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Prep + Prime Fix+


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Good for mature skin

" honestly keeps my makeup looking (practically) flawless all day, and the flaws are mostly mine (wrinkles but i'm 50-ish so comes with the territory..."

- Nordstrom User

"...i have mature skin, and need a setting spray with almost any foundation to keep pigment from settling into fine lines and pores..."

- Nordstrom User
"i love how it makes my makeup last and it hydrates my skin before applying makeup"
- Nordstrom User
"this is the best i have ever used it makes my skin feel hydrated but not oily it gives a cool mist and when i use it in the heat i feel so much better and cooled down it makes my makeup look flawless absolutely in love"
- Ulta User
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staying powerlonglasting
"make up stays on when applying and make up sets and lasts a full night out"
- Nordstrom User
"my makeup stays on for at least 8 hours"
- Macy's User
"i have normal to dry skin and it left me slick and my pores huge"
- Ulta User
"i have to spray 3 times letting each layer dry in between"
- Ulta User


House of Fraser User
Longlasting, natural, hydrating
I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this product, and actually read a lot of negative comments, saying how it didn't make makeup last longer. However, this is not the key purpose of Fix+, as it is a finishing spray, which means, it is supposed to make your makeup look more natural. I have extremely combination skin, meaning my foundation and concealer can really cling to my dry patches, despite me using "good" products. (Estee Lauder double wear foundation and MAC prolong wear concealer) I used this product after my foundation and concealer, and it made my skin look so more natural, it didn't look cakey at all! As I can also get quite oily, I was concerned that it would make it worse, however I cannot comment fairly on this as, although i noticed that this product didn't seem to make me more oily, I was wearing a foundation well known for absorbing oil. Either way, definitely worth the money! « less
Anna Tayon
dryDry Skin
Hydrating, matte
I have to use this every day! I love this so much. I have dry-ish skin, but my favorite foundation is matte finish. After applying that foundation, I use Mac prep and prime and it makes the finish PERFECT and doesn’t dry me out. It gives a natural look, but add more spray to make it more of a dewy finish. I love this. And the smell is fantastic.
Ulta User
Drying, not good for combination skin
MAC makeup artist used. Makeup did not stay set for more than an two to three hours. Possibly if you have dry skin maybe this would work but If you have combination skin or oily skin, I do not recommend this product.


Compared to other setting sprays, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
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