHANGER. I'm sounding dramatic, but I am so beyond impressed with this concealer. Under my right eye always creases, no matter what. THIS DID NOT CREASE. This product goes on and blends out like a dream, it glides over any dry patches, gives amazing coverage and is layerable, and looks like a SECOND SKIN. The finish is in-between a matte and satin, but seems to help oil control throughout the day because I notice a lot less shine then I normally have with pro longwear concealer. Also by the end of a long day when you look in a close up mirror, you expect to see some separation or imperfections right? Not with 24hr sf concealer. It's flawless after a 9 hour work day. Worry-free wear. The color range is amazing, they run a shade or two lighter so keep that in mind if ordering online. I don't know what else to say other than if you aren't AT LEAST TRYING this you are missing out on your new buff Less

- maccosmetics.com
M·A·C userDecember 11, 2011

My Favorite!

I have a generally good complexion but am extremely fair skinned, and so I get dark eye circles and reddening that looks extremely obvious. As such I prefer medium to high coverage makeup and am a concealer junkie! I have tried most of the available MAC concealers: select cover-up (great blendable and buildable liquid-- my favorite until my color was discontinued), select moisturecover (too sheer and barely good for anything), studio sculpt (very heavy coverage, but I find it slips fairly easily. In my color its too dark for me due to its high coverage). Of all of these studio finish is the one I keep returning to. It's blendable enough to cover large and small areas by finger or brush, while still retaining coverage that's heavy enough (imperfections disappear under my fingertip!) but not too heavy that it doesn't match my foundation. It doesn't slip over the course of the day, yet I can blend more in seamlessly later if I need to. Bonus: when used on my eyelids it's a great shadow primer. I hope to always have this concealer available! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- M·A·C
maccosmetics.com userMay 17, 2019


I was trying to find a replacement for my holy grail, select moisturecover, which i have used for many years. If you also loved select moisturecover and are looking for replacemnt, this product probably won't make you as happy!I loved select moisturecover beause it was moisturizing, easy to apply and gave great coverage while still looking very natural. I have very dark circles and thin, sensitive skin. So yes, I am a difficult customer. But with select moisturecover I had found the perfect concealer.This studio fix concealer is pretty hard to apply. I tried it with a beauty blender, a brush and with my fingers. Brush works best i think. My problem is, that it is sticky and thick. Because of its consistence, you have to blend a lot to make it look okay. But as soon as it is blended to a nice finish it doesn't offer good coverage anymore.I struggeled for 15 minutes applying this and even took everything off and reapplied, and I am still not satisfied with the outcome. You would have to apply a thick, sticky layer to get the coverage select moisturecover gave in one single, nicely blended layer.I have to say that it doesn't crease and stays put all day, so it is not a terrible product. If you have thicker undereye skin and not very dark circles you might like it. Also, it makes my eyes itch a bit. Less

- maccosmetics.com
maccosmetics.com userOctober 27, 2018


Nearing 40 & having recently started rx Retin A 0.1% nightly, c serum (a fresh batch made in palm w l-ascorbic acid powder every am to ensure freshness and correct pH/strength), AHA/BHA exfoliation; keep in mind all introduced slowly one at a time ensuring tolerance and keeping my skin lubed and spfd nicely i went from combo/oily to DRY. No lizard red flakes like the horror stories of rx retinoids. MOISTURIZE heavily and don't give up. Makeup overhaul was in order. After finding hg dry skin foundations (mainly hydrating TMs but the only full coverage for dry skin winner I've found and I've tried dozens was studio sculpt nw15). Onto concealers. No powder setting necessary anymore - and no raccoon circles even with non-waterproof mascara. This is on top of HEAVY eye creams and oils. Plus the powdering AGES ME. This was the best of the bunch. The spf addition is welcome! Closest to this was the new similarly packaged nars matte in creme brûlée but not NEAR as good. I'm nw20 in this one. I'm pink and light. This stuff simply works best for my skin. I cover under eye (0 creasing YMMV), it primes my lids way better than painterly - no creasing (lids remain oily?? No get that), and I pat around nose which is allergen-induced red and cover just there with studio fix powder plus in C4.5 (id NEVER even look at that shade range OR matte-ness but that is one area that needs serious color correction as well as waterproof-ness (snotproof really sorry TMI) and tissueproof coverage). An associate helped with that find. Favorite out of all my new concealers for daily - huda's new one takes more effort to work with (I use marshmallow). I'd reach for that maybe with the studio sculpt in nw15 for a very polished look. This one though is my new super easy daily go to. Doesn't move. Covers all. Remember I'm nearly 40, dry and sometimes even flaky, and on the problem rudolph nostrils, nw20 of this + powder plus C4.5 is PERF! Under eye perfection too! Less

- maccosmetics.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Stearic Acidacne
Ascorbyl Palmitateacne
Chromium Oxide Greenshazard

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