Pro Longwear Paint Pot by MAC

Pro Longwear Paint Pot


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not creasing
blends well
pigmentation: sheer
Overall Neutral Ingredients
Selected ShadeBARE STUDY

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staying powerlonglasting
"i just started to wear make-up and i am so glad this works well, the eye shadow stays all day and looks even and smooth"
- Nordstrom User
"i use it every day under eye makeup: creamy, easy to apply, lasts all day, completely covers dark eye circles and corrects colour, and acts as a great base/primer for eye makeup"
- Ulta User
creasingnot creasing
"i used it on my wedding day, zero creases all day even with the extra shadow and natural looking false lashes for photos"
- Ulta User
"it is long lasting and does not settle into creases"
- Nordstrom User
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blendabilityblends well
"stays on all day and easily blends with eyeshadow to enhance the color"
- Ulta User
"it's great on its own to add a subtle layer of color and cover up any veins or other discoloration on my lids, and it makes any powder shadows i put on top of it blend like a dream"
- Nordstrom User
"it has a creamy texture, blends and applies in seconds and gives great staying power and true color to your shadows"
- Ulta User
"the creamy texture applies smooth and doesn't cake"
- Ulta User
fallouthas fallout
"to boot, the "eyeliner" was all broken inside the pencil so as it was sharpened large chunks would fall out and get wasted"
- M·A·C User
"i tried to blend mac's steamy eyeshadow over antique diamond into my crease and the glitter fall out was not good"
- Ulta User


Ulta User
Blends well, pigmented, not creasing
I love the Mac Paint Pots!! I have 3 samples in Bare Study, Rubenesque and Treasure Hunt (which is limited edition with the Posh Paradise Collection!) I absolutley love it! they are so smooth and creamy and pigmented! I've been just throwing them on my eyes with out a primer under or a powder eyeshadow over it! I will be purchising some paint pots soon!! even if i paid the 17.50$ for them, my opinion would still be the same as it is(even though the samples were free!) and it dosent creas at all! I had rebensque on all day yesterday (from 8am to 9pm) without a primer under or a powder shadow over it and it lasted all day without creasing!! Its amazing! and its also very blendible, so you can sheer it our or build it up a little. the ones i have arn't too, too buildable, but they are still really great!
Nordstrom User
Blends well, pigmented, not creasing
This is one of my all time favorite liners. It stays put without primer and doesn't transfer to the crease even on a hot day. It lasts an average of about 10 hours and I've fallen asleep in this liner and it is still there in the morning, as perfect as the line I drew at 8 a.m. What more can be said?My favorite color is Strong Willed, a good alternate to black. It has enough pigment to create excellent definition without looking too harsh. It also blends beautifully, making it great as a full on pigment or a soft shadow when you use a blending brush.Bottom line: Excellent value for money. A great everyday liner that goes the distance and creates a creamy, defined line that you can work with before it sets. TRY IT.
M·A·C User
Blends well, pigmented, not creasing
I know these are made to be colors of their own but I must say... Paint pots are the BEST for shadow primer!! They have a strong pigment base which helps hide ALL imperfections on lids! they don't crease at all throughout the WHOLE day. Plus, their texture has a slight tackiness to it which helps shadow stay the entire day as well as let the true shadow color show brighter than nay other way you could put it on! And it blends into all spots on the eye and looks great up to the brow line! I use a brush or my finger and both work great! I have lightish-medium skin and the soft ochre is PERFECT! I've tried almost every shadow primer and I will NEVER use anything else but this again!


Compared to other eyeshadows, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
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